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More Holiday Travel Tips: Your Klik Belt Is Here To Help!

More Holiday Travel Tips: Your Klik Belt Is Here To Help!

The frenzy of the holiday travel season is dawning upon us. There are storms to anticipate, logistics to sort out, family members to contact, clothes to pack, clothes to unpack and then repack, gifts to purchase, and reservations to confirm. Of course, that’s hardly scratching the surface of what a third of America does during this time of year, but it illustrates our point that this time of year is pretty hectic, to say the least.

Let Our Comfortable Belts Help You Travel This December

In light of holiday travel season, the last thing that you want to worry about is what’s holding up your pants. Could you imagine having your trousers fall down as you exit the airport security area? That video would definitely go viral, but with the power of the world’s most comfortable belt around your waist, you won’t have to worry about this happening.

Simply un-click it before the body scanners (privacy rights notwithstanding), and click it back into place when you’re on your way to your gate. That’s as easy as a seatbelt!

We’re going to continue where we left off from our previous blog post about holiday travel tips. Don’t forget to shop our Cobra® Buckle belts for a great last minute gift!

Show Your Flight Attendants Some Appreciation

After you’ve dealt with waking up early, getting to the airport, dealing with your vehicle, venturing through the security lines and finally boarding your flight, it’s finally time to doze off in your seat. But wait! Be the hero that flight attendants deserve but don’t necessarily get very often.

It shouldn’t even be said to be a decent passenger who exercises common courtesy, uses their pleases and thank yous, and smiles when interacting with a flight attendant. While you should absolutely adhere to in-flight decency, you can really make a flight attendant’s day by going the extra mile (up in the sky, nonetheless).

Consider bringing in a box of chocolates or another shareable gift for the flight crew just to express your appreciation for their service during the often stressful holiday season. We guarantee they’ll remember your kind gesture, and they may even pay it back with a couple of complementary adult beverages. You never know!

Bring Snacks On Your Person

With delays and overpriced, unhealthy airport food practically imminent for your travel plans, having easy access to a healthy nutrition or protein bar can be a total lifesaver. If the person that you’re flying next to seems a little cranky, a little snack is all that it takes to turn their mood around. Just make sure to offer in a non-condescending manner, like something out of a Snickers commercial.

Dress Smart With Our Durable And Comfortable Belts For Sale

Klik Belts are as strong as they are comfortable and stylish, so they make the perfect travel piece. Don’t have one of your own? We can help! Shop our fashion and formal collection, get a leather Klik Belt, or learn more about the world’s most comfortable belts here.

December 12, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
Travel Like A True Pro With Klik Belts This Holiday Season

Travel Like A True Pro With Klik Belts This Holiday Season

If you’re one of the millions and millions of people who travel for the holiday season every year, then you’d probably appreciate just about anything that makes the experience less of a hassle. Let’s be honest: flying somewhere can be exciting, but checking in, going through airport security, making it to your gate, and sitting through the actual flight can be a total pain in the rump. It’s about time that traveling wasn’t such an inconvenience for people.

How Klik Belts Can Help

You might be thinking, “This is great, but just how can your adjustable belts help me have a smoother holiday travel experience?” That’s a fair question, and it’s a question that we’ll touch on a little further below in today’s travel tip blog post.

If you’re looking to get a TSA-approved holiday gift just in the nick of time this Christmas season, Klik Belts has you (and your pants) covered. Shop our limited color collection today, or get something truly nice with our leather belts for sale.

Book The First Flight Out

Now, this travel tip only works if it happens to work with your schedule or travel itinerary, but if you can, take the first flight out that morning. Yes, it’s insanely early. Yes, it’s dark out. Yes, you’ll be a zombie. But guess what? You can sleep during the flight, and you can probably sleep at your family member’s house once you reach your destination.

Why take the first flight of the day out? That’s because delays are more likely to occur with later flights in the day. Even if there isn’t a storm on the horizon (and how could you predict something like this that’s so far out?), it’s a safe bet to buy a ticket for an early bird flight.

Get To The Airport Early

The holiday crowds are going to bottleneck airport security, so make sure to arrive earlier than you normally would. It’s always better to hang out at your gate for a while rather than run toward it with your shoes in hand and a face that screams “I didn’t plan my time very well!”

Again, it may be quite the early morning for you, but take this time to catch a nap before your flight boards, read a book, or even do some work on your laptop. Long security lines are all the more reason to try and get the first flight of the day like we mentioned above.

Remember That You Can’t Always Travel With Gifts

Your homemade jellies and jams will certainly be appreciated by the recipient, but TSA officials sure won’t appreciate them. Keep their travel guidelines and limitations in mind, and don’t wrap any presents until you reach your destination, as an unknown item may have to be unwrapped. That’s no fun.

Use Our Comfort Click Belt For An Easy Airport Security Experience

Klik Belts are great because they’ll instantly click together and click apart for fast and easy removal when you’re headed through the security lines. It doesn’t get much better than that! Stay tuned for another travel protip blog from Klik Belts, or feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

December 05, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
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