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What’s As Unsatisfying As Forgetting To Wear The World’s Strongest Belt?

What’s As Unsatisfying As Forgetting To Wear The World’s Strongest Belt?

 In all honesty, we highly doubt that you’ll forget to wear your Klik Belt once you own one. Should you forget to secure the world’s strongest belt around your trousers before you head out the front door to start your day, you’re going to notice that a few things are off: your waist weighs a little bit less than normal, your pants are starting to sag, and...well, that’s about it.

If you’ve mistakenly swapped out your Klik Belt in place of a weak, normal belt, then you’re really going to have some problems throughout the day in terms of comfort and overall strength. Seriously. But bear with us, here.

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Again, if you’ve owned a Klik Belt for as long as about a week, you’re going to be so in love with how it feels and how it performs that you’re unlikely to go anywhere without it secured around your waist. But humans are often-forgetful creatures. We sleep past our alarms, forget to preset the coffee machine the night before, and hastily execute our 45-minute morning routine in about seven minutes. Your outfit tends to become an afterthought when you’re primarily concerned about making it into work not too late.

So, in a similar-but-opposite approach to this blog post where we gleefully highlighted some of the things out there that rival a Klik Belts’ ever-satisfying “click” noise when you go to fasten it, we’re going to touch on several things that may make your blood boil a little bit. We apologize in advance, but remember, this is just for your reading amusement.

What’s More Unsatisfying Than Forgetting To Wear Your Klik Belt?

Plugging In A USB Cord

Future generations will never know the pain of attempting to plug in a USB cord. You try plugging it in one way, and it doesn’t work. You try doing it the other way, and guess what? It still doesn’t work. What about flipping it back over to the original position? Suddenly, it slides in perfectly. You can’t explain how that just worked, but the USB gods are appeased enough to allow you to access the outlet.

Sure, it’s a minor inconvenience in our daily lives, but it’s unnecessarily frustrating.

Failing To Sneeze

You start to feel a sneeze coming on. Maybe it’s a photic sneeze reflex after walking outside. Whatever the cause, you’re ready to sneeze and move on with your day. But no, your pent-up sneeze has other plans that don’t involve following through.

Sure enough, your epic 30-second buildup ends up fluttering out into nothing but a slightly runny nose. How unsatisfying (with a hint of grossness).

When Automatic Doors Delay

Here’s one of the most minor but totally valid, unsatisfying things that you can encounter on a daily basis: slow automatic doors. You walk up expecting them to start opening up at a certain time, and they do, but much more slowly than you originally anticipated.

Now, you’re forced to awkwardly slow down your pace or even flat-out come to a halt if you were booking up. Now, you look like a fool at your local Target. For shame, automatic doors!

When A Tasty Snack Gets Stuck In The Vending Machine

This is more infuriating than it is plainly unsatisfying. The unsatisfying part is that the item didn’t drop down into the receiving area as it should, but the infuriating part is that you’ve inserted a couple of bucks like a fair-paying customer, only to get ripped off by a machine.

Watching The DVD Menu Screensaver

We’ve all been there. Well, maybe you haven’t spent a lot of time watching the DVD menu screensaver fail to fit right into the corner of the screen as it should, and instead, it bounces off one of the sides in one of the least-satisfying manners possible.

But if you watch it for long enough, you’ll eventually be rewarded with the sweet, sweet satisfaction that is a successful corner fit.

Firework Duds

It’s the Fourth Of July, and you’re ready to light off a series of fireworks just like the good, patriotic American that you are. The fireworks are set in a safe, open area. You excitedly light the fuse, and book it a good 40 or 50 feet away because this is a serious mortal shell right here. But you’re only going to be disappointed because the fuse fizzled out at the last moment. Lame.

When Your Phone Vibrates (Or Does It?)

You swear that your phone just vibrated. Finally! Your buddy texted you back; it’s about time. But no, you just experienced a ghost or “phantom” vibration, as some call it. There’s no true logical explanation for this phenomenon, but one thing is clear: it sure is unsatisfying.

When Your Earbuds Get Tangled Up

You can spend all of the time in the world getting your earbuds untangled and perfectly straight, but it only takes about three seconds in your pocket for them to become impossibly tangled once again. This one truly rides the line between frustrating and merely unsatisfying.

Shop The Strongest Belt For Sale (And Don’t Forget To Wear It!)

Last but not least, securing a normal belt with a traditional loop system is about as unsatisfying as things get (in our opinion, of course). But when you wear our COBRA® buckle belts, you’ll always have the sweet satisfaction of that signature “click.” Shop Klik Belts for your first belt or a back-up belt today!

Whats as satisfying as a klik belt click

What’s As Satisfying As A Klik Belt “Click”?

Simply put, not many things are as oddly satisfying and reassuring as that characteristic clicking noise when you secure your Klik Belt. Maybe we’re tooting our horns a little bit on this matter, but it’s true, and our customers agree. The sound of a Klik Belt clicking truly is the real deal.

The Belt Without Holes That You’re Going To Love Wearing

We’re not sure how to put our collective fingers on it, but there are many sounds, sensations, and actions people live out every day that are just...satisfying. Like putting the last piece in a puzzle to mowing that very last strip of your lawn, these types of things just make us feel inexplicably good. Even the website has a forum known as Oddly Satisfying, an entire community dedicated to things like this. We’re fans.

Whether you’re interested in a gun holster belt, a formal belt for an upcoming wedding, a tactical belt for sale, or a leather belt, the result will be the same: a comfortable, durable, and long-lasting belt that fastens together with that signature click. Not sure what belt is the best option for you? Let us help!

For your reading interest, let’s take a look at a number of things that are strangely but undeniably (and appropriately) satisfying.

That First Scoop In a Jar Of Peanut Butter

After you’ve eagerly peeled back the lid of your preferred peanut butter of choice, you’re left with a beautiful sight: an untarnished, perfectly even layer of sweet, savory, peanutty-goodness. What’s even more satisfying than this even layer is ruining it by softly digging in with a spoon.

Pro-tip for our fellow PB lovers out there: Spoon out half the peanut butter on one side of the container, and leave the other half untouched by utensils so that you can directly dip fruits and vegetables into it. Boom!

Timing A Traffic Light Perfectly

All too often, drivers tend to waste unnecessary fuel by accelerating up to a red light, only to waste more fuel by putting on the brakes and coming to a complete stop...only to begin accelerating once the light turns green again. Even these hasty drivers luck out once and a while when the light turns green before they begin to break.

Peeling Protective Plastic Off Of Brand New Products

Remember when you were in preschool and the hip thing to do was to take Elmer’s glue to have it dry out on your hands and fingers, only to peel it off in an oh-so-satisfying manner? No? Okay, maybe we’re a little bit strange, but the satisfying sentiment remains.

Really, we’re not the only ones who find a little giddy satisfaction in peeling off protective plastic — there’s another area of Reddit that’s also dedicated to peeling off thin plastic coatings.

Pumping Gas And Stopping At A Whole Number

It’s rare that you put a few gallons, or even top your tank, from a gas pump that displays something like “20.00” or “40.00” after you’re done. You can try to time it perfectly yourself, though you’ll usually come a few cents shy from a whole number, or exceed it.

Bonus points if you put down the hold lever on the pump and left it pumping, only to come back to a perfect number. Even more bonus points when the amount spent and the amount of gas pumped both result in whole numbers.

Reaching The Exact Character Count

This one is primarily directed toward our Twitter users out there, but there’s just something especially satisfying about composing a tweet, only to end at exactly 140 characters or 160 characters. Well, it’s 280 characters these days, but either way, when you put a period at the end of an impromptu tweet and you’re now fresh out of characters, it feels pretty dang good.

Popping Bubble Wrap

This is a classic one. We’ve all been there — whether we were doing it as a young child or as a grown adult (ahem, we’re still guilty of this), the feeling of popping each individual bubble is just about as satisfying as the click of a Klik Belt...almost.

The First Time You Squeeze Out A Little Toothpaste

Opening and using any brand new product feels pretty good, but there’s something entirely special about unscrewing your tube of toothpaste and delivering that first squeeze.

When a Broom Or Vacuum Cleaner Fits Perfectly In A Corner

Don’t lie and tell us that it’s not at least a little bit remarkable when you’re on a cleaning spree and you go to vacuum or sweep a room, only to find that it fits juuuuuust right. Heck, sometimes it’s picture-worthy.

That Noise When You Pop Open A Carbonated Drink

People don’t just drink canned soda for the sugar and caffeine. Okay, maybe that’s most of the appeal, but that signature crack when you pop open the top is certified satisfying. The same goes for just about any canned, carbonated beverage, so you can get the same effect with a La Croix without all of the bad stuff.

Think About It — Klik Belts Just “Click!”

A belt that’s comfortable, easy to put on and take off, can withstand the weight of a handgun or other tools, will stand the test of time, and fastens with a satisfying “click?” That’s a serious no-brainer right there.

For your own piece of odd satisfaction, get your own Klik Belt or add another one to your collection! Shop our belts with no holes today.

November 08, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
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