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Sports Belts: Dressage & Rodeo

Riding horses is one of the best sports around. After all, it involves a living, breathing animal that is pure joy and fun to be around. And when both of you are working together for a common goal, it is one of the most satisfying parts of being in the horse world. Klik Belts makes the strongest belts in the world, which is exactly what you need when you are contending with a 1,000 pound animal. You are constantly in motion, whether on your horse or caring for your horse, so you need a sports belt that will hold everything in place. Our fully-adjustable belts are just what you need to ensure a comfortable ride every time. Below, we'll take...

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Sports Belts: Baseball, Softball & Golf

As unstoppable people, you probably lead a very active life, from chasing after your toddler to planning your next hiking adventure. You probably bike, run, bowl, ski, practice archery, rock climb, practice martial arts, travel, snowboard, camp, ride ATVs, fish, hunt, scuba dive, and the list goes on. You may even play sports on a team, such as soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, or badminton. If so, you'll need a great sports belt to do so. Klik Belts makes the world's strongest belts for men and women. With triple-stitching on our one-ply, two-ply, or three-ply nylon webbing and our patented Cobra® buckle that can withstand up to 11,000 pounds of pulling force, our sports belts are made to last. Below, we'll...

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Belt Accessories, Part 2

Klik Belts is well-known for our superior best men's and women's belts. After all, when you're the world's strongest belt, word gets around. Featuring the COBRA® buckle, Klik Belts are made from 7075 aluminum alloy, which is one of the strongest materials. This COBRA® buckle features a quick-release and has a load-bearing rating and tensile strength between 2,000 and 11,000 pounds, which is 5.5 tons of pull before the buckle breaks. Combined with our triple-stitched nylon belts that are rigid in the vertical direction but pliable in the horizontal direction, you have a lethal combination for strength that is unparalleled and can't be matched. In accordance with these principles, Klik Belts has set out to make the same high-quality, top-rated...

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Belt Accessories, Part 1

Klik Belts makes the strongest men's and women's belts online, hands-down. We use the highest-quality nylon and leather materials, paired with the patented COBRA® belt buckle in order to bring you a belt that will last a lifetime. In sum, we make unstoppable belts for unstoppable people. Whether you are setting out to hike a mountain, going camping with the family, hunting during the fall, or picking up the kids from school, Klik Belts are versatile, durable, everyday belts that will never let you down, no matter your activity of choice. From working in law enforcement and you need a top-notch tactical or heavy duty belt to being an EMT and saving lives every day, you'll have a belt made...

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Best Duty Belts

Just one look at someone in uniform who is in law enforcement or in the military, and you’ll see an array of items being carried on their duty belts. All of these items’ weight can add up quickly, especially when you consider the average gun and holster are not exactly light, depending on the model. All told, a duty belt can add an extra 10 pounds of weight! Klik Belts makes the strongest and the best duty belts for everyone, from law enforcement and military personnel to firefighters, EMTs, and office workers. Our best duty belts are made for strength, featuring the patented COBRA® belt buckle, which is made from one piece of 7075 aluminum, one of the strongest alloys...

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