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Just one look at someone in uniform who is in law enforcement or in the military, and you’ll see an array of items being carried on their duty belts. All of these items’ weight can add up quickly, especially when you consider the average gun and holster are not exactly light, depending on the model. All told, a duty belt can add an extra 10 pounds of weight!

Klik Belts makes the strongest and the best duty belts for everyone, from law enforcement and military personnel to firefighters, EMTs, and office workers. Our best duty belts are made for strength, featuring the patented COBRA® belt buckle, which is made from one piece of 7075 aluminum, one of the strongest alloys today. Plus, our duty belt bands are triple-stitched, reinforcing their already insane strength. Available in a 1-ply or a 3-ply version, these best duty belts offer superior craftsmanship. Below, we’ll go over some of the common items you might carry in your best duty belt. Browse our duty belts today!


Gun and Holster

Most law enforcement personnel carry a firearm of some sort. To hold the firearm, a holster usually accompanies it. This is usually placed on the hip of the duty belt by the officer’s draw arm. This makes it within easy reach for when it’s needed. However, as one of the heavier items on a police person’s or military person’s duty belt, it’s imperative that your duty belt can support this weight. This is where Klik Belts’ best duty belts shine. Our duty belts are 1.75”, which is extra wide for added support, and with our 3-ply option available, your duty belt will most definitely be up to the task of holding your gun and holster (although our 1-ply best duty belt is great as well for the job!!).


Probably the next heaviest item you may have in your best duty belt is your flashlight. Typically, this is a tool that law enforcement and the military use all the time since a lot of their duty is at night. It tends to be on the other side of the duty belt, partly to balance the weight of the gun and holster and partly because it is used so frequently it needs to be within easy reach. Most law enforcement personnel carry long and heavy flashlights with LED lights so they shine bright. These are often rechargeable so they are not always on person. They have been known to double as weapons as well.


Handcuffs are also commonly carried in a duty belt for law enforcement personnel who arrest people. These are often carried towards the back of the duty belt since, while needed, are needed less frequently needed than other tools.

Duty Belt Baton

Known as nightsticks, these are heavy duty, solid sticks that are used for more than just striking a suspect. They are great self-defense tools, able to help parry blows, and they can be used to help restrain an uncooperative suspect as well. Thus, they are another tool to protect law enforcement from suspects.



Klik Belts’ mission is not only to make the best and the strongest belts, including the best duty belts, but also to help make your life easier. By having an adjustable belt that fits perfectly and one that is heavy duty to meet your needs, your life is definitely made easier. You don’t have to worry about your pants, not about a sagging belt due to the weight of the objects you are carrying. Our quick-release best duty belt buckles, the COBRA® belt buckle, makes taking your duty belt on and off easy and will ensure it doesn’t come undone at an inopportune moment. In short, order these best duty belts from Klik Belts today!

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