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Women’s Klik Belts for Concealed Carry

Women’s Klik Belts for Concealed Carry

Women who conceal carry are definitely in the minority, especially those who practice on the person concealed carry, rather than in a purse or bag. First, there just aren’t a lot of women out there who shoot. Of those, there aren’t a lot of who want to carry concealed. While this trend is growing, it is still a small number compared to the number of men who carry concealed.

Klik Belts makes the best belts for concealed carry, including our 1.5” Poly 2-Ply TSA-Approved Belt. We offer leather gun belts and 1.5” Belts 2-Ply Tactical belts. Even though these belts are not specifically designed for women, they are a perfect fit and will hold your concealed carry gun beautifully and smartly. In this blog post, we’ll go over some different positions for you to carry your concealed carry weapon using your Klik Belt. Check our our new TSA-Approved belts that feature the strongest plastic belt buckles for easy airport security clearance. Order yours today!


Concealed carry positions are numbered according to a clock. Twelve o’clock is your belly button, 3 o’clock is your hip, and 5 o’clock is where your kidneys are located. Let’s take a look below at the best places for women and what they need to consider for concealed carry on Klik belts.


The 12 o’clock position is at your belly button. Your concealed carry weapon should align with your zipper. This is great for both IWB (inside the waistband) or OWB (outside the waistband) carry for your Klick gun. Many women prefer this because when you sit down, the barrel of the gun does not jab you. This position works great for petite and skinny women. However, if you are wearing low-rise pants, you’ll have to cover your firearm with your shirt or jacket instead.


The 2 o’clock position (also known as the appendix position) is very popular with women. The firearm is easily accessible and easy to hide. You may have to adjust this based on how it feels while you sit because the barrel may hit the top of your thigh. Bending forward may jab you, so squatting may be the better option. Also, if you love to hug people, this concealed carry position may not be the best for you because the gun can jab the other person, especially if the hug is tight.


For most people, the 3 o’clock position for carrying your gun, whether concealed or open carry, is the preferred place. Most law enforcement officials carry their gun in this position because it sits right on the hip. The gun is out of the way of your legs and is easy to draw when needed. Your TSA-Approved Klik Belt will be perfect for this type of carry. This carry accommodates both IWB and OWB holsters and carries. The main problem that women have when carrying concealed with the 3 o’clock position is that your gun can make your hips look uneven, which then draws attention to your firearm. However, you are fully free to move and bend over with your firearm in this position.


Another popular position is the 4:30 concealed carry position, which is just behind your back. This is a great way for women to carry your firearm using your Klick Belt. It’s out of the way, extremely comfortable, and you are able to move freely. You can hide your firearm easily this way, except when you bend forward, which can leave a firearm imprint. The key to this position since your firearm is behind you is to make sure you have the mobility to easily grab your gun and to practice drawing it. However, this carry is great for women who like to wear tighter clothing.


Also known as the Small of Back (SOB) position, this position is not convenient for most women. While it does a great job at fitting in the small of your back, it can be hard to reach for most women. It also can be uncomfortable if you sit a lot, and if you are grabbed from behind by a perpetrator, it will be almost impossible to reach your gun in this position. Belt-wise, Klik Belts do an amazing job at holding your gun in position. Again, bending forward will reveal your gun so squatting will be the answer to avoid this.


Let’s face it, carrying a concealed weapon can be a burden, especially for women who tend to wear tight clothes. However, if you want to protect yourself and your family from threats, this is the best way to do so. You should always carry your concealed weapon with a holster in order to protect the gun and protect yourself from the gun accidentally firing. You should conceal carry consistently; otherwise, you will leave yourself vulnerable in case something happens. One final tip for women who conceal carry: you need to have your gun chambered. Otherwise, when you pull your gun out to fire, either you have to take the time with your adrenaline pumping to chamber the gun or the perpetrator will already be firing at you. Shooting to kill can be a matter of seconds.

Klik Belts makes the best belts for women for use as a concealed carry belt because we want to make it easier for you to carry concealed. We admire women who take the initiative to protect their families. Like most things in life that are worth doing, it just takes practice. With our TSA-compliant belts designed for concealed carry and open carry gun owners, your practice time will be cut in half with the easy-on, easy-off method. Once you discover the right position for you for carrying your firearm, you soon won’t notice it at all, and wearing your concealed weapon, along with your TSA-compliant Klik belt, will soon become second nature. Browse our selection of heavy duty belts for all of your needs today!

Wear the Most Comfortable Belt This Halloween

Wear the Most Comfortable Belt This Halloween

If you have one of our heavy duty belts, you’re already a good part of the way to a great Halloween costume! You might be wondering how exactly a belt is going to be a part of your costume, but that’s okay, because that’s the topic of today’s blog!

Of course you’ll want to be wearing the world’s most comfortable belt whether you’re out on the town with your kids, at a Halloween party for work, or even if you’re entering in a costume contest. Halloween costumes don’t always have a reputation for being particularly easy to wear, but our costume ideas provide you with both a great look and a healthy dose of comfort all in one. Keep reading for our ideas!

Grab Your Klik Belt and Dress Up Like...

A Ninja

This costume could be as simple as a pair of black sweatpants and a black sweatshirt or you could go big and order something a little more elaborate online. Of course our Matte Black Klik Belt is the perfect way to tie it all together. Every kid dreams of being a ninja as a child, but being a ninja as an adult is so much more fun. Don’t forget the throwing stars!

A Commando

Our military series of Klik Belts are the perfect way to tie together your commando costume. Grab a black tank top and tie a bandana around your head to look like John Rambo or grab your best camo and paint your face for a more general look. Either way, the end result is a costume that’s both easy and fun and it really doesn’t get much better than that!

A Lumberjack

Grab a Coyote Brown Klik Belt, a classic buffalo plaid flannel shirt, a pair of jeans, and some work boots, and you’re all set to look like a lumberjack! Bonus points for this outfit if you grow out your beard in advance and carry an axe slung over your shoulder. Don’t forget to grab a classic black beanie to complete the look. You might even already have most of this stuff in your closet, making it a great last minute costume idea.

Order Your Klik Belt Today

With Halloween right around the corner, now is the perfect time to put your Klik Belt to good use in a costume. You know that our heavy duty belts hold up to the stress of your everyday job and remain comfortable, so why not find a way to incorporate it into this year’s Halloween costume? At any rate, it’s a whole lot easier than heading to the seasonal store that pops up in the strip mall at this time of year.

Is there a Halloween costume idea that we missed? Feel free to let us know and your idea might just be featured on next year’s blog! Don’t have a Klik Belt yet? We can help you out! Browse our entire collection and pick the belt that’s right for you, knowing that you’ll get plenty of use out of it not only this Halloween, but every other day of the year as well.

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