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Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions With A Klik Belt

Stick To Your New Year's Resolutions With A Klik Belt

For most people, their motivation to better themselves tends to waver throughout the year. At the end of a long and hard year marked by stress, long hours at the office, and managing a crazy family life, drinking and eating unhealthy food probably sounds great during the holiday season. It’s during this time of year that we tend to forgo the gym, justify unhealthy habits, and lose track of our desire to be healthy. Then, the new year strikes.

At the turn of a new calendar year, we’re suddenly instilled with a renewed sense of motivation to excel at work, say “no” to fast food, spend more time with family members, and actually utilize that pricey gym membership on a weekly basis. Though we’re happy that many folks find the motivation to make healthy decisions at the start of each year, it makes you wonder if we’d never improve ourselves if the holidays were a year-round affair.

How A Comfortable Belt Can Help You This Year

Now, you may be wondering, “How does an online belt company like Klik Belts help people with their New Year's resolutions? Don’t most people’s resolutions burn out by February, or maybe March at best?” That’s a realistic attitude, and to that, we’d say that we’re not going to be the sole cause for healthy change in your life. Our tactical belts for sale won’t push you to visit the gym after work, and they won’t help you choose a salad for lunch. They won’t provide you with any moral guidance, or improve relations with your family.

A Belt That Works For You

What our belts can do for you, however, is provide the most comfortable and secure belt experience you’ve ever had in your entire life. Wearing a Klik Belt has been regarded by many as “the most comfortable” belt experience they’ve had to date, and our COBRA® buckle technology ensures that your belt buckle snaps into place and stays in place. You’ll even experience that characteristic and satisfying click noise that our long-time customers know and love.

Klik Belts are also designed to comfortably accommodate a fluctuating waistline. That’s right; if you’re fully committed to losing weight or trimming yourself up in preparation for the swimsuit season, you won’t need to replace your belt with a smaller one. You certainly won’t have to awkwardly poke any new holes in your belt, either, because our belts are easily adjustable down to the millimeter.

It’s On You To See Things Through, But We Can Help

So, while we can’t promise that a simple belt purchase will change your life this year, we can say this with confidence: you won’t regret buying a Klik Belt. Your new belt will instantly prove to be a practical, comfortable, and worthwhile purchase once you experience how comfortable and good-looking it is. The ease of adjustability just makes things that much better.

Follow through with this year’s resolutions with the help of a Klik Belt. Shop our women’s and men’s belts online today!

January 03, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
Improve Your Daily Life By Upgrading These Everyday Items

Improve Your Daily Life By Upgrading These Everyday Items

Struggle with a half-broken coffee maker and you’ll start your days off on a poor note. Set the dial on a faulty toaster and you’ll curse when your toast looks more like charred bread. Wrangle with a deteriorating belt and you’ll find that your pants are falling down. Are you noticing a pattern, here? Dealing with crappy items in your home only sets you up for crappy results. When you’re going to deal with these common household items every day of the week, it only makes sense to enjoy your usage.

Enjoy Life Again With The World’s Most Comfortable Belt

If you wear pants to your job or just during daily life (who doesn’t?), then you probably use a belt to keep them supported. We sincerely hope that you’re using a Klik Belt to keep them properly upheld, because if you’re not, then you’re essentially using the equivalent of a broken toaster to fasten your trousers. Why subject yourself to sub-par experience when you have total control over the situation?

Quality Items Make For Quality Experiences

Our point is that by switching out your conventional, pointy and flimsy belt with the world’s strongest and most comfortable belt, you’ll improve your life immensely. Now, you’ll actually look forward to getting ready for the day instead of dreading changing out of your pajamas. The same applies to using anything else that you typically encounter on a daily basis in your home — by investing in quality equipment that truly works, you’re bound to have a better day. That’s simple logic, but it’s also remarkably true.

For some guided inspiration, read below for a number of household items that you probably should have replaced by now. You can thank us later.

Your Toaster Oven

There’s something special and uniquely frustrating about burnt toast, bagels, or whatever else your grain of choice is. You turn the dial to 1.5 out of 6, leave to go to the other room for what you swear was just 47 seconds, and you return to the burning smell of charred carbohydrates. Thanks for nothing, half broken toaster oven.

Sure, you can find many $15-25 toaster ovens out there as returned wedding gifts, do your future self a favor and invest a little more money in a halfway decent toaster or toaster oven combo that actually evenly toasts both sides of the bread or bagel. Now, you’ll have no excuses to not eat breakfast.

Pots And Pans

Speaking of excuses, give yourself less of one to eat out by upgrading your pots and pans. A one-time investment (albeit a steep one) will leave you with cookware that, if treated with respect, will last you for decades, if not the rest of your life. Calphalon cookware is always a great choice, but there are a number of safe, non-toxic and stick-free options to choose from. Our takeaway: crappy cookware is no excuse not to cook, and nothing is more essential to cooking than a good set of pots and pans.

Decent Towels And Linens

What do you do when you get out of the shower? You instinctively reach for a towel to dry yourself off with. Instead of using your $4 Target special bath towel until it’s shredded to pieces, revel in post-shower bliss with a hotel-quality bath towel. The thicker fibers mean that it’ll last you longer than other towels, dry you off faster, and give you a reason to turn off that steaming hot water.

A Good Coffee Machine

These days, it probably seems like there are about a million different ways that you can go about getting your morning fix of caffeine. From an as-simple-as-it-gets Mr. Coffee to a full-on barista-worthy espresso machine, you can make your java experience as basic or fancy as you’d like to make it.

If the promise of freshly brewed coffee is what it takes to brush off the nightmares of pencil pushing and all-day meetings and motivate you to rise out of bed, make sure that your coffee is especially good. Invest in a coffee maker that is set to brew at a time of your choosing.

Ditch Your Manual Toothbrush

We’re not dentists, but we hope that you interact with your toothbrush every day. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with using a standard toothbrush, but since you’re taking the time to safeguard your oral health on a daily basis, why not upgrade to an electric toothbrush that’s proven to reach a greater surface area of your teeth?

You could even take it a step further and get yourself a water flosser. If you do, don’t be surprised if your hygienist is quite impressed the next time they see you. 

A New Suitcase

Okay, so maybe you don’t use your suitcase every day or even that often. However, those that travel somewhat often know the importance of having a rolling luggage container that’s spacious, well-designed, and durable — made to withstand being tossed around by baggage handlers. Even if you only travel once a year or once every couple of years, it’s more than worth your while to have a suitcase that doesn’t require duct tape to hold it up.

Upgrade Your Belt To The World’s Most Comfortable Belt

You shouldn’t have to buy pants with elastic waistbands just because your belt doesn’t fit right or is uncomfortable. Our adjustable belts for sale are as comfortable as they are durable and rugged thanks to COBRA® buckle technology. Shop Klik Belts today!

October 08, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
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