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Never Forget These 7 Essential Travel Items (Including Your TSA-Compliant Belt!)

Never Forget These 7 Essential Travel Items (Including Your TSA-Compliant Belt!)

It’s 5:57 am. You’ve overslept, and now you’re running late for your flight. It doesn’t help that you were feeling exhausted the night before, and failed to properly pack your bag. Now, you’re forced to hastily throw all of your clothing and other items in your suitcase, yell at the coffee maker to finish brewing, and take a 30-second shower before catching your shuttle to the airport. 

Does this situation sound all-too-familiar? We hope not, but even the most seasoned travelers and frequent flyers fail to adequately prepare for their trip. Of course, we all sleep through our alarms at least once and a while too, so every single start to your trip can’t always be perfect! 

How Can The World’s Strongest TSA-Compliant Belt Help Me?

In truth, our no-metal travel belt isn’t going to magically pack your bag at night, wake you up in the morning, and get you to the airport on-time. What this special belt will do, however, is save you just a bit of hassle while you’re in the airport security line. Instead of being forced to take off your belt due to the metal buckle, you can enjoy the convenience of keeping it on. 

How? Our polymer belts are exactly that: polymer, so there’s zero metal in the buckle or the strap. Now, you can finally enjoy the all-day comfort that Klik Belts are known for, all without having to take it off at a TSA security checkpoint! 

To help out you frequent travelers out there, the team at Klik Belts is going to cover seven essential travel items that you shouldn’t leave your house without. Keep reading below to learn more! 

7 Items You Shouldn’t Forget When You Travel

#1: Noise-Canceling Headphones

Frequent flyers know the value of noise-canceling headphones, and they also know the pain of paying airport prices when they forget their noise-canceling headphones. From tuning out the droll of crying babies and turbulence to chatty neighbors, you’ll get more sleep or more work done on your trip with a pair of good quality noise-canceling headphones. 

#2: Chargers

Your smartphone, laptop, tablet, or other device of choice is essentially useless without a charger. You don’t want to be bum at the airport by stealing juice from other people’s chargers, and while you could purchase an additional charger during your trip, save yourself from cash and remember to pack these valuable items. 

#3: Identification

We’ll touch on having your ID (and other everyday carry items) below, but having a way to prove your identity is so important that it deserves its own mention. You won’t be able to get past airport security (and get to utilize that sweet TSA-compliant belt!) without a government-issued and government-approved form of ID, so make sure you have it ready and on your person when you’re going through a TSA checkpoint. 

For international travelers: don’t forget your passport in addition to your driver’s license!

#4: A Towel

Regardless of where you’re staying and how generous their amenities are, it’s always a great idea to at least bring a small-to-medium-sized towel with you. Perhaps you’ll spill something, sweat up a storm, or you’ll meet someone who’s in desperate need of a towel. We’re really not sure why you’ll need one, but we’re confident that, at some point or another, you’ll wish you had a towel at your disposal. 

Think back to what Towelie from South Park said: “Don’t forget to bring a towel!”

#5: A Protein Bar (Or Other Nutritious and Convenient Snacks)

If only you got hungry as you began to make a meal or place your order instead of waiting in a long line or hustling to catch your connecting flight. Indeed, hunger tends to strike at the worst 

of times and you’ll want to make sure that you have at least a few emergency protein bars on hand (or an equivalent, healthy snack) to munch on as you’re traveling. 

Trust us, the feeling of waiting in line for sub-par fast food at an airport while wondering if you’re going to make it in time for your connecting flight is not a good feeling. 

#6: The Confidence Of Confirmed Reservations

Yes, this isn’t a tangible item, per se. But knowing exactly where you’re going and how you’re going to get there is a thing of beauty, especially if you’re the type of person who checks five separate times to see if the garage door made it all the way down. 

In any situation, it’s always important to confirm your reservation and make sure that your ride, rental car, hotel, Airbnb, restaurant reservation, appointment, or other scheduled commitment is, in fact, valid. Travel is stressful enough as it is, so why add additional stress by failing to confirm your itinerary?

#7: Your EDC

Okay, maybe this isn’t one item, but we’re grouping your everyday carry items into one item for the sake of this list. Our belts are the perfect EDC belt, so it only makes sense to remind you of the items you don’t want to forget when you’re leaving the house to do just about anything: your phone, wallet (with ID), a moderate amount of cash or other forms of payment, keys, lip balm, sunglasses, pocket knife, or whatever else it is that you like having on your person. 

Shop Klik Belts For The Market’s Best TSA-Approved Belt!

Remember, when it comes to the quality, strength, durability, versatility, comfort, and value of belts, there’s only one company that delivers: Klik Belts! Enjoy your travels and shop today

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More Travel Tips To Utilize With Our No-Metal, TSA-Approved Belts

More Travel Tips To Utilize With Our No-Metal, TSA-Approved Belts

Jet lag, long lines in airport security, long hours sitting down, waiting on rideshares to pick you up, checking into hotels, grabbing food on-the-go, and getting to your meetings can leave even the most seasoned traveler completely exhausted. For many people, the idea of hopping on a plane and flying to another destination hundreds or thousands of miles away from home is exciting, and for others...well, it’s just another day at the “office.” 

Here at Klik Belts, we can’t help shorten those long security lines or bump you up to First Class. What we can do, however, is ensure that your belt-wearing experience is as comfortable, reliable, and convenient as possible. We can also help reduce the time you spend getting hassled by TSA agents (if only by a little). 

The World’s Strongest TSA-Compliant Belt

How? We proudly provide the world’s strongest polymer (plastic composite) buckle belt, and it 

also happens to be the best TSA-compliant belt on the market. We took the classic Klik Belt design and simply eliminated the aluminum metal buckle that our wearers know and love, and replaced it with an easy-to-pass-through-the-metal-scanner plastic buckle. The result? A better all-around travel experience. 

To help make your frequent flyer miles pass by just a bit more smoothly, keep reading below for more travel tips that we originally touched on in this blog post

When Packing: Roll Your Clothing

Worried about having enough space in your suitcase? Rolling your clothing, as opposed to folding, is an effective way to max out your bag and bring everything that you need to (and then some) without overstuffing your luggage. If you need to sit on your suitcase just to zip it closed, you’re doing it wrong. 

Seasoned travelers know this packing pro-tip very well. 

You Can Pack Lighter Than You Realize

To our point above, the truth about traveling is that the majority of people bring more than they need on their trips. Sure, it’s nice to have the reassurance that you’ve brought almost everything you could possibly need during your trip, but unless you’re traveling somewhere remote or going on a wilderness expedition where all you’ve brought is truly all you’ll have access to, you can make do with a relatively modest bag. 

In the event that you need to purchase something small like toothpaste, shampoo, or cheap sunglasses, you’ll be able to do know, in society, such as the airport you’ve just landed in! (Be mindful that everyday items are usually massively overpriced in airports). 

Carry It On Whenever Possible

You’ve never had the pleasure of having a true travel experience unless you’ve dealt with an extreme delay (or worse) with obtaining your checked baggage. Though airlines are generally pretty good about keeping your checked bags in good shape and getting them back to you in a timely manner, sometimes they’re not, and that can cause a serious strain on your trip. 

Checked baggage becomes even riskier when you’re flying with multiple connections on a tight schedule. With connecting flights, it’s best to carry on your bags whenever possible. Remember, this is a lot easier to do when you’ve packed light!

Wear Compression Socks On Your Flight

For longer flights that last over 3-4 hours, you’ll definitely want to shuffle around to get your blood circulating. A good way to avoid swelling and “sleepy legs” from sitting down too long is by wearing compression socks that naturally circulate the blood in your feet and legs more efficiently. 

If anything, at least wear a pair of any type of socks on your flight. Going barefoot with sandals is just unsanitary and inconsiderate when you’re packed in a metal tube with hundreds of people. 

Don’t Keep Your Wallet In Your Back Pocket

This is a general street-smart tip that all people should put into practice, but it’s even more pertinent when you’re traveling and in an unknown area. Be friendly and positive, but never trust strangers by having valuables or personal items in easy range of potential pickpocketers. 

Making Airport Security Just A Little Better: The Best TSA-Approved Belt Online! 

If it’s strong, easy to secure, comfortable, and metal-free, then it must be a polymer buckle Klik Belt. To get your own, shop our site and find the perfect color that suits your tastes today. 

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4 Famous Wild West Heroines Who Could Rock Our Belts For Holsters

4 Famous Wild West Heroines Who Could Rock Our Belts For Holsters

At Klik Belts, we’re proud to provide a variety of the world’s strongest belts suitable for virtually any use. From the workplace to the open trails and just about everywhere and anywhere in between, we truly believe that we make the most durable, versatile belts on the planet. What other belt can withstand over 4,000 lbs of force...and do this?

We’ll admit that we tend to brag about our belts quite often. But our praise has been earned over the 5 short years that we’ve been in business, and it’s incredibly rewarding to earn the loyalty of our satisfied customers and hear about how awesome our quick release belts have been in helping people around the world. In our opinion, everyone needs a good, comfortable, and supportive belt — after all, it’s not like people are going to stop wearing clothes anytime soon.

The Perfect Strong Belts For Strong Women

While Klik Belts are designed to function as belts for holsters, we want our readers to know that they’re certainly not just for the guys. Our belts for women offer a range of fun and stylish colors designed to far outperform traditional women’s belts, and in today’s blog post, we’d like to pay our respects to all of the belt-wearing ladies out there.

Because we know our ladies are so awesome (and they’re even cooler when sporting a Klik Belt around their waist), we’ll be taking a look at five incredible wild west heroines. These women are the epitome of strength, fortitude, and sheer badassery, and we think that they have a lot in common with our ladies who wear Klik Belts. Let’s get started.

4 Female Historical Figures Who Embody The Spirit Of Our Klik Belt Wearers

Calamity Jane

There are few women who truly exemplify the term “American frontierswoman,” and Calamity Jane is one of them. Known for being an acquaintance of Wild Bill Hickok and making an appearance in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, Calamity Jane exhibited an interesting mix of daredevil-like behavior and compassionate actions toward others.

Her real name is Martha Jane Canary, and she received the moniker “Calamity Jane” from Captain Egan, a military figure who fought against Native Americans. During the campaign of 1872-1873 in Goose Creek, Wyoming, Capt. Egan was shot after a sudden ambush. After noticing that he was about to fall off his saddle, Jane rode by on her horse in the nick of time and managed to catch him as he fell. Upon his recovery, the captain said, “I name you Calamity Jane, the heroine of the plains.” She took the name to heart.

Bonnie Parker

The name “Bonnie Parker” might not mean much to most people, but when Bonnie’s name is paired with “Clyde,” they immediately know who she is. Before her crime-ridden stint with Clyde, Bonnie was an intelligent student with legal ambitions. She wanted to become an actress, but at the young age of 19, she met Clyde, who was already an ex-con at the age of 20. It was love at first impression, and Boonie soon joined Clyde’s gang to work full-time as a thief and a shameless murderer.

Their infamous two-year crime spree spanned five different states and resulted in the unfortunate death of 13 civilians. The two could only run for so long, as in 1933, a warrant called for their arrest. In 1934, they were gunned down in an ambush led by Frank Hamer, a Texas Ranger.

The 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde, starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, greatly helped popularize these historical figures.

Mary Fields

“Stagecoach” Mary Fields may not be as popular as Bonnie and Clyde or sharpshooter extraordinaire Annie Oakley, but she’s arguably the toughest woman mentioned in this blog. With $5 and a glass of whiskey on the line, she once bet a group of men in a bar in Cascade, MT that she could knock them out with a single punch. She was successful.

Mary Fields was once a slave, but worked as the first black female postal worker in history after the 13th Amendment passed. She was also known for doing tough, physical work and made 120-mile supply runs from Cascade to Helena. It was during one of these runs where a pack of ravenous wolves attacked her horses, causing her cart to flip over. Using only a small lamp for light at night, Fields fought off every single Wolf with her shotgun, revolver, and pure adrenaline.

Needless to say, Mary Fields went down as one of the toughest and coolest frontierswomen of all time.

Annie Oakley

We couldn’t include a small list of wild west heroines without Annie Oakley. Perhaps the most famous female sharpshooter and exhibition shooter of all time, Oakley’s talent entered the limelight at a young age of 15 after she beat out traveling-show marksman Frank E. Butler (she later married him). Her popularity grew when Oakley and Butler joined Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, where she likely encountered Calamity Jane!

Here are a few quick facts about her:

  • She made her first shot at just 8 years old.
  • Her shooting skills were used to pay off her mother’s mortgage.
  • She was only 5-feet tall.
  • She traveled to Europe to perform for kings and queens.
  • She even offered to help lead female shooters in WWI.

Annie never had any trouble delighting her audiences. With ease, she could shoot dimes thrown into the air, extinguish the flame of candles with a long-range shot, and even shoot cigarettes straight out of her husband’s lips (talk about trust right there!). She was even known to shoot over her shoulder using a simple hand mirror for her vision.

The World’s Strongest Belts — Perfect For The Strongest Women

At Klik Belts, we proudly support our fellow belt-wearing ladies out there. Though you may not be a wild west outlaw like some of these historical figures, you can share their values of independence and frontiersmanship with the help of a Klik Belt on your side. Explore our women’s collection today.

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The Best Belts For Men And Other Great Gifts For Father’s Day This Year

The Best Belts For Men And Other Great Gifts For Father’s Day This Year

The earth has almost completed one full revolution around the sun since the last Father’s Day, and if you’ve followed our blog for a while, you know that this can only mean one thing: it’s time to review some great last-minute gift ideas for the old man in your life!

Here at Klik Belts, we like to think that we’re quite the dad-friendly business. We make the best melts for men (and women!) on the marketplace, and since many dads need ample short and pant support, we know that our products are very fitting for the job at hand.

Dads need all-day waist comfort and support for those lazy summer afternoons tending to the grill, for the long Monday morning meetings at work, and when he’s wrangling up the family for church on Sunday morning. In short, dads need a comfortable and strong belt just as much as the next person, and we’re proud to supply fathers around the world with such a belt.

Give Back To The Dad In Your Life With The Best Belts Online

Our strong belts built to hold the weight of a holster truly make a great gift for dad. However, maybe your father already owns a Klik Belt (or even multiple belts), and he’s dropped a few hints to get him something else for his special day. In any case, here are some excellent Father’s Day gift ideas to help aid your search for the perfect dad appreciation present.

6 Great Father’s Day Gifts To Get In A Pinch

Comfy Shoes

We all know what “dad shoes” look like — you know, those ultra-white New Balances that look like clown shoes. They look pretty dorky, but there’s a good reason that your Dad wears them, and that’s because they’re extremely comfortable. They provide all-day support and ample cushioning for those weekend honey-dos, and he’s not going to settle with a more stylish pair of shoes...that is, unless they’re equally as comfortable.

There are a number of shoe brands out there that provide stylish footwear that are also surprisingly comfortable. Take Allbirds, for example. Their environmental approach to creating comfortable footwear sets them apart from other shoe brands, and their wool materials make their shoes really soft, all while looking quite sharp and stylish.

If dad just can’t part ways with his New Balances, at least get him a pair of gel inserts for his Sunday dress shoes.

Hot Sauce

If your dad enjoys cooking, living on the spicy side of life, or simply enjoys zesty and flavorful food, consider gifting him a bottle or two of hot sauce. Hot sauce is a surefire winner of a gift since it’s practical, easy to use, and immediately effective. It’s also relatively inexpensive, so you can purchase multiple bottles from different craft hot sauce brands to provide a multi-flavor heat experience.

A Cast-Iron Skillet

Ideal for the dad who loves to cook (and proudly insists on cooking breakfast for the whole family on his big day), a cast-iron skillet is a must to have in the kitchen. Why use one over conventional pans such as Teflon? For one, cast iron skillets heat very evenly. Another reason why cast iron skillets are superior is due to their dense metal construction, meaning that they conduct and retain heat very efficiently, and they’re also extremely durable.

Cast iron skillets also make for a relatively cheap Father’s Day gift, as you can find good-quality skillets for around $15-20 at many stores.

A Temperature-Controlled Ceramic Mug

Mugs and insulated drink containers like Hydro Flasks are great at keeping hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold. However, an open-face mug will leave a piping-hot cup of coffee or tea room temperature after standing for 20-25 minutes. If your dad tends to drink his coffee slowly (and always complains about having to microwave it), the Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug is a great gift to consider.

It’s a bit on the pricey side of things at around $80, but think about it: he’ll be controlling the temperature of his beverage through an app. That’s pretty cool...or hot!

A Pack Of Tile Reminders

As we get older, we tend to misplace valuable items around the house or the car. There’s nothing worse than the anxious feeling of knowing you’ve misplaced your pair of sunglasses or your wallet, so it only makes sense to put a tracker on these valuables. Tile makes an innovative tracker that uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with dad’s smartphone. All he has to do is pull up the app to track down where his misplaced items are.

A Book Full Of “Dad Jokes”

If there’s one thing that many dads enjoy doing, it’s cracking a healthy and cheesy dad joke — you know, when you tell your dad “I’m hungry” and he replies with “Hi, hungry. I’m dad!” Appeal to his dry sense of humor and these groan-inducing jokes with a book packed full of funny, dad-worthy content. At the very least, he’ll be entertained for the rest of his Sunday, and he’ll more than likely find plenty of inspiration to fuel his own “completely original” jokes.

The Perfect Belt For Dads: Buy A Klik Belt!

Ideal for dads of all kinds, a Klik Belt is the most comfortable way to support his shorts and pants in style. To find a great color that suits his fancy, shop Klik Belts and our selection of men’s belts online.

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Be A True Gentleman With Our Stylish And Comfortable Men’s Belts For Sale

Be A True Gentleman With Our Stylish And Comfortable Men’s Belts For Sale

It takes more than style and class to be a true gentleman. Gentlemen are kind, courteous, wise, and as the name might imply, gentle when the time is appropriate. People typically picture a man wearing a three-piece suit with a dapper, waxed mustache when they think about what a gentleman looks like, but they rarely give enough thought to how a gentleman should act.

Keep It Clean And Stylish With Our Men’s Belts For Sale

Though your typical gentleman probably wouldn’t wear one of our clickable belts with the rest of their outfit, we’re here to seamlessly blend style, practicality, and comfort into the ultimate belt: a Klik Belt! Our fashion and formal collection features some truly impressive leather clickable belts for sale, and though we’re biased, we have to say that these belts look pretty sharp — even by true gentlemen standards.

Going beyond dressing sharp and acting chivalrous, Klik Belts offers these gentlemanly tips to put into practice in conjunction with your stylish and functional men’s belt.

Acting Gentlemanly With Your Klik Belt Around Your Waist

Pay Attention To Your Personal Hygiene

Looking “clean” means nothing if you’re not physically clean underneath all of those fancy clothes. You should put a lot of effort into how you look and smell to others. This isn’t to say that you should care about other people’s judgment and live your life for them, but let’s be honest: no one appreciates someone that smells bad or looks like they haven’t showered in six days.

A true gentleman is well-groomed. You can keep the beard, as this is 2019, after all. Just make sure to regularly groom it and maintain it with beard oil. The takeaway is that if it looks like you put effort into your appearance, then you actually did put effort into it.

Keep Your Language Clean And Respectful

Your appearance isn’t the only thing that should come across as clean. Try to minimize the usage of your sailor vocabulary, especially if you’re on a date or with your significant other. There’s a time and a place to swear and speak of vulgarities, but more often than not, you’ll want to keep your language classy. It’s what a true gentleman would do.

Be Clear And Intentional, But Patient

True gentlemen know what they want, and they know how to speak clearly in order to achieve their desires. That being said, a kind gentleman is not hasty or aggressive in their actions or intentions. They know how to say a lot with only a few words, but they’re also perfectly fine to wait for something, even if it’s frustrating on the inside.

Hold Open That Door

Though this chivalrous practice might seem antiquated in today’s progressive day and age, it’s not. It’s perfectly acceptable to offer to split the check with your date (of course, being willing to pick it up if they’re not receptive), but walking in front of someone and forcing themselves to open a door is not acceptable. A good gentleman always walks at someone’s side and follows them into a building after holding the door open.

If you’re looking to really go the extra mile and dazzle your date, holding the car door open for them is not cheesy. It’s a classy move that shows you care.

Don’t Leave Messes

A true gentleman picks up after himself no matter what the situation is. Not only are you setting a good example for others by being responsible for your messes, but you’re also demonstrating that you have respect for the people and resources around you. A true gentleman might even go out of his way to pick up trash at a park or help clean up a mess that he had no part in creating.


No one is perfect, and everyone tells a little white lie here and there. But a gentleman never intentionally deceives others by lying or manipulating information. You should tell the truth and live by the virtue of integrity.

Dress Sharp With Our Leather Men’s Belts For Sale

Naturally, as we mentioned above, a true gentleman puts a lot of effort into their appearance. Klik Belts are stylish, functional, and of course, extremely comfortable. Discover your favorite color today.

Finding The Ideal Belt That’s A Perfect Match For You

Finding The Ideal Belt That’s A Perfect Match For You

As common and ubiquitous as belts are, the number of people that wear the wrong belt is truly staggering. More often than not, people default to a belt that they hastily purchased at a department store and hope would fit them well. Something as seemingly simple as a belt shouldn’t serve as something that one could mess up by wearing, but by choosing a flimsy, low-quality belt, you’ve already made a crucial mistake.

Finding The Right Belt: Tips And Advice From Klik Belts

When it comes to finding the right belt, there’s more to consider than just the length of the belt — something that many folks take into consideration almost solely. As the go-to online belt company specializing in belts with COBRA® buckles as well as strong belts for holsters, we believe that it is our duty to help inform these folks about what to consider in their belt purchase.

While this is by no means a comprehensive guide on all things belts, here’s what you should know about buying a belt.

Invest In A Belt That Will Last You Years (Or Even A Lifetime)

If you dress for the job or simply enjoy the look of a tucked in shirt, then wearing a belt is practically required to complete your look. So, if you frequently wear a belt, doesn’t it make sense to get one that’s going to stand the test of time? Going through belts like cheap pairs of shoes just doesn’t make sense from a long-term financial perspective.

You’ll also want a belt that’s strong and comfortable, free of a cheap belt buckle that pokes into your side every time you sit down. It’s with these reasons in mind that it makes good sense to get a Klik Belt that’s handmade with nylon and genuine leather as well as stainless steel.

The Right Length

Most belts are marked with waist numbers (i.e. 28, 30, 32, etc.). While it’s true that most people are familiar with this belt sizing system, they often purchase a belt that’s a little too small for their waist size. By that, what we mean is that belts are often purchased that match the size of their waist, meaning that there’s no extra belt to feed through one of the loops. When the size of your belt matches your waist almost precisely, you’re forced to barely use the first hole on the belt, if that.

Ideally, you want a little slack with your belt. What makes Klik Belts so brilliant is that we don’t use pre-drilled holes in our belts to secure the buckle. Instead, our COBRA® belt buckles simply clamp down on any part of the belt, meaning that you can adjust your belt down to the margin of a millimeter if you so choose.


What your belt is made out of will affect not only how long it’ll last, but also how comfortable it will be to wear. Many people swear by genuine leather belts, and that’s why we offer leather belts with COBRA® belt buckles on our site. Stylistically speaking, leather belts are incredibly versatile and go with almost any outfit.

For something even more durable that’s ready to stand up to some serious wear and tear, a nylon belt is a great option. Though it’s hard to pull off a nylon belt in a formal outfit, a nylon belt strap will last you a very long time. Plus, nylon doesn’t need to be maintained, unlike leather.

The Buckle

When it comes down to the most important piece of any belt, the buckle is what really separates Klik Belts from other belt brands. We’re the only ones on the market with belt buckles made from 7075 alloy in the form of a COBRA® buckle. Not only are these suckers incredibly strong, but they’re also easy to secure: simply “klik” it together just like you would with an airplane seatbelt. You’ll never have to worry about it coming undone or prodding into your side.

Shop Our Belts That Last A Lifetime!

Comfort, style, longevity, and ease of use: these are the qualities of a belt that only a Klik Belt can offer. For a belt that easily checks off all of the ideal belt criteria, choose one of our COBRA® buckle belts. Shop today.
May 13, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
Happy Klik Customers: A Look At A Few More Recent Klik Belts Reviews

Happy Klik Customers: A Look At A Few More Recent Klik Belts Reviews

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: reviews are the lifeblood of businesses these days. Dwight Schrute of The Office even references the importance of online reviews for businesses as early as 2007 (when Season 4 of The Office aired). After panning to the camera, Dwight says, “Trip Advisor is the lifeblood of the agritourism industry. A couple of bad reviews there, you may as well close up shop. That’s what took down the Stalk Inn, one of the cutest little asparagus farms you’ll ever see.”

A Thank You For Reviewing The Best Belts In The World

Mockumentaries aside, however, we really are thankful for all of the incredible feedback that we’ve received about Klik Belts. The feedback that we’ve fielded has been overwhelmingly positive — to date, we’re rocking a 5-star average based on 2,778 reviews — and counting! We truly believe that we sell the best belts online and the best belts on Planet Earth, and our constant customer feedback is what supports this belief.

From concealed carry users to law enforcement officers and even everyday dog owners, there really is a Klik Belt for everyone. To learn more about some of our recent customer experiences, keep reading below.

Sharing Recent Customer Reviews For Klik Belts

“Beautiful, Cool Belt. Amazing Customer Service!”

"I have three of these belts and they are simply fantastic. Nice functional design. Good looking and cool. I had to exchange my original purchase for a different size and the person at Klik Belts was fantastic to deal with. Exceptional customer service."

  • Anonymous, Verified Buyer, 5-stars

  • Thank you, anonymous buyer, for sharing your experience with Klik Belts! Over time, we’ve noticed that our stellar, above-and-beyond customer service is mentioned in the majority of customer reviews. We really pride ourselves in taking good care of our customers whether you accidentally purchased the wrong belt or something broke and it’s our job to replace it. We firmly believe that’s how all businesses should operate by taking great care of their customers. Really, it’s pretty simple!

    “Beautiful Leather!”

    "Very well made. It takes a little more force to adjust than the 1-1/2” nylon but seems to get easier the more I wear it. I love Klik belts and this meets my needs for a dressy belt."

  • Michael J., Verified Buyer, 5-stars
  • When people first hear about Klik Belts, their immediate doubt lies in the fact that our clickable belts won’t look sharp enough for formal occasions. Clearly, as Michael J. just outlined, our leather belts with COBRA® click buckles aren’t just practical and ultra-strong, but they’re also dressy enough for formal occasions and everyday business wear.

    Due to the high-quality, genuine leather materials used, our leather belts do take a bit more work to secure than our traditional nylon belts, but this gets easier over time as your leather belt gets broken in. Thanks for the review, Michael!

    “Super Stoked On My New Belt”

    "I ordered the wrong belt. 100% my fault when I called customer service Klik immediately sent me a new belt with a free return label and packing material. Blew my mind. The belt fits perfect and does an ever better job that what I expected. Their pricing is more than fair for the quality of product they are producing. Again, very happy customer!"

  • Pedar E., Verified Buyer, 5-stars

  • As it turns out, Pedar, we’re actually in the business of blowing people’s minds...with our great customer service and incredible belts! We get that mistakes happen, and when thousands of people order our belts over the course of several years, there are bound to be some accidental orders. You paid good money for your belt, therefore, you should get what you actually want, and more importantly, what you’ll actually wear.

    We’re glad to hear that you think our pricing is fair relative to the unbeatable quality of our products. We agree that we’re really hooking our customers up in terms of what they’re getting based on what they paid for it, and while our belts for sale may be more expensive than your conventional belt, it’ll probably be the last belt that you’ll ever purchase!

    “Best Belt Around”

    "First off, customer service is top notch. Second, the quality of this belt is amazing! Great build, amazing look, and even better performance! If you are in the need for a belt, look no further! These belts will last a very long time!"

  • Corey S., Verified Buyer, 5-stars

  • Corey’s review pretty much says it all — our customer service is stellar, the quality of his Klik Belt is the best in the belt market, it looks amazing, feels well-built, and is willing to work as hard as he does. Oh, and he mentioned that Klik Belts will last a very long time, which is definitely the case.

    “Sturdy And Comfortable Concealed Carry”

    "I love this belt the 2 ply allows for Sturdy and comfortable concealed carry inside or outside the pants."

  • Brandon H., Verified Buyer, 5-Stars

  • Klik Belts were created to revolutionize the belt experience as the world once knew it, but they were also made specifically for concealed carry owners in mind. We’re happy that you’re enjoying your Klik Belt for this exact purpose, Brandon.

    The Best Belt For Anything That Life Throws At You

    When it comes down it, Klik Belts are the best belt for any application in life, and our reviews prove it. Ready to be Klik Belts’ next success story? Get a COBRA® buckle belt for yourself today!

    April 30, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
    Think “Practical” This Year For Mother’s Day — Consider A Klik Belt!

    Think “Practical” This Year For Mother’s Day — Consider A Klik Belt!

    Mother’s Day always seems to sneak up on most people. With winter far behind in life’s rearview mirror and summer soon on the horizon, your mind might be occupied with spring cleaning, getting back in shape and shedding off that winter weight, or working your way toward a promotion at your company. There’s no doubt that as the weather gets nicer, we’re more likely to get outside and be more active.

    But just as you’re really starting to get settled into the springtime flow, you realize something: Mother’s Days is only...well, days away. And you haven’t prepared anything for your mom.

    However, like any good son or daughter, you lie to your mom and tell her that you’ve had something nice in the works for a while. It’s only a little white lie, and besides, if you consider “a while” to be within the past ten minutes, then what you’re telling her is technically the truth.

    Now you must deliver on your claim and really dazzle your mother for her special day.

    Klik Belts, makers of the world’s strongest and most comfortable belt, offers several great Mother’s Day gift ideas in the form of both practical, useful gifts and meaningful experiences.

    Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That She’ll Actually Use

    Recreate Old Photos Of You And Your Siblings

    If you’re looking for a surefire, slam dunk of a Mother’s Day gift, taking the time to recreate old photos of you and your siblings is worth it. Of course, you can’t really execute this gift idea in a pinch, but if you remember Mother’s Day early enough (and you’re here now, right?), try to coordinate the logistics of this project with your siblings and your camera-owning friend.

    Even if the photos aren’t perfectly recreated, the fact that you and your brothers or sisters took the time to try and recreate these memories will mean the world to not just your mom, but both of your parents.

    Make Her Breakfast (Or Lunch, Dinner, Etc.)

    What could be more practical than food? What could be more meaningful than a nice, hot, homemade meal? If your mom was a stay-at-home mother when you were growing up, she probably did most of the cooking and cleaning in your household. Surely, she would appreciate at least one day out of the year (hopefully many more) where she doesn’t have to clean or cook a single thing.

    Even if your meal ends up being pretty mediocre (or downright inedible), like many gifts, it’s the thought (and the effort) that counts. And remember, you can always run out and grab something to-go at a restaurant as a backup option.

    Get Her A Digital Photo Frame

    Why give your mom one photo when she can enjoy any memory of her choosing? With a digital photo frame, all your mom needs to do is select which photos she wants to appear on the frame via an app. It’s simple, clever, and very practical as this gift item can be used every single day.

    Use the digital photo frame to showcase the photos that you and your siblings have recreated for a nice Mother’s Day gift double-whammy.

    Make Your Own Mother’s Day Card

    Skip the last-minute Target card purchase that screams “here’s a generic card that I bought you because I totally forgot about Mother’s Day until the last minute.” Instead, consider making your own card with construction paper and fun, colorful markers. Will it look like a preschooler made it? Maybe, but your mom will think that it’s cute, and a little creative flair goes a long way in providing a meaningful Mother’s Day gift.

    Give The Gift Of The World’s Strongest And Most Comfortable Belt This Mother’s Day

    A Klik Belt may not be a handmade gift or a unique experience for your mother, but in terms of practical gifts, it’s hard to beat a Klik Belt. She’ll use this gift almost every single day due to the comfort and strength of our belts for sale, and because we make our belts with quality materials that stand the test of time, she’ll have it for many years to come. Shop here to buy one!

    From our belt company to every mom out there, we’d like to thank you for all that you do. Happy Mother’s Day!

    April 29, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
    Spring Cleaning Essentials: Is It Time For A New Belt?

    Spring Cleaning Essentials: Is It Time For A New Belt?

    If this past winter felt like an exceptionally long winter, you’re not alone in feeling this way. The end of 2018 and the first few months of 2019 certainly brought some “interesting” weather to many parts of the country, though “interesting” might be a nice way to put it. With what was dubbed as the “2019 Polar Vortex” sweeping many parts of the midwest with a wind chill factor of below -30℉ or even -40℉, it’s fair to say that most of the United States is ready for greener, warmer weather.

    Though no one knows what the rest of the spring season has in store for the U.S. in terms of weather, things are beginning to look up now that we’re already nearing May. We’re approaching the very prime of the spring season, and for many people, this means that it’s the perfect time of year to get some much-needed cleaning and reorganizing done. It’s only natural to spring clean after a long, dark season of spending most of your time indoors, after all.

    Your Source For The Best Belts Online — That’s Us!

    Now, we here at Klik Belts can’t tell you how to clean up your home or apartment, or tell you what clothes to donate versus what you should keep. That’s your business, but our business does concern your belt situation. Maybe you’ve discovered (to your chagrin) that your once-well-fitting belt is much smaller than it was before, or perhaps a long look at your closet has led you to the realization that your two leather dress belts are looking pretty beat up these days.

    6 Signs That You Need A New Belt

    You Deserve An Upgrade

    In any case, if your personal belt situation is anything less than satisfactory, then it’s time to make some upgrades. For a belt that fastens instantly and won’t come undone unless you want it to, Klik Belts can hook you up. Looking for something that’s comfortable but also super stylish? Again, Klik Belts is the answer to your belt troubles. Simply place an order, adjust your belt accordingly when it shows up, and click it tight. That’s it.

    If you’re on the fence about your belt situation, we can also help you. Keep reading below to learn more about some of the most typical tell-tale belt replacement signs and what you should be looking out for.

    Telltale Belt Replacement Signs

    You Actively Avoid Wearing Your Belt

    Here’s a major red flag. If you’re willing to let your pants sag or wear a tucked in shirt without a belt to finish your outfit, then it’s definitely time to buy a new one. Everyone should want to wear their belt; you should never actively avoid wearing your belt because it’s partially broken, uncomfortable, or looks shoddy.

    Your Belt Can’t Comfortably Support A Holster

    Klik Belts are renowned to function really, really well with gun holsters. In fact, we sell belts for gun holsters that were specifically designed with this purpose in mind. You might be able to find other strong belts online, but the truth of the matter is that these won’t hold up to the weight of a full gun holster over time. And even if your previous belt of choice does, it’s not going to do it comfortably.

    There are no sacrifices with a Klik Belt. It looks great, the materials will outlast most of the items in your wardrobe, you can wear it all day without any discomfort, and it’s designed with your holster in mind. How can your belt experience get any better than that?

    You Hate How Your Belt Looks

    You’re not alone. That crappy, forgotten $10 special at Kohl’s never really looked good to begin with, and you better believe that you’re not the only one to rush in and make a last-minute belt purchase before a big event. Even if no one gives you grief for your ugly belt, you’re bound to feel self-conscious about it.

    When you throw on a Klik Belt, the idea is to feel confident about your appearance. Though a belt won’t always make or break an outfit, it can certainly seal in the look that you’re going for.

    Your Belt Hurts You When You Wear It

    If you feel a genuine sense of relief when you get home and take off your belt after a long day at work, then you’re wearing the wrong belt. We’ve gotten feedback from customers that their old, conventional belts would poke and prod at the sides of their waist, and the part of the belt that goes into the little belt holes would even stab them. Needless to say, your belt shouldn’t feel like it’s attacking your body.

    You’ll never deal with any belt holes, poking, prodding, or stabbing with a Klik Belt. You feed it through your belt loops and click the buckle together. That. Is. It. 

    You Don’t Have The Right Color Belt To Match Your Outfits

    Don’t throw away or forgo perfectly good clothing just to work in tandem with your belt(s). Simply buy a new belt in your desired color — Klik Belts has tons of great, stylish colors to choose from.

    Upgrade To A Klik Belt This Spring. You Won’t Regret It!

    Why suffer from wearing the wrong belt? Make belt shopping part of your spring cleaning to-do list this year. For the best deals on the strongest and most comfortable belts online, don’t look any further than Klik Belts.

    Highlighting Our Brand Ambassadors That Use The World’s Strongest Belt

    Highlighting Our Brand Ambassadors That Use The World’s Strongest Belt

    In the marketing world, there’s a pretty well-understood idea that if a product or service is good enough, it should be able to sell itself. So long as a handful of customers are somehow aware that you exist, and they have a stellar experience, they’ll naturally tell others. The result? Word-of-mouth marketing that spreads like wildfire.

    Of course, with countless competing businesses in just about every industry competing for digital visibility, the reality of marketing isn’t really “word-of-mouth.” To stand out and have your customers really rave about what you’re selling, you have to provide something that absolutely blows away the competition. And to no surprise, we’re confident to say that Klik Belts makes the best belts on the market, period.

    Friends Of Klik Belts: Our Brand Ambassadors

    Our belt products are so great, in fact, that we’ve been able to establish some pretty cool relationships with our brand ambassadors over time. This collection of distinguished individuals — Klik Heroes, if you will — have a passion for living their lives to the fullest possible extent. From exploring the most rugged, remote parts of our planet’s wilderness to protecting our country through armed forces, we’re proud to partner with these inspiring humans.

    Our intention is for these ambassadors to really showcase what our belts for sale are capable of doing. It doesn’t hurt that these folks look pretty B.A. doing what they do best, but what can we say? We’re fortunate to partner with such an all-star team of people.

    Below, we’ll be bragging about each of our brand ambassadors to give our blog readers a better idea of who we’re working with. If you have any questions about these folks or you’d like to become a Klik Belts brand ambassador yourself, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or contact these people through their social media channels.

    Getting To Know The Klik Belts Brand Ambassadors

    Military And LEO Extraordinaire: Helder Gomes

    Helder, better known by the name “Coach Helder,” has longstanding roots in outdoor exploration, wilderness survival, and combat operations. Earning the rank of an Eagle Scout while in his teens, Helder embraces the values of preparedness and puts those skills to use on a daily basis through his work. A tour as an active-duty Marine only solidified these skills and values, and after a series of both mundane and life-threatening survival and combat encounters, Helder went on to found the Warrior Zero Project.

    The Warrior Zero Project aims to help injured or disabled veterans, or men in general who have reached the “over the hill” age of 40, get back in shape and live their best lives through his rigorous but effective physical conditioning program. Whether he’s out on the trail or on the job, Helder routinely wears his Klik Belt. His Pit Bull, Bruno, also enjoys wearing a Klik Collar!

    Capturing The Moment: KY Ferguson

    No stranger to adventure, KY Ferguson embraces and lives out the term “wanderlust” through his photographic pursuits. As a native of the Pacific Northwest, KY was moved by the beauty of this region, and sought to explore some of the most beautiful places on the planet. He also captures the Earth’s natural beauty through videography, though his expertise primarily lies in adventure photography.

    Firmly believing that special moments and places are meant to be captured for future generations to enjoy and appreciate, KY relies on the strength, comfort, and versatility of Klik Belts to assist his efforts out in the field. He even sees our belts as a handy tool to “MacGyver” himself out of a sticky situation, and feels more secure on his adventures while he’s wearing a Klik Belt around his waist. Visit the link above to check out his work on Instagram.

    Pursuant Of Wanderlust: Sara Owen

    Another outdoor adventure photographer, Sara Owen hails from Utah and frequently takes advantage of living in such a naturally beautiful area. Instilled with the value of outdoor appreciation at a very young age, Sara remembers her father’s usage of a camera during these early family camping trips. Quite literally following in her dad’s footsteps, Sara attempted to recreate these stunning scenes in the way that her father once did, and her passion for outdoor photography blossomed from there.

    Sara appreciates the look and functionality of Klik Belts and frequently equips herself with one before hitting the trail. She also appreciates how supportive the Klik Belts team has been of her photographic endeavors. Keep on snapping those photos, Sara!

    West Coast SWAT Operator: Richie Arnold

    It’s no secret that SWAT work is frequently dangerous, demanding, and flat-out life-threatening. Being pulled into deadly urban situations is a career and a lifestyle for full-time SWAT operator Richie Arnold, a dedicated ambassador of Klik Belts. As far as “cool” jobs go, Richie is the definition of B.A. (as his Instagram link above would suggest), and we’re incredibly thankful for Richie’s service in keeping communities along the West Coast safe and sound.

    Richie is quick to put on his Klik Belt when gearing up for SWAT operations, but also sticks to his Klik Belt for simple every day carry. He’s a big fan of our color combinations.

    Survival On Purpose Founder: Bryan Stevens

    Bryan has built a successful following on YouTube by thoroughly reviewing and testing various outdoor products. Not only does Bryan test certain products, but he also extensively covers practical topics including survival skills, camping tips, helpful bushcraft information, and other hands-on type of content.

    Bryan has a long-standing Boy Scouts background with multiple decades of experience as a Scoutmaster, and lives out these values by helping younger generations learn and appreciate the ways of outdoor survival and wilderness exploration. Part of Bryan’s YouTube success boils down to his casual, “every day Joe” approach to reviewing products and covering basic outdoor living skills, something that many folks can really appreciate.

    Bryan consistently raves about the quality of our materials and the comfort and strength that only a Klik Belt can deliver. Check out his YouTube channel link above for some great, straightforward content.

    Krav Maga Master: Ron Grobman

    Our final ambassador, Ron Grobman, is no less impressive than our other all-star ambassador members. When Ron was only 16 years old, he became the United States’ youngest certified Krav Maga instructor. Since his certification from Krav Maga Worldwide, Ron has worked hard to attain the rank of 1st sergeant in the Israeli military. He’s also served in the IDF Special Forces reconnaissance battalion as a sniper.

    No doubt a force to be reckoned with, Ron now owns a tactical training gym in Austin, Texas and happily shares his skills and passion for Krav Maga with the community. Tactical Fitness seeks to train people in the art of self-defense not only through the ways of Krav Maga, but also through extensive firearm training.

    As someone who was in search of the perfect belt that would properly support a gun holster, Ron was thrilled with Klik Belts, and we couldn’t be happier about our ambassador partnership.

    A Belt That’s Built For Anything In Life — Only A Klik Belt

    If a Klik Belt is good enough for our amazing ambassadors, then it’s surely suitable for just about anyone out there. Convinced? Find the perfect gift or the ideal belt for your lifestyle by shopping our selection of the best belts online here at Klik Belts.

    April 15, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
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