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Keep It Cool This Summer While Wearing Our Belts For Holsters

Keep It Cool This Summer While Wearing Our Belts For Holsters

Generally speaking, there are three times of the year: times when you’re cold but you can put on extra warm clothing, times when you’re uncomfortably hot and only air conditioning can save you, and those special times where the ambient temperature is just right. Unfortunately, it’s seldom the “ideal” temperature in most places in the world at any given time. Summertime is no exception, bringing some truly sweltering temperatures and humidity to many parts of the United States.

The imminent heat presents problems for many concealed carry holders. Though your Klik Belt will, of course, reliably support the weight of your concealed carry holster, you’re still legally obligated to uphold the namesake of a concealed carry permit: by concealing it.

No one particularly enjoys being hot and sweaty, and we’re sure that includes our fellow concealed carry owners out there. Keep reading below for some great tips on how to keep it cool this summer while sporting one of our belts for holsters here at Klik Belts.

How To Stay Cool While Carrying A Concealed Firearm This Summer

Wear Breathable, Sweat-Wicking Materials

Thick, heavy cotton layers aren’t going to do you much good when it’s 95 degrees out with 95% humidity. Do yourself a favor and invest in a few pairs of lightweight workout shirts, shorts, and pants that allow your skin underneath to breathe. The polyester materials aren’t just useful for preventing heat exhaustion while carrying a concealed firearm, but they’re also very practical for any type of physical activity: hiking, fishing, running, or even going to the gym.

Drink More Water Than Usual

This tip sounds a little silly, but if you’re going to carry around the extra weight of a loaded down holster while it’s really hot outside, you’re probably going to sweat more than you normally would. The most logical way to cool off when you’re profusely sweating is to stay hydrated with plenty of water and electrolytes, which is something that everyone should be doing, especially during the hottest months of the year.

A well-hydrated body won’t make the weight of your holster seem so cumbersome.

Consider Carrying A Smaller Firearm In The Summer

If you haven’t “downgraded” to a smaller gun holster, now might be the best time to do so. You can always keep your larger holster in storage for when it gets cooler (or for those stormy summer days when it’s not hot). The best part? The summer heat gives you an excuse to add another, smaller firearm to your collection. A new firearm and a reduced weight load during the warmer months sounds like an easy win/win to us.

Make Sure To Sport Your Klik Belt

Don’t forget that our belts for gun holsters are specifically designed to support the weight of your holster, all while remaining relatively lightweight and flexible. Klik Belts are ideal to wear during all times of the year, including summer, and we want to make sure that you can comfortably concealed carry no matter what the conditions are outside.

If you’re not convinced by our claims about the strength of our clickable belts, just check out what thousands of people have said about our products.

Let Us Know How We Can Help!

At Klik Belts, we believe in the right to possess a concealed carry permit no matter how hot it is outside — just make sure that you’re abiding by the law with the help of our strong belts for holsters. Our goal is to cater to people of all types who have a common need: a comfortable yet extremely strong and supportive belt. If you have any custom needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Women’s Belts And Other Add-Ons For Your Pants

Women’s Belts And Other Add-Ons For Your Pants

Pants are simply a reality of life. We can’t live without them (when it’s cold out), and we can certainly live with them given that many people in the world have no choice for several months each year. Shorts are also a reality of life; even when it’s warm enough outside to free your calves from your suffocating jeans, you must put on something over your underwear to be socially acceptable.

And though we wouldn’t consider something as essential to your pants or shorts like a belt as something that’s an accessory, belts are technically an add-on to what’s already around your waist. As obvious as that sounds, it’s true.

Proud Makers Of The Best Men’s And Women’s Belts For Sale

Here at Klik Belts, we love providing the world’s strongest belt. Our men’s belts and women’s belts for sale are made with COBRA® buckles and high-quality nylon or leather that will stand the test of time no matter what life throws at you, and we think that’s a beautiful thing.

Though belts will always be our preferred pant or short add-on of choice, there are other add-ons worth considering for the purposes of utility or style:

The Iconic Chain (Or Chain Wallet)

The chain, commonly associated with the chain wallet, has stirred controversy in the pant and short accessory world since the look was first invented. On one hand, it provides good security for your wallet, and if you’re into heavy metal or you’re going for a punk-like look, a chain hanging off of one of your belt loops is a great way to go. On the other hand, others might view your chain as tacky or outdated.

In any case, we encourage you to rock your pant accessory of choice with no shame.


Bandanas are one of the most versatile pieces of...well, we’re not even sure what to call them. They’re a clothing item, they’re a handkerchief, a napkin, a washcloth, a sweatband, a makeshift hobo-style rucksack...really, a bandana is whatever you want it to be, and that includes as a stylized fashion accessory tied onto your pants or shorts.

Some may think that a bandana tied onto your belt loop looks silly, but others may see it as incredibly practical. We’re more inclined to agree with the latter.


There’s no better way to go for a 1920 dapper-look than with suspenders. Well, you could also go with a farmer-look with jean suspenders. Suspenders are versatile in the same way that bandanas are; though the use of suspenders is a lot more limited than that of the trusty bandana, the look can go a surprisingly long way.

Though suspenders do make for an admittedly functional belt alternative, we’re much more partial (and not at all biased) toward using a Klik Belt.

Comfortable, Stylish, And Timeless — That’s A Klik Belt

Belts are the ultimate sidekick to pants and shorts, and what better belt is there than a Klik Belt? Shop our men’s and women’s belts for sale today!

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The Utility Of Belts: What Would We Do Without Them?

The Utility Of Belts: What Would We Do Without Them?

Belts are incredible pieces of engineering. When folks think about a belt, they usually come up with the thing that we put around our waists to help keep our pants suspended. That’s what we specialize in selling here at Klik Belts, but the truth about belts is that they offer universal value.

What does that mean? We’re saying that belts can be found nearly anywhere in your day-to-day life, and these seemingly simple pieces of leather, nylon, or rubber are actually incredibly useful. In fact, the world as we know it today simply wouldn’t be possible without the advent of the belt.

The Best Belts Online — Look No Further Than Klik Belts

Below, we’ll be discussing some incredible applications of belts in hopes that this will help increase our readers’ appreciation of what we love the most. Remember, if you’re in search of the world’s strongest belt to put around your waist (and one that’s also extremely comfortable), Klik Belts is your go-to source for the best belts online. Find your perfect color here.

The Many Applications Of Belts

Seat Belts

In terms of life-saving applications, it’s hard to beat a seat belt. These remarkably simple but incredibly essential devices protect millions if not billions of drivers on the road on a daily basis. We can trace the origins of the seat belt (at least, the traditional three-point seatbelt that’s standard in all vehicles) back to 1959, which, in all honesty, wasn’t that long ago. Nils Bohlin, an engineer working for Volvo, is credited for inventing and implementing the three-point seat belt.

A simple two-point strap, such as what you’d use on an airplane, can be traced back as far as 1910, however.

Timing Belts

Also known as “timing chains” or “cambelts,” these engine components are responsible for keeping things running smoothly. More specifically, timing belts help synchronize the rotation between your engine’s crankshaft and the camshaft, allowing the valves to open and close over synchronized intervals. Without a functioning timing belt or timing chain, your engine simply wouldn’t be able to run — and by that, we certainly don’t recommend attempting to start your vehicle with a busted timing belt.

If seat belts help keep drivers safe and restrained in the event of a collision, timing belts allow us to get to our destinations in the first place.

Conveyor Belts

Speaking of automobiles, there’s another belt-related thing that absolutely revolutionized the modern world as we once knew it: conveyor belts and assembly lines. Parts on a moving belt gave way to mass production, and Henry Ford is largely credited for this monumental innovation in production. Though conveyor belt systems have certainly changed and improved in the last 100 years, the concept of a moving belt working in tandem with employees (and now robots) has made one of the most significant impacts on how humans receive products and goods.

Black Belts

It’s easier said than done to master a particular discipline within martial arts. Though those who train in a dojo may not have as much daily importance as things like seat belts, conveyor belts, or timing belts, there is something to be said about the value of self-defense. After all, we do sell belts for holsters that cater to those who conceal carry.

The sheer amount of discipline, physical condition, and dedication that it takes to truly earn one’s black belt, regardless of the style of martial arts, is pretty incredible. We’re happy that the belt system is used to track the progress of martial arts students.

Heavyweight Belts

Yes, it’s true that wrestlers, like those who study martial arts, probably aren’t as essential to society as what we’ve mentioned above. But countless people enjoy their WWE and other televised wrestling events, not to mention wrestling at the middle school, high school, and collegiate levels.

Those who earn the right to wear a heavyweight belt have made an incredible accomplishment, and our belt company can’t help but feel that shared sense of pride when we put on our own belts for the day.

Get One Of Our Belts For Everyday Use — Shop Today

At the end of the day, belts are most commonly associated with holding up your shorts and pants. So why not get a belt that you’ll actually enjoy wearing? Get the best of the best at our online belt store.

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Buying The Right Klik Belt For The Right Person This Holiday Season

Buying The Right Klik Belt For The Right Person This Holiday Season

We’re now past the point of Thanksgiving, and in the wake of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this point in November marks the brilliant, holiday-fueled transition between Turkey Day and the festivities of December. If you’re like most value-savvy shoppers, you’ve probably done most of your holiday shopping at this point. If you’re like other holiday season enthusiasts, then you’ve also probably been wearing Christmas sweaters since October.

Maybe you’ve arranged gifts for all of the loved ones in your life, except for that one person. You know, there’s probably that one person in your life who just seems stubborn in terms of what to gift them. Of course, that’s not to say that they won’t appreciate whatever it is that you gift them, but you’re just not sure what to get them. We’ll call these people “cryptic gift receivers.”

A Belt For Everyone This Holiday Season

In terms of practicality, style, comfort, ease of use, and sheer utility, we genuinely believe that a Klik Belt really does make the perfect gift for the loved one in your life. Just think about how often belts are used by those who need a little pant support — that’s a gift that will, more or less, be used every single day!

In this blog post, we’ll be covering some of our belt collections and helping you decide which of our heavy duty belts or comfortable belts makes the best selection for the person you’re shopping for. There’s plenty to choose from at our online belt store — we even offer rugged collars for the pup in your life!

Everyday, 1.5” 1-Ply Belts

This is our go-to, all-around capable, regular everyday Joe belt. Like any of our belts for sale with a COBRA® belt buckle (hint: that’s every belt that we sell!), they’ll securely fasten with that signature, satisfying click.

From classic matte black to coyote brown and gunmetal gray, it’s hard to go wrong with our standard 1-ply belts. They look great, and they’ll hold up so much better than just about any conventional belt your cryptic gift receiver has ever...received.

2-Ply Tactical Belts

If your C.G.R. (yes, we just made an acronym for that) has a concealed carry permit but no belt to properly support the weight and shape of their handgun holster, we sell belts for holsters. That’s right — between our 2-ply tactical belts and leather gun belts, what they’ll be getting is the most comfortable belt designed to safely carry their gun and accompanying holster.

Our leather gun belts for sale are a little more expensive than our standard Klik Belt materials, but they feel incredibly soft to the touch, look incredibly classy, and are absolutely worth it. Trust us; we’re not biased at all.

Belts For Professional Wear

Everyday, we thank our country’s everyday heroes for their service by providing them with supportive and comfortable belts built for the demands of the job at hand. Firefighters, EMT/EMS personnel, LEOs, and members of the United States military use our heavy duty belts as a way to keep their trousers supported during some of the most stressful and dangerous conditions imaginable.

If you know someone who’s currently an active duty service member or a civilian who directly serves the public, we really couldn’t think of a more appropriate and practical gift for them. They’ll definitely put it to good use.

Klik Belts For Women

Allow us to be perfectly clear: our belts are not just for men, and the professions that we just listed above are absolutely not just for men either. The above collection does feature some tasteful 1.5” 1-ply belts that we think a lot of women will appreciate. All too often, women’s clothing seems to be uncomfortable, so it’s refreshing to have a go-to belt that’s always comfortable and always looks good.

Klik Belts For Sports And The Outdoors

Surely, there’s an adrenaline junkie in your life who can’t seem to do enough extreme stuff and have plenty of borderline reckless experiences. Perhaps they’re not such a risk taker, but they’re quite active nonetheless and always need to be exploring outside or exercising. Once you’ve identified this energetic C.G.R. in your life, you’ll be able to pick out a comfortable and supportive belt that really works for them.

They’ll say something sentimental yet cliche along the lines of “live in the moment” or “life is too short to spend it in front of a screen,” so cater to their attitude with a belt for outdoorsy and active people.

Utility Straps And Dog Collars

Does the C.G.R. in your life already have their own Klik Belt? Do they own multiple pairs? If so, tell them that we appreciate them, and consider getting them a utility strap. Our utility straps are the strongest on the market because they also utilize the same COBRA® buckle as our belts do. With multiple colors available, there’s never been a better solution to tie something down.

As for your dog, we’ll admit that they’re probably not too hard to shop for. Upgrading to a Klik Belt dog collar is sure to make Fido look all the more spiffy during the holidays.

Find The Perfect Gift At Our Online Belt Store

No matter what you end up choosing for the C.G.R. in your life, you can’t go wrong with any of our products. Shop the world’s most comfortable belt and more today!

November 27, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
Ways To Make Everyday Life More Comfortable And Convenient

Ways To Make Everyday Life More Comfortable And Convenient

Life shouldn’t feel like your Monday morning alarm clock. Most people don’t want to get up and face the day’s responsibilities knowing that laying their head back down on the pillow will feel much better. To those who wake up with a genuine desire to tackle the day head-on, we salute you.

Perhaps those who excitedly spring out of bed each morning do so because they already know that they’re going to have a fantastic day. Maybe they own some daily use items that are designed to make life just a little bit easier and a little bit better, adding up to make a noticeable difference. Maybe — and hear us out on this one — they own the world’s most comfortable belt from us here at Klik Belts. Maybe you saw that one coming.

Start Your Day With The Most Comfortable Belt Online

Needless to say, everyone could appreciate a few ways to improve daily life without making any fundamental changes to their schedule, routine, or personality. At the end (and the beginning) of the day, we’re all creatures of habit and comfort, so why not make a few tweaks here and there to cater to this?

By dawning the most comfortable belt you’ll ever wear (seriously, read what people have been saying about our belts online), you’re adding a both a convenient and a comfortable dynamic to your day. It’s hard to beat a daily improvement that’s so simple!

Let’s get started.

Stow Away Excess Clutter

While some people are just fine with a messy and junk-ridden home, others cringe at the sight of a misplaced cup or clothes on the floor. If you have a number of items out in your bedroom or common areas that are just sitting there taking up space, ask yourself: How often do I use this stuff? Do I utilize any of these items on a daily or even weekly basis? Reducing clutter will de-stress your mind and make your home space more inviting...the way that it should be.

Replace That Clutter With Fresh Flowers

Want to get some kudo points from the spouse? Is your home starting to smell a little funky? Fresh flowers serve as a thoughtful gesture and will surely spruce up your kitchen table or living room thanks to their pleasant odor. Even throwing a cheap bushel of flowers from your local grocery store florist into a mason jar will look nice and invoke positive, happy feelings.

Have A Fireplace? Use It!

There’s something simply mesmerizing about staring into a fire. If you’re fortunate enough to have a fireplace at home, use it in place of your home’s central heating. Traditional log-burning fireplaces only use as much energy as it requires for you to chop some wood (okay, maybe you just purchased a bundle of firewood at the grocery store). This makes using your fireplace a great money-saving hack, and better yet, you’ll still be warm and comfortable during the colder seasons. Even if your fireplace is gas-powered, you’ll still save money on your energy bills compared to sending hot air to every room in your home.

Embrace The Power Of Good Smells

Our senses have a way of temporarily overcoming our current attitude or thought processes, often to the point where we’ll get moved away by a certain aroma and forget what we were even doing in the first place. Stressful day at work? At least it smells good immediately right after you open your front door.

Essential oil diffusers, candles, and incense sticks are effective ways to make an area of your home (or workplace!) smell good and evoke positive feelings.

Use A Slow Cooker To Make Some Of Your Meals

Saving time, money, and creating good smells throughout your home: that’s a true win/win/win! Whether you’re a bachelor or a busy parental couple with no time during the day to cook, simply let your slow cooker do the work for you while you’re at work. There’s nothing quite like coming home to a roast that just needs a couple stirs. Better yet, you’ll be immediately greeted by a warm, savory aroma that melts away the stresses of your day.

Dress Comfortably And Lay Out Your Outfit For The Next Day

You shouldn’t have to waste valuable time during your morning routine trying to figure out what you’re doing to wear for the day. Taking a couple minutes to bundle together a shirt, pants, shoes, and socks combination means that you’ll probably save triple the amount of time in the morning when your brain isn’t quite firing on all cylinders.

Remember that you can look sharp but also feel comfortable at the same time: the world’s most comfortable belts here at Klik Belts are the epitome of this, but dress shoe inserts like Dr. Scholls or flex fabrics used in performance clothing also ensure that you’ll feel comfortable from day’s start to day’s end.

We Have The Perfect Belt For You — Shop Today!

With precise adjustment capabilities and constant comfort in mind, we’re confident that you simply won’t find another belt online that’s as nice (and easy) to wear as a Klik Belt. Backed by COBRA® buckle technology, all you have to do is “click” it and you’re good to go!

Whether you need a reliable belt that can withstand the weight of a holster or one that embraces the world of fashion and function, look no further than the most comfortable belts you’ll ever come across.

November 12, 2018 by Carson eCommerce Collaborator
What Can Klik Belts Do For You?

What Can Klik Belts Do For You?

That’s a great question. Besides hold up your pants in the most comfortable and durable manner possible, Klik Belts offers unparalleled value and versatility in the way of the best belts online. It’s true — we’re very biased when it comes to talking about our own products, but what’s also true is the fact that over 2,400 people agree with us. We really do make 5-star belts designed for well over five different applications!

Buy Belts Online For Every Use

While creating a stylish, comfortable, and easy-to-snap-on belt was one of our original intentions, we didn’t stop there. Over the years, our online belt store sought to utilize our handcrafted belts, paired with legendary COBRA® Buckle technology, to serve and support a variety of practical applications. From serving military and law enforcement officials to helping your canine friend, it’s truly incredible how many uses you can get with a least, that’s our opinion.

Read below about the many ways that Klik Belts can help you in your day to day life.

Different Belt Strengths For Casual to Heavy Duty Wear

Sometimes, you need a belt that’s going to support a thick pair of boot-cut jeans bogged down by the weight of construction tools. Other times, you just need a standard belt to simply hold your pants up and nothing else. That’s why Klik Belts carries a wide selection of belts in varying thicknesses to handle the job at hand (or, rather, around your waist!).

Our 1.5” 1-Ply Belts are a great starter option for a standard, all-around solid belt that’s going to get the job done right. For something a little more durable and concealed carry-friendly, our 1.5” 2-Ply Tactical Belts are right up your alley. Finally, for those who just want a slightly wider belt to accommodate their waist shape (why aren’t there thicker belts online?), our 1.75” Duty Belts are probably the way to go.

Professional-Grade Belts

Military Belts

The United States takes our military seriously, and rightfully so. That means that only the best supplies, equipment, and materials will do for our nation’s heroes, and we’re confident that Klik Belts can handle the toughest of conditions. Materials aside, we make sure to use only uniform-approved colors for each branch of our nation’s military: Matte Black on Coyote + Matte Black for the Army, Desert Sand for the Air Force, standard Matte Black for the Navy, and MCMAP colors for The Marines.

Belts For Firefighters and EMS

Not unlike our country’s service members, firefighters and Emergency Medical Response personnel are everyday heroes that deserve recognition. We also believe that they deserve the best belt experience possible, and that’s why we recommend our 1.75” Wide Duty Belts for the job at hand. Our utility strap is also a recommended product from us.

Belts For Law Enforcement Officers (LEO)

As an officer of the law, you never know what the day (or night) is going to throw at you. The last thing that you want to worry about is your pants being upheld, so let our COBRA® Buckle technology and handmade belt straps help you focus on what’s really important: keeping people safe.

Concealed Carry

As gun policy continues to be a heated issue in America, there’s no doubt that those who have carried a concealed gun have helped save innocent lives in light of a sudden tragedy. We acknowledge these everyday citizens upholding their civic duty to protect one another and provide the most comfortable, ready-to-draw concealed carry belt/holster combo on the market.

Belts For Active Wear

You’re probably not wearing a pair of pants that warrants a belt to the gym (and please don’t be “that guy” wearing denim jeans while skiing), but there are times where you’re out and about it in need of some trouser support. Fortunately, Klik Belts are as flexible and soft as they are supportive and durable, so you can hit the mountain bike trails or embark on a week-long backpacking trip with the confidence that you have a surefire belt solution.

Belts For Outdoor Wear

It’s true that “active” and “outdoor” are often synonymous, but maybe you want to enjoy your time outdoors in more of a sedentary manner. Take fishing, for example — it’s relaxing, meditative, and when you actually luck out, it’s quite rewarding. The uncomfortable poking and prodding of conventional belts shouldn’t take away from your appreciation of nature.

Formal And Fashionable Belts For Sale

If you’re wondering if Klik Belts are available in leather straps, you won’t be disappointed. Though we appreciate the simple, casual look of our standard nylon straps, we can’t help but appreciate the slick aesthetics of a clean leather band. Polished aluminum on brown looks great, but it’s hard to beat the matte black on black look as well.

Dog Collars

Humans aren’t the only one able to get in on the best thing to happen to belt technology. Your dog can be part of the fun, too! We make “on duty” and “off duty” dog collars for service dogs and best friends alike. From the kitchen table to faraway hikes and K9 training school, we know that your dog will love the comfort and versatility of our dog collars for sale.

Buy Belts Online For A Purchase You Won’t Regret!

Regardless of your needs and life situation, your waist will thank you when you go with Klik Belts. Thank you for stopping by our blog! Feel free to reach out to our team with any questions.

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Now Man's Best Friend can Klik too!

Now Man's Best Friend can Klik too!

Klik Collar is the world's strongest dog collar made for the world's best dogs now comes in 2 adjustable sizes:

  • Large Klik Collar: Adjust for dog neck sizes 21" - 30" which is perfect for German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers, Great Pyrenees, Danes, Mastiff, Labs, etc. 
    • Medium Klik Collar:  Adjust for dog neck sizes 18" - 26 " which is perfect for Boxers, Collies, Labs, Shepherds and other medium sized breeds of dogs.

    You love the ease of buckling your Klik Belt throughout the day and wish the same amazing Cobra® buckle was used on your dog's collar.  Wishes do come true as we've adapted the Cobra® D-Ring buckle to now be used on your dogs collar too!  The same secure, quick and strong release is now available for man's best friend.

    We've had several beta versions tested by service dog trainers that swear this is the best collar they have ever used.  Like all Klik products,  Klik Collars are made, sewn and assembled here in the US of A.    Finally a collar for your dog that will look and perform as good as his owner's Klik Belt!

    Check out the newest Klik Collars at

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