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One of the more difficult parts of ordering a belt online is determining your size. We understand that different manufacturers may vary on how they size their belts, and that can create a problem for the customers. That’s why in today’s blog post, we are going to explain everything you need to know about determining which size Klik Belt you should order. Read on to learn more, and when you’re ready to order your Klik Belt, browse our selection.

Image of a man wearing a Klik Belt.

Klik Belt Sizing for Men

It’s probably easiest for men to determine which size Klik Belt to order, as we base our sizes on men’s pant sizes. For instance, if you wear a 34-inch waist, you should order a 34-inch Klik Belt. We include a tail for adjustability. You should note that if you are going to conceal carry, you may want to order up one size to provide room for your firearm.

Image of a woman wearing a Klik Belt.

Klik Belt Sizing for Women

For women, there are two different ways that you can determine your belt size. The first way is by taking your women’s pants size in inches and ordering one size larger. If you tend to be a bit curvier, you may want to order two sizes up. You can also simply measure your waist where your pants sit. If your waist measures 32 inches, you’ll want to order a 32-inch Klik Belt. Please keep in mind that women tend to wear their pants lower which can have an effect on the belt size you’ll require.

Image of a man putting on a belt from Klik Belts.

Things to Know About Determining Your Belt Size

When you order a belt from Klik Belts, there are few things that we like our customers to understand about sizing:

  • We base our sizes on men’s pants sizes.
  • Do not order up a size for adjustability. If you order a two- or three-ply belt, the thicker part of the belt will not fit through your belt loops. Please add an extended tail if you would like more adjustability.
  • If you receive your belt and it doesn’t fit, we will pay for return shipping and exchange your belt for the proper size, except for in the case of a custom order.
  • Unfortunately, since we cut and sew your belt to your specifications when you order a custom belt or use our Build Your Own Belt tool, we cannot offer returns or exchanges on custom belts.

Image of the Klik Belts belt sizing guide.

Our Belt Sizing Chart

At Klik Belts, we created this easy-to-understand belt sizing guide that should help you determine your belt size. If, however, you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to our team and we will happily answer any questions and help you choose the size belt that is right for you.

Looking for a Tactical Belt? Choose a Klik Belt

At Klik Belts, we are home of the world’s strongest belt. We construct our belts from mil-spec nylon and equip each one with an authentic COBRA® buckle. When you choose a Klik belt, you can rest assured you’ll be receiving a belt of the highest quality. Shop our selection of one-ply, two-ply, and TSA-approved tactical belts today.

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