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Pet Essentials For Your Pup: Highlighting Our Klik Collars For Sale!

For most dog owners around the world (and especially here in the United States), folks tend to take their furry family member very seriously. Indeed, a dog is exactly that for many people: another member of the family that receives the same respect and treatment as any other human family member. Cute dog gifs and adorable videos are exchanged on the internet in order to brighten people’s days, and many businesses have opened shop just to cater to the canine market. 

Express Your Canine Love With Our Durable Dog Collars For Sale!

Our point? People love their dogs, and so do we here at Klik Belts. That’s why we proudly make Klik Collars, a pup-friendly extension of our line of adjustable belts for sale designed just for dogs. We sell incredibly strong collars for service dogs and K-9 unit dogs, and standard collars for simple family dogs. Whatever breed you own or whatever your dog’s style of living is, we’re confident that we have a dog collar for sale that they’ll love.

Products That Help Your Dog Live Their Best Life

Below, we’ll cover a few aspects of Klik Collars that make them so great for your dog, and then we’ll also touch on a few more essential items that any modern-day pup should have. Of course, since your dog probably can’t navigate and place orders on the internet (though it wouldn’t surprise us if your dog was capable of this!), we’ll leave it up to you to get a clickable dog collar.

What Makes Klik Collars The Best?

They Use Tried-And-True COBRA® Belt Technology

If you’ve been a long-time Klik Belts customer or an avid blog reader, then you’ve probably noticed that we frequently highlight our COBRA® belt buckles. Why? That’s because these buckles are integral to the strength and support of our belts. Sure, the belt webbing and materials are important, but it’s the buckle itself that provides the signature click that our belt wearers have come to know and love.

Dogs are dogs: they like to play hard, jump in the water, and roll around in the mud. Whether you’re training a service dog or you’ve adopted a new member of your family, it only makes sense to get them a collar that’s built to handle the roughness of a dog’s life.

They’re Stylish

We’re no dog fashionistas perse, but we’re of the opinion that our collars for dogs look pretty spiffy. Our “on duty” Klik Collar collection features colors designed for working dogs, and those colors include Black, Wolf Gray, OD Green, Coyote, and Hunter Orange (great for visibility!). For regular, everyday dogs who aren’t working for their owners, Klik Belts offers a nice range of Green, Aqua, Navy Blue, “Fashion Pink,” and Yellow.

From strictly pragmatic to totally fabulous, we think that your pup deserves to look as good as they’ll feel wearing a Klik Collar. After all, it’s not like dogs regularly get any choice with their clothing (or even wear any clothing at all), so their collar may as well look good, right?

People Agree That Klik Collars Are Legit

Our verified buyers think that their dog’s Klik Collar is the best dog collar they’ve ever used. They’ve reported experiences with cheap collars that degraded after only a few month’s worth of use, or being chewed through by their dog. Our strong dog collars hold up extensive wear and tear, they’re easy to put on and take off of your dog, and the collar itself feels soft and comfortable despite how rugged it is.

All things considered, it doesn’t get much better than that for you and your pup!

Now, here are a few more essential items that passionate dog owners should consider buying:

A Pet First Aid Kit

If your dog loves to romp around and run outdoors, there’s no telling what could happen to them. Consider stowing a small pet-oriented first aid kit in your vehicle for those adventures when you’re out and about with your best friend. At the very least, keep a regular first aid kit on you and make sure that it includes items like absorbent gauze pads, adhesive tape, disposable gloves, 3% hydrogen peroxide (fresh), tweezers, etc. You’ll never know when this could come in handy!

A Sturdy Harness

Unfortunately, Klik Belts doesn’t make a harness for dogs (yet!), but having a sturdy dog collar is a good place to start. Attaching a leash to your dog’s collar can cause choking when you go to pull them back, so a harness is a great way to distribute this force throughout their entire body. It’s more secure for you as the owner, and more comfortable for them, so it’s a total win/win.

Deodorizing Bath Wipes/Paw Wipes

Many thick-coated dogs love to play outside no matter the time of year or what the weather is like, which is great, except that they tend to get quite dirty. Keep things clean and avoid the dreaded smell of wet, stinky dog with a simple set of paw wipes for dogs. Make sure to go with a brand that doesn’t use any harmful chemicals.

Klik Belts: Your Source For Dog Collars Online!

Our original customers may see Klik Belts as the best belt provider in the world, and while we’re humbled by that reputation, we want our readers to know that we also carry dog collars! Get your dog something they’ll truly love, and don’t forget to leave us with a review about you and your dog’s experience.

January 10, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
What Can You Change In 2019?

What Can You Change In 2019?


Though it’s strange that it takes a new calendar year for people across the world to make positive changes in their lives, the truth of the matter is that many folks really do see New Year’s as a time to reinvent themselves. Whether you’ve been struggling to walk up that flight of stairs, only read one book in 2018, or still wear the same four t-shirts that you’ve had since college, there’s always something that we can change about how we live our lives, and we’re sure that you’re no exception (unless you’re perfect, of course).

Improving Your Life With Positive Choices This Year

Though we can’t tell you how to live your life, we here at Klik Belts are confident that you’ll be happier, feel better, and likely live a more fulfilling and endearing life when you make some positive adjustments here and there. Here are some great ways to improve your quality of life in 2019.

Cut Down On Screen Time

No, we don’t think that all forms of technology are inherently evil, but staring at the blue light on your smartphone certainly isn’t prompting your body to fall asleep at night. There’s no need to be on your phone every waking moment of the day, and unfortunately, that seems to be how many people treat their devices.

Just cut back on your screen time a little bit; your mind will thank you.

Make Healthier Food Choices

We know, we know; this is generic New Year’s Resolution advice. However, convenient ways to eat healthy such as mail order meal kits weren’t as popular several years ago. A decade ago, they were hardly a blip on the food radar.

Nowadays, eating like a respectable human is easier than ever before. Of course, the hustle and bustle of daily life doesn’t necessarily make that easy in and of itself, but just skip the fast food here and there in favor of a healthy snack or homemade chicken and veggies.

Drink More Water

The simple fact of the matter is that most people don’t drink enough water. Sure, they’re drinking plenty of fluids, but beverages like coffee, energy drinks, soda, and alcohol aren’t helping your body hydrate itself. On the contrary, they’re actually dehydrating you whether you realize it or not.

Fortunately, this positive change is about as simple as it gets: just drink more water! Invest in a refillable water bottle (there are literally thousands of options out there) and take it with you when you run errands, go to work, hang out around your place, or drive anywhere. That way, you have no excuses, and you’ll already be drinking something so you won’t have to buy an unhealthy beverage.

Oh, and did we mention that water is (normally and generally) free? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Keep Booze To A Minimum

Alcohol is enjoyable, and it definitely has its time and place. But you don’t want to drink too much of it too often, simply because it’s just not good for you. There is science to suggest that consuming alcohol can negatively affect your body’s metabolic processes for up to about three days, meaning that your body can’t break down food as efficiently.

Take the weekdays off and moderate your consumption to the weekends. That way, your body has time to properly flush out all of these toxins. Then you can put our previous piece of advice to use!

Move Around More

You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym or subject yourself to jogging just to stay in decent shape. People that live active lifestyles are naturally more fit and slim simply because they’re active and always doing something.

Even if it means using a standing desk at your office job or going on long walks with an audiobook as opposed to reading it at home on the couch, doing whatever it takes to be active is always worth it.

Upgrade To The Most Comfortable Belt

At Klik Belts, we’re proud to carry the most comfortable and durable belt that you’ll ever wear. If you’re still using a prodding and poking belt from 1995, it’s time to make the change this New Year. Shop our main collection of men’s belts online for a belt experience that your pants — and your waist — will thank you for!

December 28, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
Suit Essentials That Every Gentleman Should Own

Suit Essentials That Every Gentleman Should Own

There’s a strong correlation between what we’re wearing and how we feel. Should you head out to the grocery store in your pajamas with bunny slippers, words that describe your mood might be “careless,” “a lack of self-awareness,” or “just a little bit dorky.” Conversely, if you dress in your Sunday best and get yourself cleaned up for a big job interview, you’re going to feel pretty good about yourself and how others perceive your appearance.

Look Your Best With Klik Belts This Holiday Season

Is it shallow to care so much about what other people think about your appearance? At Klik Belts, we don’t think so. We think that belt wearers like you should take pride in your appearance, and that’s why we offer a number of the world’s strongest and most comfortable belts in a variety of styles from work-worn to ultra-chic and formal. A belt truly is the finishing touch to your pants, and you shouldn’t have to compromise comfort for style (and vice versa).

There’s nothing quite like feeling confident about your appearance, and you deserve nothing less than looking your best. Klik Belts can help! Check out our fashion and formal Klik Belt collection for yourself, or read on for several suit essentials that we think every suit owner should rock.

A Good Watch

Could you imagine what James Bond would look like without his trustworthy, gadget-filled watch? We’re not saying that your average suit wearer should have a watch that shoots out lasers, per se, but there’s just something about a nice watch that really completes a formal outfit — especially a suit.

There’s also something about wearing a watch that seems to boost your credibility. By wearing a watch, you’re telling people, “I have my life in order because I always know the time.”

Bonus points if you get a watch that perfectly matches your Klik Belt (or, again, vice versa).


While cufflinks may be perceived as a little outdated and even gaudy to the modern man, we think that there’s nothing wrong with reverting back to a classic suit look, especially if you’re a fan of wearing French cuff dress shirts. In a world of boring, standard button-cuff dress shirts, cufflinks that express who you are and what you love are a welcome accessory.

If your job involves formal wear on a Monday-Friday basis, it’s worth investing in a few pairs of cufflinks and French cuff dress shirts to stand out from the formal crowd.

A Nice Scarf (Or Two)

Scarves keep your neck warm, they always look classy, there’s a scarf for every season (hot summers notwithstanding), and they make great holiday gifts, too. Scarves are a time-honored fashion trend having been around for thousands of years. Historically, men’s scarves were used to keep soldiers warm out on the battlefield.

With an incredible array of colors to choose from, you can maintain your gray/black look or add some color to match your tie with a nice green or blue. Stick to a cotton or linen scarf for the warmer parts of the year, and a wool or cashmere scarf for the holidays and accompanying winter season. If you can find a merino wool scarf, your face and neck will thank you.

A Variety Of Fun Socks To Choose From

Can you rock the sock? Wearing a funky pair of multi-colored socks underneath your ordinary slacks is a great way to express the “business in the front, party in the back” mentality. If you feel like you must stick to boring socks to confine with the corporate world, know that many powerful CEOs and other influential business figures actually tend to rock novelty socks more often than you’d think.

Make sure to find comfortable, slightly padded dress socks if you spend a good amount of time on your feet.

Pocket Squares

Though this men’s formal wear item isn’t necessarily a standard piece, a pocket square is a great way to get that finishing touch on your favorite suit. Buying a colored pocket square to match the theme of a company party, holiday gathering, or any other classy event shows that you’re committed to looking dapper and festive, and you’re sure to get compliments on it.

After all, why dress up in the first place if you’re not going to receive a few compliments on how great you look? Life is too short to look anything less than superb.

Tie Bars

Most guys don’t rock tie bars these days, and we’d be willing to wager that many guys don’t even know what a tie bar is. They’re a small metal clip that’s designed to be both fashionable and functional, as it helps keep your tie in place without causing any damage. Tarnishing an expensive tie is a true shame, so you’ll want to go with a nice tie bar by a reputable company — in the same way that you’ll want to get a nice belt from a reputable belt company like Klik Belts.

Due to the fact that tie bars tend to be somewhat of a rarity in the formal world, they can make a great conversation starter at a party. At the very least, they’ll help provide a sense of uniqueness.

Stay Sharp And Comfortable For The Holidays With Klik Belts

As your source for the world’s most comfortable belts online, Klik Belts is proud to carry an array of easily adjustable belts that look as good as they perform. Get your own today!

December 21, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
To My Old, Deteriorating Belt: We Need To Talk

To My Old, Deteriorating Belt: We Need To Talk

Note: This article is written in the first person. Klik Belts does not generally publish content in the first person.


There was a time when you used to be there for me. There was only an hour before the wedding vows dropped, and I was shopping at Kohl’s in a pinch to complete my wedding day outfit. I desperately searched for a plain black belt that fit my waist to no avail, rifling through their sub-par selection in frustration. But then, there you were.


I didn’t think much of you at first. Initially, you were merely a means to fit in with the wedding party’s theme while holding up my slacks — and you did a great job doing it! The wedding was a total success, without any stylistic suspicion from the bride or her crazy, everything-needs-to-be-perfect mother.


Truly, everything was going well between us.


In the days following the wedding, I realized that I needed you more than I once thought. As I’m sure you remember quite well, my aging belt purchased from Zumiez back in 2007 had seen better days, and that’s a sore understatement. My pants no longer had a go-to support system, and I was sure that my peers would make fun of me for what could only be described as a “prominent” plumber’s crack.


With no other options than MacGyvering a flimsy, makeshift shoelace strap-belt,  I turned to you in my desperate time of need...and there you were. I proudly donned you around my waist, and sure enough, you gave my worn Levis the support that they deserved. Thus began the golden days.


Together, we laughed, we cried, and we did things that I didn’t know non-sentient objects were capable of. At one point, I thought you were just a magical belt that a confused wizard placed on the rack at Kohl’s, but perhaps I was losing my wits at that point.


It was at that point of questionable mental stability that I realized something eerily unsettling: I didn’t know any better.


I desperately began to search my memories to trace back to the moment when I initially donned you. I originally acquired you because I was in a tight situation; I had no intentions of buying a cheap belt (and yes, I’m going to use the word “cheap” because you know that’s an accurate descriptor). Perhaps it’s my fault for having no viable alternative once the wedding was over, or maybe I should have started opting for joggers or pants with a simple elastic waistline.


But I can’t undo the past. The only thing I can do at this point is recall the memories of pain, discomfort, and deterioration — memories I wish to repress, and memories that only my new best friend can help me sort through.


That’s right. I have a new best friend now. His name is Klik, and he treats me and my waist like we deserve to be treated. No longer does my belt poke or prod at my sides. No longer am I forced to choose a certain belt hole where the diameter is either too small or too big. No longer do I have to worry about my belt failing on me when I need it most, which is literally all of the time when I wear 90 percent of my pants.



I’ll admit, it took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out how you treated me over those years. I really shouldn’t have stuck around with you that long, subjecting my pants to sub-par support at best — and that’s putting it nicely.


So, not that you asked, but I’m doing better now. With Klik by my side and around my waist, I’m able to do the things I love without worrying about my pants falling down. I’m never worried about getting “pantsed” by my immature peers, and I’m never worried about finding the right belt hole because belt holes are so 1990s. It’s time to get with the program, and I’m glad I did. I can’t say the same for you.


Klik uses COBRA® Buckle technology, so I can always rely on my trusty pal to stay secure no matter what I’m doing. While Klik is made with ultra-durable materials, Klik is also surprisingly soft and lightweight, so my pants are never weighed down. My pantalone compadre is even strong enough to support holsters, and that’s more than you’ll ever be able to say. Best of all, thousands of pant wearers like me agree that belts like Klik are the best around.


I don’t want to come across as rude or overly harsh, but it’s important for you to know that I’ve moved on to a better belt experience. Thanks to Klik and Klik’s extended family of belts in a variety of tasteful colors designed for a variety of uses, people like me can finally live the life we’ve always wanted: with total support and waistline freedom. It’s what we deserve.


It’s not too late to change, though. Despite how you treated me and my waist, Klik and I see through those dark times and we forgive you, so long as you’re willing to change for the better. By learning more about Klik Belts and their legendary support and comfort, you too may one day be able to be the belt that every belt deserves to be. That’s all we ask of you.


Thank you for reading, old friend, and I hope to see you on the good side soon.


Your Former Wearer,


Mr. Pants

December 20, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
What’s More Frustrating Than A Belt That Doesn’t Fit Right?

What’s More Frustrating Than A Belt That Doesn’t Fit Right?

We must warn our readers about this blog post: as you read this, your blood pressure will elevate, and your irritability levels will rise. You’ll feel uncomfortable, you might feel like you have to constantly adjust something, and you may even notice an itch start to develop.

Now, why would Klik Belts subject our valued blog readers to such a thing?

That’s because we want our readers to know what it’s like not to wear a Klik Belt, i.e., the most comfortable belt they’ll ever wear. The unfortunate reality of many pant wearers is that they stick with conventional belts that poke and prod, and they don’t know any better when it comes to durable, comfortable, and attractive belt alternatives. They simply visit a department store, get a cheap, fake leather belt, and use it to support their trousers without a second thought as to what else is out there.

Spreading The Word About The Best Belts Online

It’s a true shame that many people still don’t know about our adjustable men’s and women’s belts for sale, but our goal is to change that. For our readers who have made the switch to a better belt, the things that we touch on in today’s blog post may seem pretty familiar to you in terms of the sheer frustration and lack of comfort that a conventional belt brings you.

We’ll let you gauge our extent of exaggeration below, but read on about several things that just tend to irk most people — and why they’re fairly on par with an ill-fitting, low-quality belt. Let’s take a look.

Everyday Things That Frustrate Us As Much As An Inferior Belt

When Your Earbuds Get Caught On Something

Nearly anyone who’s ever worn earbuds (or headphones) has experienced this unfortunate “phenomenon” before. Here you are, minding your own business while jamming out to some music, when you turn the corner or proceed to brush against something that catches the cord of your earbuds. Before you can even realize you’ve caught your cord on something, your earbuds get violently ripped out of your ears, completely killing your musical vibe.

Fortunately, most earbuds and headphones are moving over to wireless technology these days.

Stubbing Your Toe

Need we say any more? Again, you’re minding your own business, walking around the house, when you turn the corner, accidentally miscalculate your step, and end up reflexively spewing a series of colorful expletives because your big toe got jammed on something. We’ve all been there, and we know how little fun it is to stub our toes.

At least with stubbing your toes, the pain subsides after a few minutes. With the wrong belt, you’re dealing with that pain for hours and hours on end.

Deceiving Packaging

Many food items and other consumer products have packaging that’s designed to think that there’s more product than there really is. You’ve likely opened something, been excited to use it, and immediately been disappointed (or even flat out ticked off) with the amount of stuff that you actually received. To make matters worse, you can’t rightfully tear into the packaging at the store until you’ve actually checked out with it, so there’s really no way of knowing what you’re getting.

It’s nice to get a good deal on a product, but how much have you really saved when you’re left with less than you originally bargained for?

Stepping Into Something Wet With A Fresh Pair Of Socks

We apologize if this one was too personal.

When People Tip With Things That Aren’t Real Money

Though this isn’t a common practice, it’s not unheard of for some people to tip with a fake dollar bill that looks real from far away, but is actually just a piece of paper with a message on it. Often times, the piece of paper has a religious message on it describing how there are things more valuable than money.

Of course, this is America and anyone is free to engage in their religion; we have no problem with that part. However, servers and other food service employees who rely on these tips to live know, real money to make a living.

When Vending Machines Rip You Off

You paid fair and square for that bag of chips, and as it gets dispensed once you’d made your selection, you watch in idle frustration as the machine drops your bag halfway down the shoot and it just stops. The natural reaction is to start shaking the machine, similar to Kevin Malone’s approach in The Office.

The decision to make, at that point, is to either contact the vending machine company to unlock the machine for you, or to walk away from wasting time over a $1.30 bag of chips. Don’t worry; we’d contact the vending machine company, too.

When You Hammer A Nail And It Immediately Bends

You then proceed to pull out another nail, and for whatever cosmic reason, the replacement nail seems to work just fine. There’s no logical explanation for this, but the only thing you know for certain is that you’ve wasted a nail for reasons beyond your mortal comprehension. Thanks a lot, nail.

Eliminate Your Belt Frustrations With The World’s Most Comfortable Belt!

After reading this blog, we recommend that you rest, relax, and do whatever is necessary to get that blood pressure back down. Most importantly, if you got this far and you’re still dealing with a less-than-ideal belt, shop Klik Belts today for the most comfortable belt online. You won’t regret it!

December 18, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
More Holiday Travel Tips: Your Klik Belt Is Here To Help!

More Holiday Travel Tips: Your Klik Belt Is Here To Help!

The frenzy of the holiday travel season is dawning upon us. There are storms to anticipate, logistics to sort out, family members to contact, clothes to pack, clothes to unpack and then repack, gifts to purchase, and reservations to confirm. Of course, that’s hardly scratching the surface of what a third of America does during this time of year, but it illustrates our point that this time of year is pretty hectic, to say the least.

Let Our Comfortable Belts Help You Travel This December

In light of holiday travel season, the last thing that you want to worry about is what’s holding up your pants. Could you imagine having your trousers fall down as you exit the airport security area? That video would definitely go viral, but with the power of the world’s most comfortable belt around your waist, you won’t have to worry about this happening.

Simply un-click it before the body scanners (privacy rights notwithstanding), and click it back into place when you’re on your way to your gate. That’s as easy as a seatbelt!

We’re going to continue where we left off from our previous blog post about holiday travel tips. Don’t forget to shop our Cobra® Buckle belts for a great last minute gift!

Show Your Flight Attendants Some Appreciation

After you’ve dealt with waking up early, getting to the airport, dealing with your vehicle, venturing through the security lines and finally boarding your flight, it’s finally time to doze off in your seat. But wait! Be the hero that flight attendants deserve but don’t necessarily get very often.

It shouldn’t even be said to be a decent passenger who exercises common courtesy, uses their pleases and thank yous, and smiles when interacting with a flight attendant. While you should absolutely adhere to in-flight decency, you can really make a flight attendant’s day by going the extra mile (up in the sky, nonetheless).

Consider bringing in a box of chocolates or another shareable gift for the flight crew just to express your appreciation for their service during the often stressful holiday season. We guarantee they’ll remember your kind gesture, and they may even pay it back with a couple of complementary adult beverages. You never know!

Bring Snacks On Your Person

With delays and overpriced, unhealthy airport food practically imminent for your travel plans, having easy access to a healthy nutrition or protein bar can be a total lifesaver. If the person that you’re flying next to seems a little cranky, a little snack is all that it takes to turn their mood around. Just make sure to offer in a non-condescending manner, like something out of a Snickers commercial.

Dress Smart With Our Durable And Comfortable Belts For Sale

Klik Belts are as strong as they are comfortable and stylish, so they make the perfect travel piece. Don’t have one of your own? We can help! Shop our fashion and formal collection, get a leather Klik Belt, or learn more about the world’s most comfortable belts here.

December 12, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
Travel Like A True Pro With Klik Belts This Holiday Season

Travel Like A True Pro With Klik Belts This Holiday Season

If you’re one of the millions and millions of people who travel for the holiday season every year, then you’d probably appreciate just about anything that makes the experience less of a hassle. Let’s be honest: flying somewhere can be exciting, but checking in, going through airport security, making it to your gate, and sitting through the actual flight can be a total pain in the rump. It’s about time that traveling wasn’t such an inconvenience for people.

How Klik Belts Can Help

You might be thinking, “This is great, but just how can your adjustable belts help me have a smoother holiday travel experience?” That’s a fair question, and it’s a question that we’ll touch on a little further below in today’s travel tip blog post.

If you’re looking to get a TSA-approved holiday gift just in the nick of time this Christmas season, Klik Belts has you (and your pants) covered. Shop our limited color collection today, or get something truly nice with our leather belts for sale.

Book The First Flight Out

Now, this travel tip only works if it happens to work with your schedule or travel itinerary, but if you can, take the first flight out that morning. Yes, it’s insanely early. Yes, it’s dark out. Yes, you’ll be a zombie. But guess what? You can sleep during the flight, and you can probably sleep at your family member’s house once you reach your destination.

Why take the first flight of the day out? That’s because delays are more likely to occur with later flights in the day. Even if there isn’t a storm on the horizon (and how could you predict something like this that’s so far out?), it’s a safe bet to buy a ticket for an early bird flight.

Get To The Airport Early

The holiday crowds are going to bottleneck airport security, so make sure to arrive earlier than you normally would. It’s always better to hang out at your gate for a while rather than run toward it with your shoes in hand and a face that screams “I didn’t plan my time very well!”

Again, it may be quite the early morning for you, but take this time to catch a nap before your flight boards, read a book, or even do some work on your laptop. Long security lines are all the more reason to try and get the first flight of the day like we mentioned above.

Remember That You Can’t Always Travel With Gifts

Your homemade jellies and jams will certainly be appreciated by the recipient, but TSA officials sure won’t appreciate them. Keep their travel guidelines and limitations in mind, and don’t wrap any presents until you reach your destination, as an unknown item may have to be unwrapped. That’s no fun.

Use Our Comfort Click Belt For An Easy Airport Security Experience

Klik Belts are great because they’ll instantly click together and click apart for fast and easy removal when you’re headed through the security lines. It doesn’t get much better than that! Stay tuned for another travel protip blog from Klik Belts, or feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

December 05, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
Products Like Klik Belts That Are Built To Last A Lifetime

Products Like Klik Belts That Are Built To Last A Lifetime

There’s really something to be said about the long-term value of purchasing something that’s relatively expensive. Now, it’s not financially sensible to buy something and automatically assume that it’s high quality because of the price — just look at how the brand Supreme simply slaps their sticker on something and suddenly it costs four times the price.

As a conscientious consumer, you know that it’s not necessarily the price that matters the most, but what you’re getting for that price. What’s that word that we’re looking for? Oh yeah, it’s called “value!”

Buy It For Life With A Klik Belt

Since you’re here likely shopping for the most comfortable and durable belt in the world, we can assume that you place a lot of value on...value. You identify a particular need in your life, and do some research to figure out what’s going to be the most cost-effective, long-lasting, and ultimately, the most comfortable and enjoyable solution. Who wants to buy something if it’s just going to wear out after a few uses?

The truth of the matter is that many items — countless items, really — should last you a long, long time. We hate to brag here, but we’re talking about items like a Klik Belt. Okay, maybe you saw that one coming, but with patented COBRA® buckle technology and backed by well over 2,500 reviews, we think that’s a pretty justified claim.

If you don’t have your own Klik Belt yet or you’re looking for a long-lasting, practical and stylish gift this holiday season, it’s hard to go wrong when you shop our belts online. Looking for more products that are designed to last you years and years of use? Keep reading below.

The Classic Stanley Insulated Vacuum Bottle

We had to begin with a reliable, tried-and-true item, and the choice was obvious. If you’re looking to brew some steaming hot coffee, put it in a container, throw it down a 2,000-foot cliff, climb down, and enjoy the same temperature coffee five hours later, this insulated hot (or cold) beverage bottle is the bottle for you.

You may recognize the older Stanley bottles as the “Stanley Aladdin,” as these products go back over 100 years (for good reason). They even offer a little icing on the value cake: the cap doubles as a cup. We’ve heard that the newer Stanley bottles aren’t quite as high-quality as the older, made in America ones, but Stanley still makes an incredibly durable and long-lasting product to be sure.

The Classic Jansport Backpack

Here’s another tried-and-true classic. This no-frills, straightforward backpack is essential the golden standard in cheap but surprisingly durable packs. Your average Jansport bag isn’t particularly large, and it doesn’t have numerous cleverly designed pockets like other modern bags. It’s a simple bag that hasn’t changed very much over time, and we’re convinced that’s how they’ve been able to last so many years for so many people.

Sure, you probably won’t do any hardcore mountaineering with this pack by any means, but it’ll probably get your kid through most of grade school. Given that your typical Jansport bag only requires a modest investment of about $30, that’s insanely good value when used extensively over the course of several years.

Darn Tough Wool Socks

It’s in the name. Most people tend to wear out the average pair of socks fairly quickly, often leading to the impression that socks are disposable items. People that think this way probably haven’t owned a pair of Darn Tough socks.

Their wool socks, made by the company Wigwam, are made of a moisture-wicking, breathable material known as Merino wool. For optimal care, they recommend hand washing them with a light detergent and air drying them. That’s a lot of work for a simple pair of $20 ankle socks, but with a lifetime warranty included (seriously, they’ll replace your Darn Tough socks if they tear or get any holes), they’re definitely socking the value straight to you.

A Good Cast Iron Skillet

A proper cast iron skillet — one that’s made with real cast iron and taken care of — should not only last a lifetime, but last throughout your children’s lifetime and your grandkids lifetime. Of course, with a product as simple as a cast iron pan, one would expect longevity like this.

So long as your skillet is well seasoned and wiped off after each use, it will always perform well for you.

V-MODA Headphones And Earbuds

While companies like Beats and Bose tend to enjoy most of the headphone spotlight, there are a number of really good and long-lasting brands out there: Shure, Sony, Audio Technica, and Sennheiser, just to name a few. V-MODA is another lesser-known name, and if you’re looking for a quality set of headphones that will literally last you five to ten years, it’s worth making the investment.

With music streaming services so commonplace these days, having a good pair of headphones or earbuds to concentrate at work or use during your workout is practically an essential commodity.

Klik Belts — The Most Comfortable Belt Is Also The Most Durable!

Our COBRA® buckles are engineered to withstand about 4,000 lbs of force, and though we hope that you're never subjected to that, it helps illustrate just how serious we are about making the world’s best belt. Our customers agree. Do you?

Get a belt that lasts for life by shopping our collection of tactical belts, formal belts, sports belts, women’s belts, and more!

November 27, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
Unusual But Interesting EDC Items Worth Carrying On Your Person

Unusual But Interesting EDC Items Worth Carrying On Your Person

What would an outfit without any pockets look like? Well, it would probably just look like a pocketless outfit. Clothing devoid of pockets actually isn’t all too uncommon with free-flowing dresses, tights, skirts, gym shorts, and the like. To carry anything on your person, of course, you’d have to bring along a backpack or a purse with you, which can be a minor inconvenience when you don’t want to carry anything other than what’s already on your body.

The World’s Most Comfortable Belt Can Support Anything You Carry

What we’re trying to say is that, in light of Thanksgiving recently passing, we’re just thankful for pockets and pants designed with EDC capabilities in mind. While some people are EDC minimalists and tend to simply carry their smartphone/wallet combo and keys on them, others utilize their pockets like a mobile locker.

Depending on what the demands of your day are and what you’re doing, what you carry in your pockets will likely vary. From zero weight on your thighs to stuffed pockets, know that by shopping our belts online, you’re getting a strong belt that’s designed to hold up even the most loaded-down pair of pants or shorts. Heck, our signature COBRA® belt buckles are designed to bear of a load of about 4,000 lbs. At Klik Belts, we’re pretty serious about what we make.

Of course, if you have a concealed carry permit or spend time out on open land with your handgun, there’s no better belt for holsters than a Klik Belt.

Looking for some EDC inspiration? Whether you’re just looking to shake things up in your daily item routine or you can finally afford some more weight in your pockets thanks to the strength of your new Klik Belt, read below for some practical yet niche items. Check out this blog for other EDC recommendations.

Dental Floss

How many times have you eaten out somewhere, enthusiastically enjoyed your meal, and forgot to grab a toothpick on the way out? Now, you’re with your date or headed back to work with a piece of food lodge right in between your two front teeth. That just looks bad, right?

A small container of floss is exactly that: small, lightweight, and easy to access. It’s also very useful beyond getting plaque out of your teeth, as you can replace your shoelace, create a makeshift piece of rope, utilize an impromptu fishing line, or even sew something up with it. Better yet, you’re doing so with something that smells minty fresh.

A Keychain Tape Measure

“About how long is that?” you’ve probably asked yourself before. If you tend to work in a field where measuring various items is commonplace, it only makes sense to carry even just a small tape measure on you. Sure, your smartphone probably has a built-in measuring app on it, but is it really as easy and convenient to use as an actual measuring tape? We’d say “no.”

A Few Bandaids

It’s true that carrying a full-on first aid kit wherever you go is pretty overkill, but it’s not too inconvenient to slip a couple of bandaids into your wallet. You can never predict when you’re going to get a cut, let alone when someone around you may start randomly bleeding. You’ll thank yourself for carrying a few small bandages on your person when the time actually comes to use them.

A Harmonica Or Another “Pocket Instrument”

We get it — this isn’t the 1880s, and you don’t have to walk on down to the street corner and play your harmonica in a mysterious yet intentional fashion just to pass the time. After all, we have smartphones in our pockets to keep us entertained during all hours of the day, right?

That’s true, but smartphones die. A harmonica, unless it’s chalked to the brim with dust and dirt, will never die. Harmonicas are also fairly easy and learn and play, and don’t require any extent or set up. They’re pocket-sized and ready to go. Just like…

A Set Of Playing Cards

This may be a little bit heavier than your average EDC item, but it’s certainly worth carrying if you need to kill time in an area where accessing the internet is not an option. In fact, in that situation, you’ll probably be the most popular kid on the block by possessing a deck of playing cards.

Like we said, playing cards are indeed pocket-sized (unless you have really small or tight pockets) and they’re always ready to go — all you need to do is give them a little shuffle! There’s something to be said about items that don’t need to be charged and won’t break thanks to a lack of electrical components.

Something To Fidget Around With

Any of these above items would make great objects to nervously move around in your hands as you try to navigate the social fabric of life, but if you’re a serious fidgeter, it only makes sense to have an EDC item dedicated for that specific purpose. However, know that you’re not limited to the classic Fidget Spinner.

Even a small stress ball, keys on a ring, or a yo-yo (style points!) make great everyday items to fidget around with if you’re feeling nervous or anxious.

Whatever You Carry, Our Heavy Duty Belts Are Here To Do The Job

Ultimately, your EDC regimen is completely up to you. We simply recommend that you support your EDC items the right way with the world’s most comfortable heavy duty belt. Shop our main collection of men’s belts for sale today!

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What To Wear During Your Thanksgiving Meal

What To Wear During Your Thanksgiving Meal

If you read the title of this blog post thinking that this is a fashion guide on how to look good during Thanksgiving, then we apologize because you’re sorely mistaken. The proverbial Thanksgiving feast — the meal that tops all of the other meals of the year — is not one that’s described by words like “glamorous”, “dainty”, or “modest.”

No, Thanksgiving means that you’re going to starve yourself all morning and a good chunk of the afternoon, and reward yourself with as many thousands of calories as you can fit in your belly. There’s nothing elegant about that, but everything about it is oh-so-satisfying.

The Most Comfortable Belt For Your Thanksgiving Meal

Of course, this means that you should wear appropriate clothing for the big Turkey Day meal. We’re not talking about your classic sweater-dress shirt and khakis combo, either. You’re going to want comfortable, loose-fitting and expandable clothing designed to withstand your growing stomach as it begins to fill up with delicious food. That’s not the most pretty picture, but let’s be real: isn’t this an accurate characterization of Thanksgiving gluttony?

Dress Well, Eat Well

Let’s be clear: there’s nothing wrong with a well-deserved annual feast. We work hard throughout the calendar year, and Thanksgiving serves as a nice break in between the rest of the year and the holidays to come in December. All we’re saying is that you shouldn’t be supporting your pants with an overly tight belt because that’s certainly going to limit your caloric intake, and that’s just not the American way.

It only makes sense to dress comfortably as you eat some tasty comfort food this November. If you’re someone who religiously tucks in their shirt and wears a belt no matter the occasion, we respect that. That’s why we sell the most comfortable belt on the market that’s not only flexible and easily adjustable, but also snaps tight with one simple “click.” We think that a Klik Belt is the perfect Thanksgiving Day belt for you.

If you’re ready to eat like there’s no tomorrow, here are several ideal clothing items to accommodate for the big meal.


While the weather may be well below freezing outside, wearing a dress for your Thanksgiving meal is not a bad idea for our ladies out there (and gentlemen, too — we don’t judge). This way, your thighs won’t be tightly constricted by pants, meaning that you’ll be able to save plenty of room for dessert. Don’t worry; there’s plenty of time to work this gargantuan meal off before the end of the day. Even then, there’s also New Year’s.


When it’s cold outside but a dress is on your sights, leggings are the logical addition to your outfit. The elastic fibers are quite stretchy and allow for a good amount of expansion as you start filling up. Again, this isn’t the most guy-friendly clothing option, especially for a Thanksgiving meal, but we’d be lying if we said that leggings weren’t comfortable and stretchy no matter who wears them. We’re just saying.

Pregnancy Pants

When it comes to comfortable pants with a stretchy, elastic waist designed to expand, pregnancy pants are in a league of their own. Here’s something that’s great about them: you don’t have to be pregnant to wear them. That’s right. In fact, we’d say that pregnancy pants were also designed with a massive Thanksgiving meal in mind.

Joey Tribbiani of Friends agrees with us.

Stove Top Thanksgiving Dinner Pants

If you’re even more hardcore than we are about the upcoming mega meal, then chances are you already have legitimate Thanksgiving Dinner Pants from the good folks over at Stove Top. As a viral sensation of Thanksgiving 2017, these pants hit the media spotlight as the pants of Turkey Day.

Sure, you may look and feel pretty ridiculous wearing a pair of these, but we can’t imagine that anyone else in the world is as comfortable as you in the moment. Well, except for everyone wearing a pair of these, of course.

Happy Thanksgiving From The Team At Klik Belts!

For those that still wish to dress up and look photo-ready over the holidays but still be comfortable, our no hole belts are the best solution for you. Shop the world’s most comfortable belts online today!

November 16, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator