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We never want to think about the possibility of an emergency situation, but if you ever happen to find yourself in the woods and in need of a survival tool, your tactical belt could come in quite handy. In today’s blog post, we are going to discuss a few ways that a tactical belt can be used as a survival tool in the event that you find yourself lost in the wilderness. 

Klik Belts does not recommend that you ever use your tactical belt for anything besides its intended use, but we also hope that you are never in a situation where you would need to consider it. 

Continue reading to learn more about using a tactical belt as a survival tool and when you are ready to purchase the best tactical belt, shop Klik Belts

Self-Defense Uses

In the event of an emergency, your tactical belt can easily be used for self-defense in a number of ways. Whether you need to physically restrain another person, launch rocks at an aggressive animal, or create a spear to protect yourself, you can use your tactical belt as a make-shift self-defense weapon. 

Physical Restraint

In the event that you are in an emergency situation and you need to restrain another person, a tactical belt will work just fine. You can secure the person to a nearby tree or you can even use your tactical belt to make handcuffs. 

Make a Throwing Sling

While we hope that none of these situations arise, in case you need to scare off an aggressive animal, a tactical belt can make an excellent throwing sling. You can throw rocks or other objects and the sling will allow you to throw them with more force than you can with your arm alone. 

Medical Uses

If you find yourself lost in the woods, either alone or with friends, there’s a chance that you may need to use your tactical belt for some medical uses. In case someone injuries themselves, you may need to use your belt to elevate an injury, fasten a splint, or to pull a friend out of a hole or ditch. 

As a Tourniquet

No one wants to think that an emergency situation will happen, but in the event that one does, a tourniquet may be just what you need. A tactical belt is easily adjustable which means it can be easily tightened to slow blood flow. 

Elevate Injuries

If you or someone in your party ends up with a broken limb, it’s important to elevate it above your head. You can use your tactical belt by looping it around your arm or leg and then around something above you to hold the broken limb in place.

Fasten a Splint

In the event that someone has a broken bone, it’s important to splint it. You can use a tree branch, tent pole, or a ski pole and then wrap your tactical belt around the broken bone and the splint to hold it together. 

Pull Others to Safety

If someone in your party happens to slide down the side of a cliff or fall into a ditch, hole, or well, your tactical belt can help you pull them to safety. Use the belt to add a few extra feet to your reach, have them grab on to the other end and pull. You’ll have your friend back to safety in no time. 

Make a Sling for Your Arm

If you or someone in your party happen to dislocate or sprain their arm or shoulder, you can use your tactical belt to hold their arm in a sling. 

To Move a Stretcher

Again, most people don’t want to think about an emergency situation that would require a makeshift stretcher, but if you are ever in that situation, you can fastener your tactical belt to the stretcher and use it to pull your friend to safety. 

Camping and Hunting Uses

If you happen to be stuck out in the woods for more than a few hours, you may find yourself in need of making a camp to stay the night. You may also have the need to find some food. If you have on your trusty tactical belt, you can do all these things and more.

Carry Firewood

Instead of carrying back a few pieces of wood at a time, make a bundle of firewood and wrap your tactical belt around it. This will make carrying wood back to your camp quicker and easier. 

Keep Your Food off the Ground

If you are staying in a camp overnight, you probably don’t want to keep your food on the ground where it could be infested with insects. You can use your tactical belt to tie the food in a bundle and hang it from a nearby tree off the ground. 

Make a Spear

A spear could work as a self-defense weapon or as a fishing spear. Use your belt to strap a knife to the end of a long stick and you have yourself a makeshift spear. Now you can protect yourself or catch a few fish. 

Order Your Tactical Belt Today

While we hope that you are never in an emergency situation where you would have to use your tactical belt for anything besides holding up your pants or concealed carrying, it is comforting to know that a tactical belt can have so many helpful uses as a survival tool. If you are looking for the best tactical belt available, shop Klik Belts today.

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