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No one else in the world does it quite like the good folks over at AustriAlpin. Over the years, AustriAlpin has become a trusted name in PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) safety hardware, enabling countless individuals in multiple industries to continue their work safely. From para sports to various rigging hardware and military use equipment, we’re proud to work with this reputable company.

Why We Use COBRA® Quick Releases In Our Heavy Duty Belts

The brand has roots in engineering mountaineering safety equipment and, in the case of Klik Belts, have managed to create what they say is “The safest, most finely crafted and strongest load-bearing buckles available. Anywhere.” That’s quite the claim, but it’s a claim that’s been put to the test by every single pair of Klik Belts ever sold!

COBRA® Quick Release Credibility

According to AustriAlpin website, their quick releases are CNC machined and assembled, as well as inspected and packed at their ISO (International Organization for Standardization) quality assurance accredited facility. They’re also personally tested and certified by third-party testing companies, and if that’s not enough, COBRA® quick releases also exceed the Mil Spec guidelines for dust, sand, and saltwater resistance. Yes, the elements don’t stand a chance against your Klik Belt.

Even more so, their quick releases also meet or exceed relevant CE, ANSI, NFPA, EN, and CSA standards for protection against falling and overall personal safety requirements.

How Do They Do It?

It all comes down to the materials and the engineering design. Machined from the highest grade 7075 aluminum alloy that AustriAlpin can get their hands on, they combine this high-quality alloy with other solid brass and stainless steel components. This results in uncompromised fastening capabilities that will never budge or break, even under thousands of pounds of force.

We’re no hard metal engineers, so we can’t dive into the semantics of load-bearing engineering, but we will say this: if it’s good enough for the military to use, then it’s beyond good. It’s incredible.

Why You’ll Love Using This Quick Release Technology

It’s Great For Gun Owners

It’s not uncommon for gun owners to proudly tote their handgun of choice whilst on their own property (or opt for a conceal carry solution when in public), but the weight of a gun in a holster crudely attached to their belt can “draw” away from the experience.

Thanks to the lightweight but ever-solid materials used by AustriAlpin, gun owners will have a more secure and much lighter belt to help support their handgun and holster.

It’s Easy

With one simple “click” (hey, they’re called “Klik Belts” for a reason!), that’s all you’ll ever have to do to unfasten your belt — no more fumbling around with your standard belt buckle and loops. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about getting poked! That’s a huge win all around.

You’ll Never Have To Buy Another Belt Again

With materials this good (and a belt that looks amazing), we’re sure that this will be your last belt purchase. Of course, you’re also welcome to pick up a Klik Belt in different colors!

Do We Offer The COBRA® Quick Release On Every Belt We Make?

So long as it’s not an accessory item, every product here at Klik Belts uses this reliable quick release technology. This is a primary contributing factor to the durability, accessibility, convenience, and even comfort of our heavy duty belts for sale, and we’re proud to help deliver this technology to consumers in a practical, wearable format.

Get Your Own Heavy Duty Belt For Sale

Owning a comfortable and durable belt shouldn’t be rocket science, and we’ve made it an easy choice. Shop our collection of Klik Belts today!

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