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Airport security checkpoints exist to keep us safe. And while safety is obviously the most important factor, going through the checkpoints can still be frustrating. Most airlines suggest getting to the airport two hours prior to when your flight is scheduled to board so that you have ample time to get through security. While it doesn’t usually take the full two hours to get through the checkpoint, it can still be quite extensive. 

In today’s blog post, we put together a list of tips that can help you get through the security checkpoint faster from suggestions like flying at less busy times and checking your bags to understanding the rules about liquids and having your paperwork ready when you approach the checkpoint.

Continue reading to learn more and if you want to make flying a bit less of a hassle and get through airport security checkpoints quicker, consider wearing a TSA-approved belt from Klik Belts. Our TSA-approved belts are free of metal and feature a polymer Cobra® belt buckle. Shop our TSA-approved belts today. 

Check Your Bag

One way to get through airport security faster is by checking your bag. Even if it’s the size of a carry-on, any bag that you bring with you through security will need to be sent through the scanner and may be subject to a search. When you check your bags, you’ll only have to send your personal item through the scanner, which is generally a bit quicker. 

Fly at Less Busy Times

Flying during the holiday season or at peak times on the weekend is going to result in longer lines at security checkpoints. Try scheduling your flight at less busy times and you’ll experience shorter lines and little to no wait time. 

Know The Rules

Before you go to the airport, make sure that you know the rules. Know what you can and cannot bring on the flight with you. If you are checking a bag, try putting all of your liquids in your checked bag. If you aren’t, make sure that they meet TSA standards for going through security checkpoints. Knowing rules about liquids and other items will make it much more likely that you will get through the checkpoint quickly and without any issues. 

Avoid Wearing Jewelry 

If you are wearing a necklace, a watch, a bracelet, earrings, or a ring, your jewelry will have to be taken off and placed into the bin when you arrive at the airport security checkpoint. If you are wearing several items, you will have to remove each one, go through the scanner, and then put your jewelry back on afterwards. If you want to get through the checkpoint quicker, try putting your jewelry into your personal item or bag and you can put it on during the flight or when you arrive at your destination. 

Have Your Paperwork Ready

When you enter the airport security checkpoint, you are required to present a form of identification and your boarding pass. If you want to get through airport security as quickly as possible, have those items in your hand when you get to the checkpoint. There are typically signs leading up the checkpoint that tell you exactly what paperwork is required. It will get you through the checkpoint faster and you’ll make life easier for the TSA employee who is scanning your documents. 

Wear Slip-on Shoes

Regardless of how prepared you are for the airport security checkpoint, you will be required to remove your shoes so they can run through the security scanner. If you wear slip-on shoes, not only will you be able to remove them and put them back on faster, but you may also be more comfortable during your flight. 

Don’t Attempt to Bring Drinks

There are several signs leading up to airport security checkpoints with instructions about bringing liquids on planes. If you have a drink, finish it before you get to the actual checkpoint. There are also typically trash cans provided in case you need to dispose of a half-finished drink. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to bring them through the security checkpoint if you don’t want to get held up. 

Wear a TSA-Approved Belt 

If you’ve ever worn a belt on your flight then you know that you have to remove and replace it every time you go through an airport security checkpoint. However, if you wear a TSA-approved belt, you can keep your belt on and save yourself some time and frustration. At Klik Belts, we offer TSA-approved tactical belts that are equipped with a polymer Cobra® belt buckle. When you choose one of our TSA-approved belts, not only will you look good, but you can walk through airport security checkpoints without having to go through the trouble of removing and replacing your belt. 

Get Through Airport Security Fast With Our TSA-Approved Belts

If you are a frequent flyer, you know how frustrating it can be to have to remove and replace your belt every single time you fly. But with our TSA-approved belts from Klik Belts, you’ll never have to remove your belt for an airport security checkpoint again. Our TSA-approved belts are completely free of metal so that you can get through security checkpoints faster and with less hassle. These belts are made from the same tough nylon as our traditional Klik Belts and still feature a Cobra® buckle, but this one is made from strong polymer. You can enjoy the same look, feel, and comfort that all of our Klik Belts provide with the added bonus of getting through airport security checkpoints faster. Shop our TSA-approved Klik Belts today.

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