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Best Military Belts

When you’re in the military, you typically carry a lot of stuff with you in order to be prepared at all times. From binoculars, energy bars, and elbow pads to personal radios, global positioning systems, and extra socks, you never know what you will need. Thus, the best military belts are sturdy, pliable, and strong so that they can carry some of the many items you’ll need, including your holster and gun.

Klik Belts makes the best military belts. We offer both 1.5” and 1.75” Wide Duty Belts in approved colors so you can have a choice in strength and security. This is also offered in a 1-ply or 3-ply version. The ply refers to how many layers a belt has.  A 3-ply duty belt offers more rigidity while still maintaining its comfort for everyday use. Below, we’ll go over some tips when choosing the best military belts. Browse our best military belts today!


Easy Release

You need a military belt that has an easy-release system so that you can remove your belt quickly, as well as put it back on in a snap. This is not only convenient when you are out in the field, but it makes everyday use hassle-free and easy as well. Klik Belts offers our patented COBRA® belt buckle, which features easy, side-release tabs that will release in less than a second. Our COBRA® buckle is one of the strongest in the industry, made from 7075 aluminum, which is the same material used in fighter jets and the aerospace industry. This military belt is made for ease and strength.


In the military, you are limited as to what color your military belt can be. Klik Belts offers our military belts in all of the approved colors:

  • ARMY: Matte Black on Coyote + Matte Black
  • AIR FORCE: Desert Sand
  • NAVY: Matte Black
  • MARINES: Desert Sand + OD Green + Marine Gray + MatteBlack + Matte Black on Coyote (MCMAP COLORS)

Plus, with our COBRA® buckle added as well, Klik Belts has gone out of its way to ensure the color is right and the look is right as well. Browse our military belts today!


Military belts come in all different types of materials, from nylon to leather, suede, and designer materials. However, when you’re in the military, what you really need is a water-resistant military belt that is easy to clean from all the dirt and grime you get into and that is strong enough to handle the workload you demand from it. 

Klik Belts offers our military belts in 1-ply regular duty or our 3-ply tactical duty. The 3-ply military belts are made from three layers, with a nylon webbing in the middle. This makes these military belts extremely sturdy yet still have enough pliability to be extremely comfortable. All of our military belts are triple-stitched, meaning they won’t fray or come undone. Being made of nylon, this best military belt is easy to wipe off and keep clean even in the dirtiest of conditions.



When you’re in the military, you don’t have time to worry about if something is working or not when you have a million other things to worry about. Klik Belts has designed the world’s strongest military belts so you can stay focused on the task at hand and not have to worry about whether your belt will be strong enough to not only hold your pants up, but to also hold all of your gear as well. This best military belt also comes with a lifetime warranty against any defects in the manufacturing process. Order this unstoppable military belt for your unstoppable lifestyle today!

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