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What’s As Unsatisfying As Forgetting To Wear The World’s Strongest Belt?

What’s As Unsatisfying As Forgetting To Wear The World’s Strongest Belt?

 In all honesty, we highly doubt that you’ll forget to wear your Klik Belt once you own one. Should you forget to secure the world’s strongest belt around your trousers before you head out the front door to start your day, you’re going to notice that a few things are off: your waist weighs a little bit less than normal, your pants are starting to sag, and...well, that’s about it.

If you’ve mistakenly swapped out your Klik Belt in place of a weak, normal belt, then you’re really going to have some problems throughout the day in terms of comfort and overall strength. Seriously. But bear with us, here.

Always Remember To Wear Your Klik Belt From Our Online Belt Store

Again, if you’ve owned a Klik Belt for as long as about a week, you’re going to be so in love with how it feels and how it performs that you’re unlikely to go anywhere without it secured around your waist. But humans are often-forgetful creatures. We sleep past our alarms, forget to preset the coffee machine the night before, and hastily execute our 45-minute morning routine in about seven minutes. Your outfit tends to become an afterthought when you’re primarily concerned about making it into work not too late.

So, in a similar-but-opposite approach to this blog post where we gleefully highlighted some of the things out there that rival a Klik Belts’ ever-satisfying “click” noise when you go to fasten it, we’re going to touch on several things that may make your blood boil a little bit. We apologize in advance, but remember, this is just for your reading amusement.

What’s More Unsatisfying Than Forgetting To Wear Your Klik Belt?

Plugging In A USB Cord

Future generations will never know the pain of attempting to plug in a USB cord. You try plugging it in one way, and it doesn’t work. You try doing it the other way, and guess what? It still doesn’t work. What about flipping it back over to the original position? Suddenly, it slides in perfectly. You can’t explain how that just worked, but the USB gods are appeased enough to allow you to access the outlet.

Sure, it’s a minor inconvenience in our daily lives, but it’s unnecessarily frustrating.

Failing To Sneeze

You start to feel a sneeze coming on. Maybe it’s a photic sneeze reflex after walking outside. Whatever the cause, you’re ready to sneeze and move on with your day. But no, your pent-up sneeze has other plans that don’t involve following through.

Sure enough, your epic 30-second buildup ends up fluttering out into nothing but a slightly runny nose. How unsatisfying (with a hint of grossness).

When Automatic Doors Delay

Here’s one of the most minor but totally valid, unsatisfying things that you can encounter on a daily basis: slow automatic doors. You walk up expecting them to start opening up at a certain time, and they do, but much more slowly than you originally anticipated.

Now, you’re forced to awkwardly slow down your pace or even flat-out come to a halt if you were booking up. Now, you look like a fool at your local Target. For shame, automatic doors!

When A Tasty Snack Gets Stuck In The Vending Machine

This is more infuriating than it is plainly unsatisfying. The unsatisfying part is that the item didn’t drop down into the receiving area as it should, but the infuriating part is that you’ve inserted a couple of bucks like a fair-paying customer, only to get ripped off by a machine.

Watching The DVD Menu Screensaver

We’ve all been there. Well, maybe you haven’t spent a lot of time watching the DVD menu screensaver fail to fit right into the corner of the screen as it should, and instead, it bounces off one of the sides in one of the least-satisfying manners possible.

But if you watch it for long enough, you’ll eventually be rewarded with the sweet, sweet satisfaction that is a successful corner fit.

Firework Duds

It’s the Fourth Of July, and you’re ready to light off a series of fireworks just like the good, patriotic American that you are. The fireworks are set in a safe, open area. You excitedly light the fuse, and book it a good 40 or 50 feet away because this is a serious mortal shell right here. But you’re only going to be disappointed because the fuse fizzled out at the last moment. Lame.

When Your Phone Vibrates (Or Does It?)

You swear that your phone just vibrated. Finally! Your buddy texted you back; it’s about time. But no, you just experienced a ghost or “phantom” vibration, as some call it. There’s no true logical explanation for this phenomenon, but one thing is clear: it sure is unsatisfying.

When Your Earbuds Get Tangled Up

You can spend all of the time in the world getting your earbuds untangled and perfectly straight, but it only takes about three seconds in your pocket for them to become impossibly tangled once again. This one truly rides the line between frustrating and merely unsatisfying.

Shop The Strongest Belt For Sale (And Don’t Forget To Wear It!)

Last but not least, securing a normal belt with a traditional loop system is about as unsatisfying as things get (in our opinion, of course). But when you wear our COBRA® buckle belts, you’ll always have the sweet satisfaction of that signature “click.” Shop Klik Belts for your first belt or a back-up belt today!

Unusual But Interesting EDC Items Worth Carrying On Your Person

Unusual But Interesting EDC Items Worth Carrying On Your Person

What would an outfit without any pockets look like? Well, it would probably just look like a pocketless outfit. Clothing devoid of pockets actually isn’t all too uncommon with free-flowing dresses, tights, skirts, gym shorts, and the like. To carry anything on your person, of course, you’d have to bring along a backpack or a purse with you, which can be a minor inconvenience when you don’t want to carry anything other than what’s already on your body.

The World’s Most Comfortable Belt Can Support Anything You Carry

What we’re trying to say is that, in light of Thanksgiving recently passing, we’re just thankful for pockets and pants designed with EDC capabilities in mind. While some people are EDC minimalists and tend to simply carry their smartphone/wallet combo and keys on them, others utilize their pockets like a mobile locker.

Depending on what the demands of your day are and what you’re doing, what you carry in your pockets will likely vary. From zero weight on your thighs to stuffed pockets, know that by shopping our belts online, you’re getting a strong belt that’s designed to hold up even the most loaded-down pair of pants or shorts. Heck, our signature COBRA® belt buckles are designed to bear of a load of about 4,000 lbs. At Klik Belts, we’re pretty serious about what we make.

Of course, if you have a concealed carry permit or spend time out on open land with your handgun, there’s no better belt for holsters than a Klik Belt.

Looking for some EDC inspiration? Whether you’re just looking to shake things up in your daily item routine or you can finally afford some more weight in your pockets thanks to the strength of your new Klik Belt, read below for some practical yet niche items. Check out this blog for other EDC recommendations.

Dental Floss

How many times have you eaten out somewhere, enthusiastically enjoyed your meal, and forgot to grab a toothpick on the way out? Now, you’re with your date or headed back to work with a piece of food lodge right in between your two front teeth. That just looks bad, right?

A small container of floss is exactly that: small, lightweight, and easy to access. It’s also very useful beyond getting plaque out of your teeth, as you can replace your shoelace, create a makeshift piece of rope, utilize an impromptu fishing line, or even sew something up with it. Better yet, you’re doing so with something that smells minty fresh.

A Keychain Tape Measure

“About how long is that?” you’ve probably asked yourself before. If you tend to work in a field where measuring various items is commonplace, it only makes sense to carry even just a small tape measure on you. Sure, your smartphone probably has a built-in measuring app on it, but is it really as easy and convenient to use as an actual measuring tape? We’d say “no.”

A Few Bandaids

It’s true that carrying a full-on first aid kit wherever you go is pretty overkill, but it’s not too inconvenient to slip a couple of bandaids into your wallet. You can never predict when you’re going to get a cut, let alone when someone around you may start randomly bleeding. You’ll thank yourself for carrying a few small bandages on your person when the time actually comes to use them.

A Harmonica Or Another “Pocket Instrument”

We get it — this isn’t the 1880s, and you don’t have to walk on down to the street corner and play your harmonica in a mysterious yet intentional fashion just to pass the time. After all, we have smartphones in our pockets to keep us entertained during all hours of the day, right?

That’s true, but smartphones die. A harmonica, unless it’s chalked to the brim with dust and dirt, will never die. Harmonicas are also fairly easy and learn and play, and don’t require any extent or set up. They’re pocket-sized and ready to go. Just like…

A Set Of Playing Cards

This may be a little bit heavier than your average EDC item, but it’s certainly worth carrying if you need to kill time in an area where accessing the internet is not an option. In fact, in that situation, you’ll probably be the most popular kid on the block by possessing a deck of playing cards.

Like we said, playing cards are indeed pocket-sized (unless you have really small or tight pockets) and they’re always ready to go — all you need to do is give them a little shuffle! There’s something to be said about items that don’t need to be charged and won’t break thanks to a lack of electrical components.

Something To Fidget Around With

Any of these above items would make great objects to nervously move around in your hands as you try to navigate the social fabric of life, but if you’re a serious fidgeter, it only makes sense to have an EDC item dedicated for that specific purpose. However, know that you’re not limited to the classic Fidget Spinner.

Even a small stress ball, keys on a ring, or a yo-yo (style points!) make great everyday items to fidget around with if you’re feeling nervous or anxious.

Whatever You Carry, Our Heavy Duty Belts Are Here To Do The Job

Ultimately, your EDC regimen is completely up to you. We simply recommend that you support your EDC items the right way with the world’s most comfortable heavy duty belt. Shop our main collection of men’s belts for sale today!

November 23, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
What Happens When You Wear The Wrong Belt

What Happens When You Wear The Wrong Belt

If you’ve struggled with wearing uncomfortable, difficult to adjust, or flat-out ugly belts throughout your life, finding the perfect belt is nothing shy of a godsend. When you sport one of our belts for sale here at Klik Belts, one of the first things that you’ll notice is that it fits just right. Of course, you’ll also notice that reassuring and characteristic “clicking” sound when you secure the buckle. Trust us; it really is as satisfying as we say it is!

Men’s Work Belts Are Just The Start At Our Online Belt Store

Call us “bent on belts,” but we’re not ashamed about our obsession with properly supporting your pants. Sure, you can always opt to wear athletic shorts or pants with an elastic waist. We get it; those are comfortable clothing options. However, when it comes down to the daily grind and demands of police officers, members of our country’s military, and even hardcore outdoor enthusiasts, something like elastic waistbands simply won’t suffice.

Designed to withstand over 4,000 lbs of force and accommodate heavy items on your waist, our COBRA® belt buckles and reinforced nylon straps combine to provide the ultimate belt experience. Don’t solely take our word for it though; discover what thousands of others are saying about Klik Belts!

Here’s what happens when you wear the wrong belt.

You Can’t Get It To Adjust Right

There’s nothing quite like the steaming frustration of being forced to choose between a belt hole that’s too loose, and one that’s too tight. That’s the problem with pre-drilled belt holes; you’re either going to suffocate your waist and make your hips sore or have your pants sag (and make yourself an easy target to get your pants pulled down by your immature friend).

Our women’s and men’s belts for sale are one of the only belts you’ll ever come across that are truly adjustable and customizable. No matter how tight or loose your Klik Belt is adjusted, our belt buckle will always snap tight securely without any problems. That means you’ll always have the perfect fit!

Your Belt Constantly Pokes Into You

On most conventional belt designs, you’ll notice that little piece that goes into each belt hole before the strap itself goes through the buckle. You’ve probably already noticed it, though, because these things are prone to stabbing the belt wearer. As you can imagine, the thought of this makes us cringe because this is a problem that you just don’t have to deal with when you wear one of our nylon strap adjustable belts.

It’s Wearing Down Way Too Quickly

You were in a pinch, so you purchased a $15 “leather” belt from Kohl’s. Did it work just fine for the wedding that you had to attend just two hours after the initial purchase? Sure it did. Did it hold up OK in the weeks following the wedding? Probably. Is it going to hold up to everyday wear and tear over the course of months or years? Absolutely not.

Cheap materials lead to cheap products and poor longevity. That’s not the way we do things at Klik Belts — most of our customers receive a lifelong product whether they choose our 1 ply regular belts or 2 ply tactical belts. It’s a shame that otherwise great-looking belts deteriorate so quickly, because a fraying belt just looks bad.

It Can’t Hold The Weight Of...Well, Just About Anything

If you’re a true dad, then you’ll need to carry your cell phone in a holster for reasons that only dads know. We can’t necessarily uncover this paternal secret, but what we can tell you is that your average, cheap belt isn’t going to like the weight of your phone + holster. It’s going to cause your belt to be uneven, shifting the weight to one side of your hips and ultimately proving to be very uncomfortable.

That’s just a cell phone holder, too. We’re not even considering the weight of heavier items like a handgun, handcuffs (they’re a lot heavier than you might imagine!), a tactical flashlight, and so forth. Klik Belts are designed to support the weight of these heavy items in a balanced and secure manner. In other words, you can trust that your heavy duty belt will remain in the same uptight position no matter what you put on it.

It Looks Cheap And Ugly

We’ll be candid yet again: some belts just look...terrible. They take away from an otherwise decent and stylish look, which is an issue considering that people are likely to notice your belt when your shirt is tucked in. Looking professional and being taken seriously is important if your job is to uphold the law.

Just looking sharp in general is important for everyday life and career advancement, and we’re confident that our belts are just as stylish and sleek as they are rugged and durable. Check out our fashion and formal collection for yourself!

It Doesn’t Support Your Pants

Some belts are so cheap or worn down that they actually fail to do the one thing they’re designed for: keeping your trousers secured. Klik Belts are obviously capable of so much more than this, but above all else, you can trust that we’ll keep your pants where they need to be.

Shop Klik Belts Today!

Belts can be fashionable, durable, strong, comfortable, and easy to adjust — all you have to do is choose a Klik Belt. Kiss your past frustrations with conventional belts goodbye and shop our comprehensive selection of belts online.

November 02, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
Why Do We Keep Uncomfortable And Unused Clothing Around?

Why Do We Keep Uncomfortable And Unused Clothing Around?

If you have an overflowing closet full of jackets, t-shirts, sweatpants, slacks, and collared shirts a-plenty, but you tend to wear the same shorts and shirt combo multiple times a week, you’re not alone. It seems that many people tend to hoard countless unused clothing items that only take up space. Well, maybe it isn’t so much that people are intentionally hoarding them, but once your wardrobe reaches a certain point, hoarding is what it begins to look like.

It’s time that you had an item in your clothing repertoire that you use on a daily basis. Better yet, it’s time to own a durable, handmade item that you’re excited to use because it’s so comfortable, functional, and stylish. You guessed it: it’s time to own a Kilk Belt!

Look No Further Than Us For The Best Men’s Belts

We offer the best belts for men (as well as the best belts for women!) in many different sizes, colors, and applications. Like you, we got tired of sharp, poking, and prodding leather belts that just degrade and wear down after only a few month’s use. That’s no way to support your trousers, is it? So, we decided to take matters onto our own waists and that’s why you’re now on our online belt store. Welcome to the most comfortable and supportive belt experience of your entire life!

It’s a shame that random clothing items go unused, and to help our blog readers get more practical use out of their wardrobe, we’re going to take a look at exactly why we don’t tend to utilize what we own. Questions? Reach out to our friendly team here. Let’s get started!

They’re Uncomfortable

When it comes down to it, comfort — or lack thereof in conventional belts — is largely what drove us to make the best belts online. Sure, superior functionality and the ability to withstand hardcore wear and tear were also contributing factors to the development of Kilk Belts, but there’s no doubt that people praise our belts for being soft and comfortable.

While belts left a lot to be desired in the world of comfort, it’s not like other types of clothing are much better. Take pants, for example. Why don’t more companies use stretchy or softer materials so that they don’t feel as tight and restrictive on the legs? Shoes, as another example, tend to lack in cushioning and support unless you’re wearing a pair of running shoes. What’s wrong with a pair of sleek dress shoes that has a decent layer of high-quality cushioning at the bottom?

Creating something wearable that’s as comfortable as it is functional isn’t rocket science. After all, we did it! At the end of the day, our goal here at Kilk Belts is for you to forget that you’re even wearing a belt because it feels so comfortable. Gone are the days of the dreaded “belt pokes!”

You Keep “Just In Case” Clothing Around

There’s nothing wrong with a nice stash of emergency clothing in the event that laundromats suddenly become illegal for no good reason. However, when you accumulate a number of clothing items over the years that you “intend” to use, you’re going to have an unorganized mess of garments that you’re just not going to wear on a weekly basis.

In reality, you could donate at least half of your wardrobe that isn’t worn on a weekly basis and still have plenty of clothes that you’ll practically never wear. Sure, it’s good to rest assured knowing that you have some extra clothing in the event of an emergency, but there’s only so much that you really need.

There’s Too Much Sentimental Value

After years of wear, that favorite knit sweater of yours from your Grandma probably means a lot to you. It’s beat up beyond repair, but it just feels wrong to throw it out and donation centers might not even accept its current condition. We get it!

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but the natural clothes cycle means that new items are born into your wardrobe and old ones must eventually die. Don’t worry; we’re confident that it means the world to your grandma that you actually got proper use out of that sweater instead of letting it collect dust in the recesses of your closet. If you really can’t get rid of something, consider incorporating some of the material into a knit blanket or quilt.

It Was A Gift

What your friend doesn’t know isn’t going to hurt them, but there’s a chance that they might find out that you’re trashing the tye-dye shirt they legitimately thought was a great present. It’s not an easy situation to find yourself in, and we totally understand that it’s probably just easier to let it sit on the floor and not deal with it.

Just like the sweater that your grandma knitted you, however, we’d posit that your friend would be happier if that groovy shirt actually got some use. There are plenty of funky folks out there and we’re confident that they’d love your friend’s shirt.

Shop Kilk Belts For Something That You’ll Actually Use!

We’re excited to provide the best, most comfortable, and most stylish men’s belts online. We truly think that people can’t wait to secure their pants in the morning with the trusted help of our COBRA® Belt Buckles, and our customers agree. Shop our main collection today!

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Should You Get A 1 Ply or 2 Ply Belt?

Should You Get A 1 Ply or 2 Ply Belt?

Here’s the ideal answer: get both. Of course, if you’re facing the decision to choose either one or the other, then that’s not very helpful. Here at Klik Belts, we’ve received a number of questions regarding the versatility and utility of our 1 ply regular belts as well as our 2 ply tactical belts — so much so, in fact, that it’s one of our frequently asked questions. Our FAQ page is full of many great questions and even greater answers, so if you’d like to learn more about our products, we highly recommend spending some time over there!

Regardless Of Your Preference, Choose Klik Belts

Ultimately, like many decisions involving one product over the other, your choice comes down to what you’re going to use your Klik Belt for. In today’s blog post, your source for the best heavy duty belts online is going to take a brief look at our 1 ply belts and 2 ply belts for sale. If you have any questions that our trusty FAQ page can’t answer, don’t fret. Simply contact our team and we’ll be happy to chat with you.

Are You An Everyday Belt Wearer?

There are three types of pant wearers: those who religiously throw on our belt, those who opt for stretch-fit pants now and then, and those who don’t mind dealing with loose, saggy trousers. Perhaps the latter group hasn’t experienced the comfort, simplicity, and rugged versatility of a Klik Belt.

If you’re simply looking for an everyday belt that’s going to comfortably support your pants and provide unparalleled adjustability, our 1 ply regular belts will do the job just fine. Our single ply nylon is more durable and pliable than you might think! From outdoor adventurers to workaholics, this is the ideal all-purpose, everyday belt.

Do You Carry Heavy Gear On Your Waist?

Our 2 ply tactical belts are more than able to handle casual wear, but if you routinely carry just about any amount of weight on your person — specifically, your waist — then our 2 ply tactical belts are the way to go. They’re specifically designed with law enforcement officials, military members, SWAT, and special ops forces in mind.

Though our standard nylon is built to withstand the most strenuous conditions, we recommend going with our tactical belts to handle more weight. They’re more rigid, featuring an outer ply with 1 ½” high-strength nylon and an inner ply with a proprietary webbing system. Better yet, they’re also triple stitched to ensure that nothing ever comes undone.

For those dedicated to keeping the United States free and safe, our 2 ply tactical belts are the only true way to go.

Do You Wear A Holster?

Chances are, if you wear heavy gear on your waist, that probably includes a holster and handgun. However, in America, you don’t have to be a law enforcement officer or military member just so carry a gun on your person. There are many law-abiding citizens who rightfully have a handgun on them with a concealed carry solution. While our 1 ply belt can certainly handle the weight of your handgun, our 2 ply tactical belts are specifically designed for it.  

So, if you routinely concealed carry or live out on a large plot of private land and carry a handgun for recreational or defense-based purposes, Klik Belts highly recommends our tactical belts for sale.

Are You Willing To Spend A Little More?

You might think that we’re charging quite a lot for a simple belt, but when you consider the fact that we sell the most comfortable, easily adjustable, and strongest load-bearing belts on the planet, you’re facing unmatched value. This initial investment will last you a lifetime and we’re confident that it’ll pay itself off after a few months of use!

Our 2 ply tactical belts do cost a little more than our standard 1 ply belts, but if you’re a heavy-duty belt user, trust us: it’s worth it.

Shop Our Selection Of Heavy Duty Holster Belts Online Today

Whether you’re protecting the public or you simply need a reliable belt for everyday wear, Klik Belts is the answer. Shop our main collection today or feel free to check out what people have been saying about our products here.

September 07, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
We Make It Easy to Buy the Best Men’s Belts Online

We Make It Easy to Buy the Best Men’s Belts Online

Ordering belts online can be a big challenge. How often have you placed an order only to realize that your belt is too small thanks to the fact that the belt’s sizing doesn’t work the same way that the sizing on your pants does? It’s this gamble that often makes buying a belt online a no-go.

Unfortunately, that means that many people are left with whatever they can get locally. That’s a bit of a gamble as well. It might be slightly easier to find a belt that fits right, but often times, the quality just isn’t quite up to par and these belts end up falling apart much more quickly than they should.

What’s the solution, you ask? Klik Belts to the rescue. Our belts have been designed with all of these issues in mind and the end result is the best men’s belt on the planet. But what makes them so great? Keep reading to find out!

What Makes a Klik Belt a Klik Belt?

High Quality

First and foremost, we knew that we wanted to create a men’s belt that would stand the test of time. We too were sick of purchasing a belt only to have it fall apart. We decided that our belts should be made using high quality materials that were made to last. That’s why we offer a variety of different option for our customers.

Our belts are available in multiple plies to ensure that no matter the application, you can find the perfect solution that looks, feels, and fits great! It doesn’t get much better than that.

We use mil-spec nylon webbing and Cobra buckles for our belts, ensuring that they hold up to whatever you can throw at them in your daily life. Speaking of which...


Along with high quality comes dependability. After all, it’s impossible for a belt that’s built to such high standards of quality to not be dependable. That means that whether you are wearing a Klik Belt with a pair of khakis for a date night with your special someone or with a pair of jeans on the construction site, you can rest assured that it’s going to hold up to your daily routine.

It takes a massive amount of force to break a Klik Belt and we’re pretty confident that you won’t be able to do that, but the good news is that if you do experience an issue with one of our belts, all you have to do is reach out to us. We’ll be sure to get it taken care of for you with top-notch customer service.


We touched on this above, but it bears repeating. We offer a great selection of belts. From 1.5” 1-ply belts to 1.75” duty belts to leather gun belts, we have them all. We offer military-approved colors for those who are serving their country, but we also offer many of our belts in different belt and buckle color combinations ensuring that no matter the situation, you can find a belt that works well for you.

Whether you’re heading out for a camping trip and want a navy blue belt or you’re dressing up for work and you need a black belt, you’ll find them--and everything in between--here at Klik Belts. We even offer dog collars that are built to the same high quality standards so you can take great care of man’s best friend. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Order Yours Today

No matter what you’re in the market for, you’ll find it here at Klik Belts. Our belts are designed to work in a number of different situations, so no matter what it is that you’re gearing up for, you won’t be let down with a Klik Belt. Designed to look great and stand the test of time, each of our high quality belts is heavy duty. Perhaps best of all, they’re made right here in the United States of America.

Take a look around and place your order today because you’re sure to find the perfect belt for your occasion. Ordering belts online has never been easier thanks to the team at Klik Belts!

A Few Great Reviews of Our Heavy Duty Belts

A Few Great Reviews of Our Heavy Duty Belts

Buying belts online is often seen as a gamble. What if you get it and it doesn’t fit right? What happens when it doesn’t arrive as advertised? How are you supposed to know if what you’re getting is actually a decent product?

At Klik Belts, we do our best to alleviate those concerns. It’s why we have a 4.9 star rating on Facebook that’s based on the thoughts of dozens of reviewers. It’s why each belt on our website is supplemented at the bottom with reviews of what real people think about our products. It’s a number of YouTubers have taken the time to share their thoughts about our belts in vlogs.

A Few Of Our Favorites

It’s also why, from time to time, we like to share a few of our favorite recent reviews with our readers. Perhaps you’ve just discovered our website for the first time and you’d like to know a bit more about our company. We make it easy to learn about us or see the questions we get asked on a regular basis. Sometimes, however, we like to highlight reviews from other websites.

Spotter Up

Spotter Up was kind enough to do a review towards the end of last year that goes into depth about Klik Belts. The author of the article, Michael Kurcina, notes that our heavy duty belts “have a high tensile strength, are pliable yet strong and stay rigid yet comfortable when it is worn around the waist.”

In another article, Kurcina covers how to choose a good rigger’s belt and provides a great overview of what exactly that means. He goes on to mention that Klik Belts “not only provide the cool factor but they are useful for those looking for an added layer of safety and functionality beyond what traditional men’s utility or dress belts offer” when it comes to a rigger’s belt.

Thanks so much for your kind words and your excellent review, Michael. We really appreciate it!

The Truth About Guns

Jeremy over at The Truth About Guns recently took the time to write a little bit about our belts and how he recently discovered our headquarters is just down the road from his house. (It was wonderful meeting you by the way, Jeremy!)

Here’s what he had to say:

“Like a fine double action trigger, there’s a smooth rolling resistance ahead of a clean and sudden click, which is both audible and tactile. I realize this is nerdy, but the satisfaction of clicking a Cobra buckle together is one of the reasons people like them.”

He also notes that he has “been extremely happy with my Klik Belt and it has become my new EDC belt of choice” and that “it hits the nail on the head with that perfect balance of stiffness and flexibility.”

Thanks for the kind words, Jeremy, and we hope you’re still loving your Klik Belt!

A Few Recent Klik Belt Reviews From Our Website

Of course we also like to highlight some of the great things people are saying right here on our website. As we mentioned above, each of our products contains its own review page, giving buyers the opportunity to share their mind. Here are a few of our recent favorites:

“Very good! Nice Belt! Cobra buckle and belt webbing are great, and not too heavy to wear. Buckle is 'solid' ands clicks closed nicely. Fit through belt loops fine. Much Thanks!” - David

“I've been using this belt for the past 3 weeks and it's the most comfortable belt ever. With the traditional leather belt, it was either too tight or too loose because of the spacing of the holes. With the Klik belt I can adjust to my exact size every time. I wish I had this much sooner. Now my wife wants one.” - Anonymous

“I had been trying to order a belt like this from others for months; never had luck. Great quality, selection, and extremely fast shipping. All of those big name “tactical” companies couldn’t hold a candle. Only negative is; you will want another and another! I can go on it; it will make your day. Oh yeah, made in USA too.” - Turk

“Black with black buckle, second belt from Klik Belts. Fantastic belt and more than wonderful customer service. 5 star plus all day long. For the price best belt on the market. Thanks Klik Belt” - Anonymous

Place Your Order Today

At Klik Belts, there’s nothing we love more than making it easy to buy belts online. Check out our other reviews. See what people are saying on YouTube. Gather as much information as you’d like, because the overwhelming majority of people absolutely love their Klik Belts!

Why not order one today and see what you think for yourself? Be sure to let us know with a review of your own!

The Best Belts in the World Are Made in the USA

The Best Belts in the World Are Made in the USA

If current trends keep heading the way they’ve been heading, we’re moving towards more and more items that are made right here in the United States. From holsters and firearms to jackets and bags to one of the most American classics of all time--denim blue jeans--we’re seeing more and more business owners who find value in producing their goods in factories that they can keep an eye on instead of shipping production overseas to be made cheaply and save a few bucks.

It’s a truly wonderful thing to be able to take pride in providing Americans with jobs and make high quality products whose purpose it is to stand the test of time. We think that we make the best men’s belts in the world and we’re proud to say that we’re doing it right here. And in the spirit of the Fourth of July, we wanted to highlight a few other companies who are going above to do things the right way.

In fact, in one of our recent blogs, we highlighted a few of the brands that we enjoy including Filson, Flint and Tinder, and Fierce Defender and in today’s blog we’d like to provide you with a few more made in America options we think you’ll enjoy. Keep reading to learn more!

Celebrating Items Made in the USA is Never a Bad Thing!


For many years, Levi’s 501s were the gold standard of blue jeans. Heck, Levi Strauss created the first blue jeans in America almost 125 years ago! Unfortunately a majority of their products are now made cheaply overseas. Luckily for you, high quality American made jeans have never been easier to find!

The team at Tellason has been in the game for a number of years now making raw denim that’s as good as anything out there. Using denim from the Cone Mills White Oak plant in North Carolina, they've recently released a line called Tellason Stock for those who don’t care about terms like “vintage shuttle loom” or “selvedge edges” but who still want the best denim at an affordable price. You can count on great quality and even better fits from Tellason, and it’s all made in the USA.

Offerman Woodshop

Known for his role as Ron Swanson on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, Nick Offerman is a man’s man. In addition to portraying one of the best characters in television history, Offerman is also an incredibly skilled woodworker who has assembled a talented team to do work in his woodshop.

The result is that Offerman Woodshop offers people the ability to buy incredible works of art that are made right in their shop in Los Angeles. Whether you prefer to purchase one of their meat paddles, a set of whiskey coasters, a spokeshave kit (in order to do a bit of making of your own here in the USA), or even a live edge slab coffee table, you can rest assured that you’re getting a quality product made by a team who is passionate about making things the right way here in the States.

Ebbets Field Flannels

If you frequently find yourself thinking that they don’t make things like they used to, then Ebbets Field Flannels are for you. With a wide selection of vintage authentic ballcaps celebrating everything from minor league and Negro Leagues teams to old school Grounds Crew Jackets to Authentic Hockey Sweaters, we think you’ll find that this is one case where they’re actually making them better than they used to.

Whether you have a favorite vintage team or simply enjoy the idea of owning items that are made using high quality materials in the USA, we think that Ebbets Field Flannels is worth looking into. Their commitment to handcrafted quality is inspiring and their attention to detail in researching old teams is a testament to chasing a lifelong passion and seeing things through. You’re sure to find a thing or two that makes sense to add to your wardrobe when you see everything that Ebbets has to offer.

Order One of the Best Men’s Belts in the World Today

Of course the team at Klik Belts is also committed to making belts in America. That’s right, the world’s strongest belt is made by our team so we can oversee every aspect of production, ensuring that our customers get belts that are made to last a lifetime and won’t let them down no matter what they’re up against. It’s as simple as that.

The only thing that isn’t made in the USA is our genuine Cobra buckle which is made to the highest possible quality standards in Austria (and has been for a long time). Hey, if it’s good enough for the military, it’s good enough for us. Either way, you can rest assured that what you’re getting is the best of the best, built to stand the test of time and look darned good doing it.

We used top quality materials in order to ensure that your belt never fails you. In fact, we’re pretty confident that this is the last belt you’ll ever buy. Unless, that is, you decide you need another color of Klik Belt. So what are you waiting for? If a great product that’s made in the USA is as important to you as it is today, go ahead and place your order, resting assured that we’ll get it to you quickly with some of the fastest shipping times in the industry.

3 Qualities That the Best Men’s Belts Must Have

3 Qualities That the Best Men’s Belts Must Have

If you’re new to the world of Klik Belts, first of all, welcome aboard! We’re striving to make the best men’s belts on the planet. How do we do that, you ask? Luckily for you, that’s the topic of today’s blog.

Our goal is to make the most comfortable belt that also works for people no matter how they spend their days. Work in an office? How about in construction? Maybe in law enforcement? This belt is for you. Going camping? Carry a firearm with you on a daily basis? Need a belt that goes with everything? You’ll find it all in a Klik Belt. Keep reading to learn more!

What Do the Best Belts for Men Have to Have?


Different men require different colored belts. Whether you have to wear a uniform for your job or follow a dress code, you’ll find that Klik Belts come in a variety of colors that work no matter what your style looks like. Our colors are all subtle enough that they don’t stand out, but classic enough that they help to tie your whole look together. Whether you prefer black, coyote, olive, or grey, we have you covered. Choose a buckle that you think looks good and you’re all set! It’s as simple as that.


So now that we’ve covered the fact that our belts come in a number of different colors, we also have to talk about how durable they are. We believe that we’re making the best men’s belts because they can take a licking and keep on klicking. As a matter of fact, they’re able to withstand a shocking amount of force. That means that no matter what you subject your Klik Belt to, it’s likely to come out the other side completely unscathed. Could you say the same thing for a cheap leather belt? Probably not.


We touched on this point above, but one of our favorite things about Klik Belts is just how versatile they are. Need to keep it casual with a pair of jeans and a t shirt? A Klik Belt is the answer. Wearing a suit and tie? Your Klik Belt will fit in just fine. Going camping for the weekend? A Klik Belt is the perfect answer because it’s tough enough to handle camping but comfortable enough to wear while you’re relaxing around the fire.

Order Your Klik Belt Today

No matter what you’re looking for in a belt, you’ll find it here. From its incredible strength to its enduring comfort to the variety of colors, you’re sure to find a Klik Belt that’s perfect for you.

We know that every man is different and that’s why we offer our belts in a number of different options to suit you no matter what your needs are. As matter of fact, we’ve even started making collars for man’s best friend that your pup can enjoy the same high quality as our belts. So what are you waiting for? Order your Klik Belt today!

Looking for a High Quality Belt?

Looking for a High Quality Belt?

Finding a high quality belt can be a huge challenge. This is doubly true if your search is limited to whatever stores are in your area. It doesn’t matter if you live in a small town in the middle of nowhere or a massive city with plenty of shopping facilities on every corner. The fact remains that many people out there have a hard time finding quality belts that last more than a few months at a time.

For a long time, the gold standard for belts was one that was made out of high quality leather. We’re not talking about “genuine leather,” which, by the way, is about the least genuine term we can think of to describe a product that’s made out of scraps of leather dust and glue. “Practically cardboard” might be a better way to describe a product like that.

Why Leather Belts Don't Quite Do the Trick

But let’s assume that you’ve found a leather belt that’s actually made using quality leather and was built by someone who cares about making a great belt. Even then you’re going to deal with a belt where you can choose from a number of holes that are drilled at about an inch apart. What are you supposed to do if your waist size doesn’t correspond with the pre-drilled holes? Best case scenario is that you have a belt that fits sometimes. Put on a few pounds? Lose a bit of weight? Your belt’s not going to fit right.

You see, even the best leather belts stretch out over time, rendering them potentially unhelpful at the one thing they were designed to do--hold your pants up. They also (as you’ve probably noticed if you can get one to last long enough) stretch out awkwardly. What we mean by that is that you bought a belt that was perfectly even and over time, based on the fact that you stand and sit throughout the day and move around quite a bit, have lost its shape.

Klik Belts Are Different

One of the best things about our high quality belts is that not only are they fully adjustable so you can be sure that you always get the right fit, they’re also made of high quality materials. From the heavy duty buckles to the sturdy and durable military spec nylon webbing, we know how to make a belt that can stand up to whatever comes your way.

We’re committed to making a product that works day in and day out for people in various professions. Not all people are the same, but regardless of what their lives look like, they should have a belt that’s made to last. As a matter of fact, we can confidently say that if you bought a Klik Belt today and you never wanted to buy another belt again in your life that the Klik Belt would stand the test of time.

If you’d like to order a heavy duty belt that’s been built to last--one that won’t stretch or lost its shape--look no further. Order a Klik Belt today!

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