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Thanking Our Nation’s Veterans For Their Service And Sacrifice

Thanking Our Nation’s Veterans For Their Service And Sacrifice

Every day, we wake up and go to bed knowing that the United States’ armed forces are going to keep us safe. In fact, this is such an assumed privilege from most civilians that we often tend to forget about the throes of violence, danger, and civil unrest in other areas around the country. It shouldn’t take a day like Veterans Day to thank retired members of our armed forces for their service, but it’s important to pay respects nonetheless.

Sunday, November 11th, 2018, marks the 100 year anniversary of the end of World War I. While August 4th of 2014 marked 100 years since the start of the “War to end all wars,” this year’s Veterans Day is especially important because it commemorates a peaceful milestone. How are you celebrating?

How To Give Thanks During This Holiday

It may not be Thanksgiving quite yet, but it’s important to express your gratitude early by giving thanks to the war heroes of our country. Unsure how to honor them? Here are a few ways that you can get involved.

Attend A Veterans Day Event Near You

Sometimes, support comes down to simply being there for someone else. Even if you’re another face in the crowd, showing up to your local VA center and volunteering your time or standing to listen to a veteran’s speech is a simple but meaningful way to show your support and express your appreciation.

Wear A Pro-Vet Shirt That You Own

If you happen to own any apparel with a pro-vet message on it, now is the time to wear it! We couldn’t think of anything better that pairs with a Klik Belt than clothing that honors the United States’ retired service members. This is a simple way to increase people's awareness of this national holiday.

Take Flowers To A Veteran’s Memorial

Flowers are a gesture of kindness and respect. Laying fresh flowers on the grave of a veteran or visiting their memorial site with flowers in hand is something that will not go unappreciated.

Volunteer Your Time

If you’re looking for opportunities to help serve a Veterans Service Organization, there are many out there. Better yet, you don’t need to limit your volunteer time just around Veterans Day — any of these organizations accept help no matter what time of year it is. Visit here to find a volunteer opportunity near you.

Be A Friend To A Homeless Veteran

The number of homeless veterans and retired military members in the United States is, unfortunately, staggering. The reality is that most of these individuals are friendly, kind, and simply in need of a hot meal, cup of coffee, or even a friendly conversation in the warmth of someone’s home. Reaching out and offering something — anything — will mean the world to a homeless vet. You’re bound to learn something interesting, too.

Our Service To Those Who Serve Us — The World’s Strongest Tactical Belt For Sale

Veterans Day is all about honoring the veterans of our nation, naturally, but at Klik Belts, we also feel that it’s important to serve and support our country’s everyday heroes as well. With similar values to retired and honorably discharged veterans, these individuals work hard to fight for what’s right and keep the general populace protected and safe from harm.

That’s why we provide the most durable, comfortable, and long-lasting belts for:

With the common goal of upholding our country’s liberties and keeping law abiding citizens safe, our belt company is proud to provide these unsung and highly-praised heroes alike with an essential and ever-functional piece of clothing. We love what we do, and we wouldn’t trade our line of work for the world!

Designed and built in the USA, our goal is to uphold American qualities in all that we do and those that we serve. From now until Wednesday, November 14th, enjoy 15 percent off your purchase from us with the code “VETERANSDAY15”.

Again, we’d like to thank veterans, active members of the United States military, and others for choosing Klik belts for the world’s most comfortable belt. If you have any questions about our belts for holsters, tactical belts, or any of our other products, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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