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If You’re One Of These People, A Klik Belt Is Perfect For You

If You’re One Of These People, A Klik Belt Is Perfect For You

If only every pair of pants fit perfectly. Wouldn’t that be nice? Unfortunately, the reality of most pairs of pants is that the comfortable ones aren’t very stylish, and your good-looking pairs of pants can’t be comfortably worn for more than a few hours at a time. Even worse, there’s no way around wearing pants and avoiding this comfort versus style conundrum, unless you happen to live somewhere that’s warm year-round. Even then, shorts can present their share of problems.

Live Life With A Klik Belt Around Your Waist

Now, with this in mind, have you considered that the type of belt you’re wearing has a significant impact on how your pants fit around your waist? If you’ve been wearing a flimsy, weak, conventional belt for any amount of time, it’s time to give Klik Belts a try. Let’s face it; there’s simply no way around wearing a belt, so you might as well do it right and wear a comfortable yet strong belt, right?

Our COBRA® buckle belts are designed for multiple uses. Whether or not you fit into these groups of people, at the end of the day, it pays to have a good quality belt that’s going to last the test of time.

Here are a few groups of folks that Klik Belts were designed for:

Military Members And Public Service Personnel

These folks serve our country on a daily basis either behind the scenes or at the front line of duty out on deployment. From several branches of the military to firefighters, EMS personnel, and LEOs, Klik Belts are designed to withstand the wear and tear that these everyday heroes experience day-in and day-out.

We’re proud to provide tactical belts for multiple uses, and we’ll continue to do so until the entire world is “belted!” But until then…

A Concealed Carry Permit Owner

If you have a concealed carry permit, then you’ll be happy to know that Klik Belts were made with gun owners in mind. Our belts are more than strong enough to support the weight of your holster in a discreet yet stylish manner.

Active People Who Love Spending Time Outdoors

Need to keep your sport pants comfortably suspended when you’re navigating a rocky mountain bike trail? No worries. Heading out on the Appalachian Trail for a few months and need a lightweight yet comfortable and durable belt that won’t hold you back? Klik Belts are ideal for the active person.

Dog Owners (Seriously!)

Thanks to Klik Collars, your pup can also get in on the action. We make strong dog collars for civilian dogs and on-duty service dogs, and as dog owners ourselves, we love to get out there and explore with man’s best friend.

People Who Just Want A Great Belt

Again, at the end of the day, you’re already wearing pants — why not shell out a little extra money for a belt that’s going to last the rest of your lifetime? Enjoy every day that you’re wearing belted pants with the help of a Klik Belt. Shop our main collection of belts online today to make it happen!

April 01, 2019 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
Unusual But Interesting EDC Items Worth Carrying On Your Person

Unusual But Interesting EDC Items Worth Carrying On Your Person

What would an outfit without any pockets look like? Well, it would probably just look like a pocketless outfit. Clothing devoid of pockets actually isn’t all too uncommon with free-flowing dresses, tights, skirts, gym shorts, and the like. To carry anything on your person, of course, you’d have to bring along a backpack or a purse with you, which can be a minor inconvenience when you don’t want to carry anything other than what’s already on your body.

The World’s Most Comfortable Belt Can Support Anything You Carry

What we’re trying to say is that, in light of Thanksgiving recently passing, we’re just thankful for pockets and pants designed with EDC capabilities in mind. While some people are EDC minimalists and tend to simply carry their smartphone/wallet combo and keys on them, others utilize their pockets like a mobile locker.

Depending on what the demands of your day are and what you’re doing, what you carry in your pockets will likely vary. From zero weight on your thighs to stuffed pockets, know that by shopping our belts online, you’re getting a strong belt that’s designed to hold up even the most loaded-down pair of pants or shorts. Heck, our signature COBRA® belt buckles are designed to bear of a load of about 4,000 lbs. At Klik Belts, we’re pretty serious about what we make.

Of course, if you have a concealed carry permit or spend time out on open land with your handgun, there’s no better belt for holsters than a Klik Belt.

Looking for some EDC inspiration? Whether you’re just looking to shake things up in your daily item routine or you can finally afford some more weight in your pockets thanks to the strength of your new Klik Belt, read below for some practical yet niche items. Check out this blog for other EDC recommendations.

Dental Floss

How many times have you eaten out somewhere, enthusiastically enjoyed your meal, and forgot to grab a toothpick on the way out? Now, you’re with your date or headed back to work with a piece of food lodge right in between your two front teeth. That just looks bad, right?

A small container of floss is exactly that: small, lightweight, and easy to access. It’s also very useful beyond getting plaque out of your teeth, as you can replace your shoelace, create a makeshift piece of rope, utilize an impromptu fishing line, or even sew something up with it. Better yet, you’re doing so with something that smells minty fresh.

A Keychain Tape Measure

“About how long is that?” you’ve probably asked yourself before. If you tend to work in a field where measuring various items is commonplace, it only makes sense to carry even just a small tape measure on you. Sure, your smartphone probably has a built-in measuring app on it, but is it really as easy and convenient to use as an actual measuring tape? We’d say “no.”

A Few Bandaids

It’s true that carrying a full-on first aid kit wherever you go is pretty overkill, but it’s not too inconvenient to slip a couple of bandaids into your wallet. You can never predict when you’re going to get a cut, let alone when someone around you may start randomly bleeding. You’ll thank yourself for carrying a few small bandages on your person when the time actually comes to use them.

A Harmonica Or Another “Pocket Instrument”

We get it — this isn’t the 1880s, and you don’t have to walk on down to the street corner and play your harmonica in a mysterious yet intentional fashion just to pass the time. After all, we have smartphones in our pockets to keep us entertained during all hours of the day, right?

That’s true, but smartphones die. A harmonica, unless it’s chalked to the brim with dust and dirt, will never die. Harmonicas are also fairly easy and learn and play, and don’t require any extent or set up. They’re pocket-sized and ready to go. Just like…

A Set Of Playing Cards

This may be a little bit heavier than your average EDC item, but it’s certainly worth carrying if you need to kill time in an area where accessing the internet is not an option. In fact, in that situation, you’ll probably be the most popular kid on the block by possessing a deck of playing cards.

Like we said, playing cards are indeed pocket-sized (unless you have really small or tight pockets) and they’re always ready to go — all you need to do is give them a little shuffle! There’s something to be said about items that don’t need to be charged and won’t break thanks to a lack of electrical components.

Something To Fidget Around With

Any of these above items would make great objects to nervously move around in your hands as you try to navigate the social fabric of life, but if you’re a serious fidgeter, it only makes sense to have an EDC item dedicated for that specific purpose. However, know that you’re not limited to the classic Fidget Spinner.

Even a small stress ball, keys on a ring, or a yo-yo (style points!) make great everyday items to fidget around with if you’re feeling nervous or anxious.

Whatever You Carry, Our Heavy Duty Belts Are Here To Do The Job

Ultimately, your EDC regimen is completely up to you. We simply recommend that you support your EDC items the right way with the world’s most comfortable heavy duty belt. Shop our main collection of men’s belts for sale today!

November 23, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
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