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Wear the Most Comfortable Belt This Halloween

If you have one of our heavy duty belts, you’re already a good part of the way to a great Halloween costume! You might be wondering how exactly a belt is going to be a part of your costume, but that’s okay, because that’s the topic of today’s blog! Of course you’ll want to be wearing the world’s most comfortable belt whether you’re out on the town with your kids, at a Halloween party for work, or even if you’re entering in a costume contest. Halloween costumes don’t always have a reputation for being particularly easy to wear, but our costume ideas provide you with both a great look and a healthy dose of comfort all in one. Keep reading...

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A Few Outfit Suggestions For Your Next Date Night

We know what some people will be thinking right off the bat--”are heavy duty belts really appropriate for date night?” The answer, as you can probably imagine, is that yes, absolutely they are! Here at Klik Belts, we set out to design the most comfortable belt that we could, but we knew that it also needed to be a belt that could stand up to whatever was thrown at it. Add in the fact that it needed to look good and Klik Belts were born. So not only can you wear our belts on a hunting trip, at the office, or on vacation, but you can also wear one on your next date night. Finding casual belts for jeans can...

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