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If you have an overflowing closet full of jackets, t-shirts, sweatpants, slacks, and collared shirts a-plenty, but you tend to wear the same shorts and shirt combo multiple times a week, you’re not alone. It seems that many people tend to hoard countless unused clothing items that only take up space. Well, maybe it isn’t so much that people are intentionally hoarding them, but once your wardrobe reaches a certain point, hoarding is what it begins to look like.

It’s time that you had an item in your clothing repertoire that you use on a daily basis. Better yet, it’s time to own a durable, handmade item that you’re excited to use because it’s so comfortable, functional, and stylish. You guessed it: it’s time to own a Kilk Belt!

Look No Further Than Us For The Best Men’s Belts

We offer the best belts for men (as well as the best belts for women!) in many different sizes, colors, and applications. Like you, we got tired of sharp, poking, and prodding leather belts that just degrade and wear down after only a few month’s use. That’s no way to support your trousers, is it? So, we decided to take matters onto our own waists and that’s why you’re now on our online belt store. Welcome to the most comfortable and supportive belt experience of your entire life!

It’s a shame that random clothing items go unused, and to help our blog readers get more practical use out of their wardrobe, we’re going to take a look at exactly why we don’t tend to utilize what we own. Questions? Reach out to our friendly team here. Let’s get started!

They’re Uncomfortable

When it comes down to it, comfort — or lack thereof in conventional belts — is largely what drove us to make the best belts online. Sure, superior functionality and the ability to withstand hardcore wear and tear were also contributing factors to the development of Kilk Belts, but there’s no doubt that people praise our belts for being soft and comfortable.

While belts left a lot to be desired in the world of comfort, it’s not like other types of clothing are much better. Take pants, for example. Why don’t more companies use stretchy or softer materials so that they don’t feel as tight and restrictive on the legs? Shoes, as another example, tend to lack in cushioning and support unless you’re wearing a pair of running shoes. What’s wrong with a pair of sleek dress shoes that has a decent layer of high-quality cushioning at the bottom?

Creating something wearable that’s as comfortable as it is functional isn’t rocket science. After all, we did it! At the end of the day, our goal here at Kilk Belts is for you to forget that you’re even wearing a belt because it feels so comfortable. Gone are the days of the dreaded “belt pokes!”

You Keep “Just In Case” Clothing Around

There’s nothing wrong with a nice stash of emergency clothing in the event that laundromats suddenly become illegal for no good reason. However, when you accumulate a number of clothing items over the years that you “intend” to use, you’re going to have an unorganized mess of garments that you’re just not going to wear on a weekly basis.

In reality, you could donate at least half of your wardrobe that isn’t worn on a weekly basis and still have plenty of clothes that you’ll practically never wear. Sure, it’s good to rest assured knowing that you have some extra clothing in the event of an emergency, but there’s only so much that you really need.

There’s Too Much Sentimental Value

After years of wear, that favorite knit sweater of yours from your Grandma probably means a lot to you. It’s beat up beyond repair, but it just feels wrong to throw it out and donation centers might not even accept its current condition. We get it!

It’s a tough pill to swallow, but the natural clothes cycle means that new items are born into your wardrobe and old ones must eventually die. Don’t worry; we’re confident that it means the world to your grandma that you actually got proper use out of that sweater instead of letting it collect dust in the recesses of your closet. If you really can’t get rid of something, consider incorporating some of the material into a knit blanket or quilt.

It Was A Gift

What your friend doesn’t know isn’t going to hurt them, but there’s a chance that they might find out that you’re trashing the tye-dye shirt they legitimately thought was a great present. It’s not an easy situation to find yourself in, and we totally understand that it’s probably just easier to let it sit on the floor and not deal with it.

Just like the sweater that your grandma knitted you, however, we’d posit that your friend would be happier if that groovy shirt actually got some use. There are plenty of funky folks out there and we’re confident that they’d love your friend’s shirt.

Shop Kilk Belts For Something That You’ll Actually Use!

We’re excited to provide the best, most comfortable, and most stylish men’s belts online. We truly think that people can’t wait to secure their pants in the morning with the trusted help of our COBRA® Belt Buckles, and our customers agree. Shop our main collection today!

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