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Finding The Ideal Belt That’s A Perfect Match For You

Finding The Ideal Belt That’s A Perfect Match For You

As common and ubiquitous as belts are, the number of people that wear the wrong belt is truly staggering. More often than not, people default to a belt that they hastily purchased at a department store and hope would fit them well. Something as seemingly simple as a belt shouldn’t serve as something that one could mess up by wearing, but by choosing a flimsy, low-quality belt, you’ve already made a crucial mistake.

Finding The Right Belt: Tips And Advice From Klik Belts

When it comes to finding the right belt, there’s more to consider than just the length of the belt — something that many folks take into consideration almost solely. As the go-to online belt company specializing in belts with COBRA® buckles as well as strong belts for holsters, we believe that it is our duty to help inform these folks about what to consider in their belt purchase.

While this is by no means a comprehensive guide on all things belts, here’s what you should know about buying a belt.

Invest In A Belt That Will Last You Years (Or Even A Lifetime)

If you dress for the job or simply enjoy the look of a tucked in shirt, then wearing a belt is practically required to complete your look. So, if you frequently wear a belt, doesn’t it make sense to get one that’s going to stand the test of time? Going through belts like cheap pairs of shoes just doesn’t make sense from a long-term financial perspective.

You’ll also want a belt that’s strong and comfortable, free of a cheap belt buckle that pokes into your side every time you sit down. It’s with these reasons in mind that it makes good sense to get a Klik Belt that’s handmade with nylon and genuine leather as well as stainless steel.

The Right Length

Most belts are marked with waist numbers (i.e. 28, 30, 32, etc.). While it’s true that most people are familiar with this belt sizing system, they often purchase a belt that’s a little too small for their waist size. By that, what we mean is that belts are often purchased that match the size of their waist, meaning that there’s no extra belt to feed through one of the loops. When the size of your belt matches your waist almost precisely, you’re forced to barely use the first hole on the belt, if that.

Ideally, you want a little slack with your belt. What makes Klik Belts so brilliant is that we don’t use pre-drilled holes in our belts to secure the buckle. Instead, our COBRA® belt buckles simply clamp down on any part of the belt, meaning that you can adjust your belt down to the margin of a millimeter if you so choose.


What your belt is made out of will affect not only how long it’ll last, but also how comfortable it will be to wear. Many people swear by genuine leather belts, and that’s why we offer leather belts with COBRA® belt buckles on our site. Stylistically speaking, leather belts are incredibly versatile and go with almost any outfit.

For something even more durable that’s ready to stand up to some serious wear and tear, a nylon belt is a great option. Though it’s hard to pull off a nylon belt in a formal outfit, a nylon belt strap will last you a very long time. Plus, nylon doesn’t need to be maintained, unlike leather.

The Buckle

When it comes down to the most important piece of any belt, the buckle is what really separates Klik Belts from other belt brands. We’re the only ones on the market with belt buckles made from 7075 alloy in the form of a COBRA® buckle. Not only are these suckers incredibly strong, but they’re also easy to secure: simply “klik” it together just like you would with an airplane seatbelt. You’ll never have to worry about it coming undone or prodding into your side.

Shop Our Belts That Last A Lifetime!

Comfort, style, longevity, and ease of use: these are the qualities of a belt that only a Klik Belt can offer. For a belt that easily checks off all of the ideal belt criteria, choose one of our COBRA® buckle belts. Shop today.
May 13, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
Happy Klik Customers: A Look At A Few More Recent Klik Belts Reviews

Happy Klik Customers: A Look At A Few More Recent Klik Belts Reviews

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: reviews are the lifeblood of businesses these days. Dwight Schrute of The Office even references the importance of online reviews for businesses as early as 2007 (when Season 4 of The Office aired). After panning to the camera, Dwight says, “Trip Advisor is the lifeblood of the agritourism industry. A couple of bad reviews there, you may as well close up shop. That’s what took down the Stalk Inn, one of the cutest little asparagus farms you’ll ever see.”

A Thank You For Reviewing The Best Belts In The World

Mockumentaries aside, however, we really are thankful for all of the incredible feedback that we’ve received about Klik Belts. The feedback that we’ve fielded has been overwhelmingly positive — to date, we’re rocking a 5-star average based on 2,778 reviews — and counting! We truly believe that we sell the best belts online and the best belts on Planet Earth, and our constant customer feedback is what supports this belief.

From concealed carry users to law enforcement officers and even everyday dog owners, there really is a Klik Belt for everyone. To learn more about some of our recent customer experiences, keep reading below.

Sharing Recent Customer Reviews For Klik Belts

“Beautiful, Cool Belt. Amazing Customer Service!”

"I have three of these belts and they are simply fantastic. Nice functional design. Good looking and cool. I had to exchange my original purchase for a different size and the person at Klik Belts was fantastic to deal with. Exceptional customer service."

  • Anonymous, Verified Buyer, 5-stars

  • Thank you, anonymous buyer, for sharing your experience with Klik Belts! Over time, we’ve noticed that our stellar, above-and-beyond customer service is mentioned in the majority of customer reviews. We really pride ourselves in taking good care of our customers whether you accidentally purchased the wrong belt or something broke and it’s our job to replace it. We firmly believe that’s how all businesses should operate by taking great care of their customers. Really, it’s pretty simple!

    “Beautiful Leather!”

    "Very well made. It takes a little more force to adjust than the 1-1/2” nylon but seems to get easier the more I wear it. I love Klik belts and this meets my needs for a dressy belt."

  • Michael J., Verified Buyer, 5-stars
  • When people first hear about Klik Belts, their immediate doubt lies in the fact that our clickable belts won’t look sharp enough for formal occasions. Clearly, as Michael J. just outlined, our leather belts with COBRA® click buckles aren’t just practical and ultra-strong, but they’re also dressy enough for formal occasions and everyday business wear.

    Due to the high-quality, genuine leather materials used, our leather belts do take a bit more work to secure than our traditional nylon belts, but this gets easier over time as your leather belt gets broken in. Thanks for the review, Michael!

    “Super Stoked On My New Belt”

    "I ordered the wrong belt. 100% my fault when I called customer service Klik immediately sent me a new belt with a free return label and packing material. Blew my mind. The belt fits perfect and does an ever better job that what I expected. Their pricing is more than fair for the quality of product they are producing. Again, very happy customer!"

  • Pedar E., Verified Buyer, 5-stars

  • As it turns out, Pedar, we’re actually in the business of blowing people’s minds...with our great customer service and incredible belts! We get that mistakes happen, and when thousands of people order our belts over the course of several years, there are bound to be some accidental orders. You paid good money for your belt, therefore, you should get what you actually want, and more importantly, what you’ll actually wear.

    We’re glad to hear that you think our pricing is fair relative to the unbeatable quality of our products. We agree that we’re really hooking our customers up in terms of what they’re getting based on what they paid for it, and while our belts for sale may be more expensive than your conventional belt, it’ll probably be the last belt that you’ll ever purchase!

    “Best Belt Around”

    "First off, customer service is top notch. Second, the quality of this belt is amazing! Great build, amazing look, and even better performance! If you are in the need for a belt, look no further! These belts will last a very long time!"

  • Corey S., Verified Buyer, 5-stars

  • Corey’s review pretty much says it all — our customer service is stellar, the quality of his Klik Belt is the best in the belt market, it looks amazing, feels well-built, and is willing to work as hard as he does. Oh, and he mentioned that Klik Belts will last a very long time, which is definitely the case.

    “Sturdy And Comfortable Concealed Carry”

    "I love this belt the 2 ply allows for Sturdy and comfortable concealed carry inside or outside the pants."

  • Brandon H., Verified Buyer, 5-Stars

  • Klik Belts were created to revolutionize the belt experience as the world once knew it, but they were also made specifically for concealed carry owners in mind. We’re happy that you’re enjoying your Klik Belt for this exact purpose, Brandon.

    The Best Belt For Anything That Life Throws At You

    When it comes down it, Klik Belts are the best belt for any application in life, and our reviews prove it. Ready to be Klik Belts’ next success story? Get a COBRA® buckle belt for yourself today!

    April 30, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
    Think “Practical” This Year For Mother’s Day — Consider A Klik Belt!

    Think “Practical” This Year For Mother’s Day — Consider A Klik Belt!

    Mother’s Day always seems to sneak up on most people. With winter far behind in life’s rearview mirror and summer soon on the horizon, your mind might be occupied with spring cleaning, getting back in shape and shedding off that winter weight, or working your way toward a promotion at your company. There’s no doubt that as the weather gets nicer, we’re more likely to get outside and be more active.

    But just as you’re really starting to get settled into the springtime flow, you realize something: Mother’s Days is only...well, days away. And you haven’t prepared anything for your mom.

    However, like any good son or daughter, you lie to your mom and tell her that you’ve had something nice in the works for a while. It’s only a little white lie, and besides, if you consider “a while” to be within the past ten minutes, then what you’re telling her is technically the truth.

    Now you must deliver on your claim and really dazzle your mother for her special day.

    Klik Belts, makers of the world’s strongest and most comfortable belt, offers several great Mother’s Day gift ideas in the form of both practical, useful gifts and meaningful experiences.

    Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That She’ll Actually Use

    Recreate Old Photos Of You And Your Siblings

    If you’re looking for a surefire, slam dunk of a Mother’s Day gift, taking the time to recreate old photos of you and your siblings is worth it. Of course, you can’t really execute this gift idea in a pinch, but if you remember Mother’s Day early enough (and you’re here now, right?), try to coordinate the logistics of this project with your siblings and your camera-owning friend.

    Even if the photos aren’t perfectly recreated, the fact that you and your brothers or sisters took the time to try and recreate these memories will mean the world to not just your mom, but both of your parents.

    Make Her Breakfast (Or Lunch, Dinner, Etc.)

    What could be more practical than food? What could be more meaningful than a nice, hot, homemade meal? If your mom was a stay-at-home mother when you were growing up, she probably did most of the cooking and cleaning in your household. Surely, she would appreciate at least one day out of the year (hopefully many more) where she doesn’t have to clean or cook a single thing.

    Even if your meal ends up being pretty mediocre (or downright inedible), like many gifts, it’s the thought (and the effort) that counts. And remember, you can always run out and grab something to-go at a restaurant as a backup option.

    Get Her A Digital Photo Frame

    Why give your mom one photo when she can enjoy any memory of her choosing? With a digital photo frame, all your mom needs to do is select which photos she wants to appear on the frame via an app. It’s simple, clever, and very practical as this gift item can be used every single day.

    Use the digital photo frame to showcase the photos that you and your siblings have recreated for a nice Mother’s Day gift double-whammy.

    Make Your Own Mother’s Day Card

    Skip the last-minute Target card purchase that screams “here’s a generic card that I bought you because I totally forgot about Mother’s Day until the last minute.” Instead, consider making your own card with construction paper and fun, colorful markers. Will it look like a preschooler made it? Maybe, but your mom will think that it’s cute, and a little creative flair goes a long way in providing a meaningful Mother’s Day gift.

    Give The Gift Of The World’s Strongest And Most Comfortable Belt This Mother’s Day

    A Klik Belt may not be a handmade gift or a unique experience for your mother, but in terms of practical gifts, it’s hard to beat a Klik Belt. She’ll use this gift almost every single day due to the comfort and strength of our belts for sale, and because we make our belts with quality materials that stand the test of time, she’ll have it for many years to come. Shop here to buy one!

    From our belt company to every mom out there, we’d like to thank you for all that you do. Happy Mother’s Day!

    April 29, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
    Spring Cleaning Essentials: Is It Time For A New Belt?

    Spring Cleaning Essentials: Is It Time For A New Belt?

    If this past winter felt like an exceptionally long winter, you’re not alone in feeling this way. The end of 2018 and the first few months of 2019 certainly brought some “interesting” weather to many parts of the country, though “interesting” might be a nice way to put it. With what was dubbed as the “2019 Polar Vortex” sweeping many parts of the midwest with a wind chill factor of below -30℉ or even -40℉, it’s fair to say that most of the United States is ready for greener, warmer weather.

    Though no one knows what the rest of the spring season has in store for the U.S. in terms of weather, things are beginning to look up now that we’re already nearing May. We’re approaching the very prime of the spring season, and for many people, this means that it’s the perfect time of year to get some much-needed cleaning and reorganizing done. It’s only natural to spring clean after a long, dark season of spending most of your time indoors, after all.

    Your Source For The Best Belts Online — That’s Us!

    Now, we here at Klik Belts can’t tell you how to clean up your home or apartment, or tell you what clothes to donate versus what you should keep. That’s your business, but our business does concern your belt situation. Maybe you’ve discovered (to your chagrin) that your once-well-fitting belt is much smaller than it was before, or perhaps a long look at your closet has led you to the realization that your two leather dress belts are looking pretty beat up these days.

    6 Signs That You Need A New Belt

    You Deserve An Upgrade

    In any case, if your personal belt situation is anything less than satisfactory, then it’s time to make some upgrades. For a belt that fastens instantly and won’t come undone unless you want it to, Klik Belts can hook you up. Looking for something that’s comfortable but also super stylish? Again, Klik Belts is the answer to your belt troubles. Simply place an order, adjust your belt accordingly when it shows up, and click it tight. That’s it.

    If you’re on the fence about your belt situation, we can also help you. Keep reading below to learn more about some of the most typical tell-tale belt replacement signs and what you should be looking out for.

    Telltale Belt Replacement Signs

    You Actively Avoid Wearing Your Belt

    Here’s a major red flag. If you’re willing to let your pants sag or wear a tucked in shirt without a belt to finish your outfit, then it’s definitely time to buy a new one. Everyone should want to wear their belt; you should never actively avoid wearing your belt because it’s partially broken, uncomfortable, or looks shoddy.

    Your Belt Can’t Comfortably Support A Holster

    Klik Belts are renowned to function really, really well with gun holsters. In fact, we sell belts for gun holsters that were specifically designed with this purpose in mind. You might be able to find other strong belts online, but the truth of the matter is that these won’t hold up to the weight of a full gun holster over time. And even if your previous belt of choice does, it’s not going to do it comfortably.

    There are no sacrifices with a Klik Belt. It looks great, the materials will outlast most of the items in your wardrobe, you can wear it all day without any discomfort, and it’s designed with your holster in mind. How can your belt experience get any better than that?

    You Hate How Your Belt Looks

    You’re not alone. That crappy, forgotten $10 special at Kohl’s never really looked good to begin with, and you better believe that you’re not the only one to rush in and make a last-minute belt purchase before a big event. Even if no one gives you grief for your ugly belt, you’re bound to feel self-conscious about it.

    When you throw on a Klik Belt, the idea is to feel confident about your appearance. Though a belt won’t always make or break an outfit, it can certainly seal in the look that you’re going for.

    Your Belt Hurts You When You Wear It

    If you feel a genuine sense of relief when you get home and take off your belt after a long day at work, then you’re wearing the wrong belt. We’ve gotten feedback from customers that their old, conventional belts would poke and prod at the sides of their waist, and the part of the belt that goes into the little belt holes would even stab them. Needless to say, your belt shouldn’t feel like it’s attacking your body.

    You’ll never deal with any belt holes, poking, prodding, or stabbing with a Klik Belt. You feed it through your belt loops and click the buckle together. That. Is. It. 

    You Don’t Have The Right Color Belt To Match Your Outfits

    Don’t throw away or forgo perfectly good clothing just to work in tandem with your belt(s). Simply buy a new belt in your desired color — Klik Belts has tons of great, stylish colors to choose from.

    Upgrade To A Klik Belt This Spring. You Won’t Regret It!

    Why suffer from wearing the wrong belt? Make belt shopping part of your spring cleaning to-do list this year. For the best deals on the strongest and most comfortable belts online, don’t look any further than Klik Belts.

    Highlighting Our Brand Ambassadors That Use The World’s Strongest Belt

    Highlighting Our Brand Ambassadors That Use The World’s Strongest Belt

    In the marketing world, there’s a pretty well-understood idea that if a product or service is good enough, it should be able to sell itself. So long as a handful of customers are somehow aware that you exist, and they have a stellar experience, they’ll naturally tell others. The result? Word-of-mouth marketing that spreads like wildfire.

    Of course, with countless competing businesses in just about every industry competing for digital visibility, the reality of marketing isn’t really “word-of-mouth.” To stand out and have your customers really rave about what you’re selling, you have to provide something that absolutely blows away the competition. And to no surprise, we’re confident to say that Klik Belts makes the best belts on the market, period.

    Friends Of Klik Belts: Our Brand Ambassadors

    Our belt products are so great, in fact, that we’ve been able to establish some pretty cool relationships with our brand ambassadors over time. This collection of distinguished individuals — Klik Heroes, if you will — have a passion for living their lives to the fullest possible extent. From exploring the most rugged, remote parts of our planet’s wilderness to protecting our country through armed forces, we’re proud to partner with these inspiring humans.

    Our intention is for these ambassadors to really showcase what our belts for sale are capable of doing. It doesn’t hurt that these folks look pretty B.A. doing what they do best, but what can we say? We’re fortunate to partner with such an all-star team of people.

    Below, we’ll be bragging about each of our brand ambassadors to give our blog readers a better idea of who we’re working with. If you have any questions about these folks or you’d like to become a Klik Belts brand ambassador yourself, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or contact these people through their social media channels.

    Getting To Know The Klik Belts Brand Ambassadors

    Military And LEO Extraordinaire: Helder Gomes

    Helder, better known by the name “Coach Helder,” has longstanding roots in outdoor exploration, wilderness survival, and combat operations. Earning the rank of an Eagle Scout while in his teens, Helder embraces the values of preparedness and puts those skills to use on a daily basis through his work. A tour as an active-duty Marine only solidified these skills and values, and after a series of both mundane and life-threatening survival and combat encounters, Helder went on to found the Warrior Zero Project.

    The Warrior Zero Project aims to help injured or disabled veterans, or men in general who have reached the “over the hill” age of 40, get back in shape and live their best lives through his rigorous but effective physical conditioning program. Whether he’s out on the trail or on the job, Helder routinely wears his Klik Belt. His Pit Bull, Bruno, also enjoys wearing a Klik Collar!

    Capturing The Moment: KY Ferguson

    No stranger to adventure, KY Ferguson embraces and lives out the term “wanderlust” through his photographic pursuits. As a native of the Pacific Northwest, KY was moved by the beauty of this region, and sought to explore some of the most beautiful places on the planet. He also captures the Earth’s natural beauty through videography, though his expertise primarily lies in adventure photography.

    Firmly believing that special moments and places are meant to be captured for future generations to enjoy and appreciate, KY relies on the strength, comfort, and versatility of Klik Belts to assist his efforts out in the field. He even sees our belts as a handy tool to “MacGyver” himself out of a sticky situation, and feels more secure on his adventures while he’s wearing a Klik Belt around his waist. Visit the link above to check out his work on Instagram.

    Pursuant Of Wanderlust: Sara Owen

    Another outdoor adventure photographer, Sara Owen hails from Utah and frequently takes advantage of living in such a naturally beautiful area. Instilled with the value of outdoor appreciation at a very young age, Sara remembers her father’s usage of a camera during these early family camping trips. Quite literally following in her dad’s footsteps, Sara attempted to recreate these stunning scenes in the way that her father once did, and her passion for outdoor photography blossomed from there.

    Sara appreciates the look and functionality of Klik Belts and frequently equips herself with one before hitting the trail. She also appreciates how supportive the Klik Belts team has been of her photographic endeavors. Keep on snapping those photos, Sara!

    West Coast SWAT Operator: Richie Arnold

    It’s no secret that SWAT work is frequently dangerous, demanding, and flat-out life-threatening. Being pulled into deadly urban situations is a career and a lifestyle for full-time SWAT operator Richie Arnold, a dedicated ambassador of Klik Belts. As far as “cool” jobs go, Richie is the definition of B.A. (as his Instagram link above would suggest), and we’re incredibly thankful for Richie’s service in keeping communities along the West Coast safe and sound.

    Richie is quick to put on his Klik Belt when gearing up for SWAT operations, but also sticks to his Klik Belt for simple every day carry. He’s a big fan of our color combinations.

    Survival On Purpose Founder: Bryan Stevens

    Bryan has built a successful following on YouTube by thoroughly reviewing and testing various outdoor products. Not only does Bryan test certain products, but he also extensively covers practical topics including survival skills, camping tips, helpful bushcraft information, and other hands-on type of content.

    Bryan has a long-standing Boy Scouts background with multiple decades of experience as a Scoutmaster, and lives out these values by helping younger generations learn and appreciate the ways of outdoor survival and wilderness exploration. Part of Bryan’s YouTube success boils down to his casual, “every day Joe” approach to reviewing products and covering basic outdoor living skills, something that many folks can really appreciate.

    Bryan consistently raves about the quality of our materials and the comfort and strength that only a Klik Belt can deliver. Check out his YouTube channel link above for some great, straightforward content.

    Krav Maga Master: Ron Grobman

    Our final ambassador, Ron Grobman, is no less impressive than our other all-star ambassador members. When Ron was only 16 years old, he became the United States’ youngest certified Krav Maga instructor. Since his certification from Krav Maga Worldwide, Ron has worked hard to attain the rank of 1st sergeant in the Israeli military. He’s also served in the IDF Special Forces reconnaissance battalion as a sniper.

    No doubt a force to be reckoned with, Ron now owns a tactical training gym in Austin, Texas and happily shares his skills and passion for Krav Maga with the community. Tactical Fitness seeks to train people in the art of self-defense not only through the ways of Krav Maga, but also through extensive firearm training.

    As someone who was in search of the perfect belt that would properly support a gun holster, Ron was thrilled with Klik Belts, and we couldn’t be happier about our ambassador partnership.

    A Belt That’s Built For Anything In Life — Only A Klik Belt

    If a Klik Belt is good enough for our amazing ambassadors, then it’s surely suitable for just about anyone out there. Convinced? Find the perfect gift or the ideal belt for your lifestyle by shopping our selection of the best belts online here at Klik Belts.

    April 15, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
    Fastening Your Klik Belt: It’s About As Simple As It Gets

    Fastening Your Klik Belt: It’s About As Simple As It Gets

    Getting ready for your day isn’t always easy. In fact, for many people, getting the day started is a huge pain for them. Missed alarms, burnt coffee, and inside-out shirts are not uncommon elements of the average American midweek morning. Complaining about the drive on the way to work is also fairly standard.

    But if there’s any part of your morning routine that should be simple, streamlined, and hassle-free time after time, it’s putting on your belt. No self-respecting contributor of the American economy should have to fumble with their belt every single morning, and Klik Belts is doing our part to make your average morning just that much easier.

    Finally: A Clickable Belt That Actually Works

    How, you might be wondering? It’s all in the simplicity of a Klik Belt. With our signature COBRA® buckle system, all you have to do is feed the belt through your belt loops as normal, and then click your belt buckle together. That’s it! We’ve eliminated the need for belt holes and the poking, prodding piece of metal that goes into these holes.

    Our clickable belts for sale are so idiot-proof that we’re more than happy to equate the simplicity of fastening a Klik Belt with these actions:

    Things As Simple As Securing Your Klik Belt

    Sharpening A Pencil

    This is a “skill” that people learn when they’re in Kindergarten, perhaps even earlier in life. Using an electronic pencil sharpener involves simply sticking the pencil end into the hole of the pencil sharpener. Manual pencil sharpeners, those with a crank-type system, are actually more complicated to use than securing your Klik Belt.

    Charging Your Phone

    Take the charging cable and push the charging end into your smartphone’s charging port. There, you’ve done it. That basically requires the same motor skills that it takes to fasten your Klik Belt.

    Eating An Apple

    You take the apple, you rinse the apple, you dry the apple, and then you take bites of the apple. Watch out, though, because you’ll probably want to eat around the core. Actually, come to think of it, eating an apple is more complicated than working with your Klik Belt. Plus, you don’t have the potential of choking on your Klik Belt.

    Finding Something New To Watch On Netflix

    Scratch that; everyone knows that finding something new on Netflix that they’re willing to commit to is next to impossible. Here’s what we’ll say: tightening your Klik Belt is as easy as defaulting to The Office.

    Making A Bowl Of Cereal For Breakfast

    Technically, preparing yourself a bowl of cereal involves more steps than securing your Klik Belt. First, you have to locate a bowl, and then locate the box of cereal. Then you have to locate the milk. Then you have to open the box, pour the cereal in the bowl, and then follow up with the milk. Finally, you must find a spoon to eat it with. It’s just more complicated than working with a Klik Belt.

    Simplify Your Mornings With Our Belts That Click

    The choice is simple: choose a Klik Belt. Shop our main collection of men’s and women’s belts for sale today!

    April 10, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
    If You’re One Of These People, A Klik Belt Is Perfect For You

    If You’re One Of These People, A Klik Belt Is Perfect For You

    If only every pair of pants fit perfectly. Wouldn’t that be nice? Unfortunately, the reality of most pairs of pants is that the comfortable ones aren’t very stylish, and your good-looking pairs of pants can’t be comfortably worn for more than a few hours at a time. Even worse, there’s no way around wearing pants and avoiding this comfort versus style conundrum, unless you happen to live somewhere that’s warm year-round. Even then, shorts can present their share of problems.

    Live Life With A Klik Belt Around Your Waist

    Now, with this in mind, have you considered that the type of belt you’re wearing has a significant impact on how your pants fit around your waist? If you’ve been wearing a flimsy, weak, conventional belt for any amount of time, it’s time to give Klik Belts a try. Let’s face it; there’s simply no way around wearing a belt, so you might as well do it right and wear a comfortable yet strong belt, right?

    Our COBRA® buckle belts are designed for multiple uses. Whether or not you fit into these groups of people, at the end of the day, it pays to have a good quality belt that’s going to last the test of time.

    Here are a few groups of folks that Klik Belts were designed for:

    Military Members And Public Service Personnel

    These folks serve our country on a daily basis either behind the scenes or at the front line of duty out on deployment. From several branches of the military to firefighters, EMS personnel, and LEOs, Klik Belts are designed to withstand the wear and tear that these everyday heroes experience day-in and day-out.

    We’re proud to provide tactical belts for multiple uses, and we’ll continue to do so until the entire world is “belted!” But until then…

    A Concealed Carry Permit Owner

    If you have a concealed carry permit, then you’ll be happy to know that Klik Belts were made with gun owners in mind. Our belts are more than strong enough to support the weight of your holster in a discreet yet stylish manner.

    Active People Who Love Spending Time Outdoors

    Need to keep your sport pants comfortably suspended when you’re navigating a rocky mountain bike trail? No worries. Heading out on the Appalachian Trail for a few months and need a lightweight yet comfortable and durable belt that won’t hold you back? Klik Belts are ideal for the active person.

    Dog Owners (Seriously!)

    Thanks to Klik Collars, your pup can also get in on the action. We make strong dog collars for civilian dogs and on-duty service dogs, and as dog owners ourselves, we love to get out there and explore with man’s best friend.

    People Who Just Want A Great Belt

    Again, at the end of the day, you’re already wearing pants — why not shell out a little extra money for a belt that’s going to last the rest of your lifetime? Enjoy every day that you’re wearing belted pants with the help of a Klik Belt. Shop our main collection of belts online today to make it happen!

    April 01, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
    What Will You Do With The World’s Strongest Belt?

    What Will You Do With The World’s Strongest Belt?

    From the perspective of a human — you, for instance — the Earth is an impossibly large place. With millions of square miles of land, sea, animals, plants, architectural feats, ancient ruins, and about a billion other things to explore, it’s almost hard not to be completely overwhelmed by the vast scale of it all.

    But let’s take a quick step back from our existentialist introduction. Take a look at your belt. What are you wearing around your waist? If you’re here, then we trust that it’s a Klik Belt. If you’re still using your old, beat up belt from college, then maybe it’s time to make an upgrade that will last a lifetime. No, if you don’t have a Klik Belt, then we’re absolutely certain that you should make an upgrade.

    Why? That’s because we sell the world’s strongest belts that also happen to be the world’s most comfortable belts. We’re proud to provide the best belts online, and we’re so confident in the quality, design, and construction of our materials that we like to make this bold claim: This is the last belt that you’ll ever need to purchase. Period.

    If you want to put that claim to the test, we happily invite you to check out our 2,725 reviews (and counting). Our products really do speak for themselves, or at least, the folks that wear our belts do. And we thank those who review our products!

    Embarking On Life’s Adventures With The World’s Strongest Belt

    Below, we’re going to highlight some of the many applications/situations in which our belts are designed to outperform the competition. Keep reading for some belt-approved inspiration courtesy of our online belt store here at Klik Belts.

    Hiking A Mountain With Your Klik Belt

    Many of our customers live in scenic, rugged, mountainous areas. This provides the perfect stage for your Klik Belt to perform. Why? That’s because mountaineers and even casual day hikers need a belt that’s not just strong, but also one with a flexible (yet sturdy) strap. A flexible belt strap means that you’ll be comfortable during each step of your climb, ensuring that your belt never pokes or prods at your sides.

    Many day hikes, such as hiking a 14,000-foot peak in Colorado, often persist for hours, so it’s essential that your hiking pants are supported with a strong yet ultra-comfortable belt.

    Hunting With Your Klik Belt

    Many of our customers also use their Klik Belt as a “gun belt,” meaning that they’re using it to support their holster. We believe in the practice of responsible hunting and the use of guns for recreational purposes, and we’re proud to provide what we regard as the most comfortable holster belt on the market. Hunting trips often persist for several days, and the time spent out in the field usually lasts several hours. Whether you’re crouching for that ideal shot or scouting out a particular area, hunters enjoy their time outside more when they’re wearing a Klik Belt. Trust us.

    Riding Your Bicycle With Your Klik Belt

    Whether you’re an avid mountain biker or a city slicker road cyclist, you need a high-performance, lightweight belt to keep your pants upheld when you’re riding in cold conditions. This is especially the case for mountain bikers who frequently go from pedaling while seated to standing up on the pedals to navigate rough terrain. Our sports collection can hook you up.

    Tying The Knot With Your Klik Belt

    Though you can absolutely practice your knot-tying skills while rocking a Klik Belt, we’re actually referring to getting married...yes, in a Klik Belt! Our fashion and formal collection is dedicated to those who need an ultra-professional or clean-cut look with their slacks, but still want that all-day comfort that other belts on the market simply can’t provide.

    A long day at the office requires feeling comfortable in your clothing — while looking good — to achieve your best performance. As for your big wedding day? Well, your wedding day will be a very long day for you (albeit one of the most important days of your life, we imagine), so you’re going to want to feel comfortable when you’re all dressed up in your suit/tuxedo.

    As A Utility Strap

    Our belts are so good and so strong that you can use them in place of a ratchet strap. We can only imagine the confused and doubtful looks that our customers get when they’re in a situation where a bungee cord or ratchet strap is required, and then they suddenly take off their belt to remedy the problem. We also have to imagine that’s a moment where the strength and versatility of a Klik Belt essentially sells itself.

    On The Job

    We are beyond proud to supply the best belts for firefighters, EMS personnel, police officers, service members, and other armed force members or public servant personnel. These everyday heroes keep our country safe, and we couldn’t be more grateful for their service.

    For Your Dog

    Even your pup can get in on the Klik Belt action! Thanks to Klik Collars, your dog can enjoy the comfort, durability, and versatility that our dog collars are known for. We’re not sure if they’ll fully appreciate it, but you’ll enjoy the fact that you won’t need to replace their collar anytime soon!

    Some Things In Life Just “Click.” Get A Klik Belt Today!

    As we like to say, life is too short to wear an inferior belt. Shop our main collection today!

    March 27, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
    What Makes A Klik Belt Better Than A Regular Belt?

    What Makes A Klik Belt Better Than A Regular Belt?

    The title of this blog post is a bit of a loaded question — it’s rather difficult to answer in one sentence. If you’ve spent any time following our blog here at Klik Belts, then you’d know that there are many different features of a Klik Belt that separates it from just about any other belt on the market. Sure, you may encounter other strong belts or comfortable belts online, but we highly doubt that these other belts will “click” with you in the same way that our belts will.

    Belts That Click — That’s What We Do!

    At the end of the day, the truth about Klik Belts is that you’ll need to wear one to really experience the difference. Fortunately, if you’re still in need of the world’s strongest and most functional belt, you’re in the right place. From durable belts for formal wear to 2-ply tactical belts and belts for gun holsters, we have all of your around-the-waist needs covered!

    Not convinced yet? Continue reading below to learn more about several reasons why Klik Belts is the best choice in belts.

    Why Klik Belts Are The Way To Go

    Our Belts Are Built To Perform And Last

    Tired of dealing with thin, floppy, or flimsy belts? We were too, and that’s why we launched Klik Belts back in 2014. Each Klik Belt we make is made with high-quality parts and components including 7075 aluminum alloy, solid brass release clips, and mil-spec 1 ½” nylon webbing.

    We take great care in assembling each of our products, and you can be assured knowing that individual, handmade craftsmanship went into the belt that you’re wearing (assuming that it’s one of ours, of course!).

    All Of The Strength (With None Of The Weight)

    Klik Belts aren’t just incredibly strong and versatile, but they’re also extremely lightweight. By using our mil-spec webbing for the belt strap and 7075 aluminum alloy metal in the COBRA® buckle, you’re not wearing a belt that's going to weigh you down. What’s the point of supporting your shorts or pants if your belt is only going to push them down even further?

    A Belt For Every Style

    While it’s true that Klik Belts are intended to be very practical, they also look great. Traditional mesh webbing not cutting it for your slacks? Get a leather Klik Belt that looks even better than other formal wear belts on the market.

    We Offer Free Delivery And A 100% Money-Back Guarantee

    We know that you’ll love your Klik Belt whether it’s your first one or an addition to your arsenal of clothing support. But if you’re not completely satisfied with what’s around your waist, don’t sweat it. We’ll refund your entire purchase in the event that our belts didn’t hold up to the job at hand.

    Order Your Very Own Klik Belt Today!

    Don’t put your poor waist through any more torture by wearing a lesser belt. Instead, make the smart investment with a Klik Belt. Shop our belts online now.

    March 25, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
    A Look Into The History Of Our Favorite Clothing Item: Belts!

    A Look Into The History Of Our Favorite Clothing Item: Belts!

    Belts have reliably upheld people’s pants for countless years, acting as a practical finishing touch on an outfit and preventing countless people from having their pants getting pulled down in the name of an immature (but oh-so-hilarious) joke. Indeed, the history of belts goes back to sometime in the Bronze Age. There are signs of early belts throughout many different parts of the world, and though it would take thousands of years before the advent of Klik Belts to hit the market, you could say that we give nothing but respect to pant’s best friend.

    An Ode To Our Early Belt Ancestors

    In the next installment of our online belt blog, Klik Belts, your one-and-only source for adjustable belt buckles and aluminum buckle belts online, offers a mildly abridged history of belts. Keep reading below, and don’t forget to shop our selection of the world’s strongest and most comfortable belts. Let’s get started!

    A (Somewhat) Brief Look At The History Of The Belt

    Early Ages Of The Belt

    The first leather belts — which, to no surprise, haven’t changed that much over the course of thousands of years — were used in the Bronze Age, sometime around 3000 BC to 1050 BC. These early belts weren’t what you’d traditionally think of as a leather belt, however. Advancements in leatherworking were to come hundreds of years later, and very early belts consisted of softened tree bark and gathered cloth pieces. They were, however, traditionally placed around the waist.

    Belts Used For Self-Defense (Circa The Iliad)

    During the time of the Trojan War, which occurred during 1200-1100 BC, soldiers at that time wore three different belts (as referenced in The Iliad): the zoster, a leather girdle with decorative stones; the aorter, a weapon that belt held a sword that was thrown over the chest (similar to a sheath); and a telamon, meaning a belt that was worn over the shoulder for any purpose (generally for holding some type of item).

    Typically, these types of belts were thick enough to shield the wearer against being impaled by an arrow. At least, that’s what’s mentioned in The Iliad!

    Early Leatherworking

    While belt buckles and metal hooks were starting to be cast from bronze, and would later have a stronger, reinforced iron core, leatherworking itself also made some advancements. Leather eventually became a commodity that was valuable enough to trade for utilitarian purposes, as they were capable of carrying weaponry and other useful items.

    Before leatherworking started to really progress, stiff pieces of hide would rot in the sun. The use of animal fats eventually brought enhanced flexibility to leather, however, and aldehyde, sourced from burned leaves, has used to tan the leather. 

    Into The 1900s

    Hey, we said that this was an abridged history lesson, right? Belts being used as a fashion accessory waxed and waned throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, but made somewhat of a resurgence in the 1800s. Women would wear belts and sashes to complement their dresses, thereby helping to define their waist.

    The flapper movement of the 1920s meant that a lot of women choose long dresses over pants with belts, but the decline of suspender popularity in the 1930s once again resulted in more folks wearing belts. Buckles, as well as belt loops, were virtually nonexistent up until the 1930s. Belts used to be sealed together with knots, or even glue in certain instances. We can’t imagine that using glue or tying your belt buckle in a knot would result in a strong belt buckle!

    The 1950s And Beyond

    Though there was a distinct supply shortage during the era of World War II in the 1940s, belts were once again able to hit the mainstream scene during the relative abundance of the 1950s and 1960s. More styles of belts hit the market, such as the cinch belt, wider women’s belts, metal belts, and belts with a large buckle as the focus.

    Going into the 70s and 80s, belts saw some of the most interesting and “creative” designs to date — though it’s no secret that fashion really started to become more “bold” around this time period. The 90s saw the rise of the iconic studded belt, a rebellious look often donned by those in the punk, heavy metal, or grunge subcultures. Studded belts usually came with plastic or metal spikes.

    The Innovation Of The Clickable Belt Buckle

    While Klik Belts aren’t the only belt with a metal buckle that “clicks” in like a seat belt, we’re the only ones to make the world’s strongest belt. In 2014, Klik Belts was born, utilizing our standard 7075 aluminum alloy COBRA® buckle from our friends over at AustriAlpin. With solid brass release clips and 1 ½” nylon webbing, coupled with sleek, unisex styling, we were able to shake up the belt game in a way that no one else had.

    Though the 7075 aluminum found in every single belt buckle we use has actually been in use since the era of World War II, we still use it to this day for one good reason — it’s still one of the single strongest and most lightweight metals available. Why fix what isn’t broken, right?  

    Shop The Strongest And Most Comfortable Belt Today!

    Pay your respects to the history of belts by getting the latest and greatest in belt technology. Your pants deserve it, and you certainly owe it to yourself. Check out our men’s and women’s collections, or feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

    March 08, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
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