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If you are considering whether or not you would like to conceal carrying and are wondering what the key differences are between a regular belt and a gun belt, you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to discuss some of the important differences between regular belts and gun belts. A gun belt is an important accessory for those who conceal carry because it is specially designed to support the weight of your gun and extra magazines. A quality gun belt will also help keep your gun concealed properly compared to a regular belt — which is the whole purpose, isn’t it?

Continue reading to learn more about why having a quality gun belt to conceal carry is so important. When you are ready to purchase a superior gun belt, shop Klik Belts. We carry nylon gun belts and leather gun belts that are specifically designed to help you comfortably carry your firearm. 

Gun Belts Are Made to Support Weight

Gun belts are designed to support the weight of your gun. This means that you won’t have to worry about your gun or your pants falling down due to the extra weight. In addition, your gun will not slide down and cause printing, which is when the outline of your gun becomes visible through your pants and often occurs when someone uses a regular belt to carry their firearm.

Gun Belts Are Made From Superior Materials

Gun belts, compared to regular belts, are usually made from higher quality materials. Whether your gun belt is leather or nylon, it is made specifically to support your gun and stand up to the wear and tear that occurs from removing and replacing your holster. As long as you invest in a quality gun belt like those from Klik Belts, you can be sure that your belt is made from higher quality materials than a regular belt.

Gun Belts Are Stiffer

In addition to being stronger than regular belts, gun belts are also stiffer. This allows you to carry your holster and gun without the belt flexing or bending. The rigidity of the belt is just as important as the strength when it comes to the belt’s ability to support your gun. 

Gun Belts Help to Conceal Your Gun

Gun belts are specifically designed to help you conceal carry. When you use a gun belt versus a regular belt to carry your firearm, you can be confident that your gun will not slide down and cause printing and your holster will stay in place keeping your gun where others cannot see it. 

Gun Belts Make Concealed Carrying More Comfortable

If you are going to conceal carry, using a gun belt instead of a regular belt will make carrying more comfortable. When someone tries to use a regular belt to conceal carry, the gun and their pants sag causing the person to constantly readjust. This is not at all comfortable. A belt that is made specifically for concealed carrying will keep your gun and belt in place so that you will not need to frequently readjust and will be much more comfortable. 

Gun Belts Are Designed to Support Extra Magazines

When you conceal carry, you may also want to carry some extra magazines with you. A gun belt is made strong and stiff enough that carrying a little extra weight shouldn’t be a problem. A high-quality gun belt will support the weight of both your firearm and extra magazines. 

Gun Belts Should Be Easily Adjustable

Most regular belts have a traditional prong belt buckle which is not ideal for carrying. While some gun belts feature this type of buckle as well, if you are searching for a gun belt that will be comfortable and keep everything in its place, you’ll want to choose one that is easily adjustable. 

Shop Klik Belts for High-Quality Gun Belts

If you are searching for a quality gun belt, look no further than Klik Belts. We carry both nylon and leather gun belts that are made from superior materials and designed specifically to support the weight of your firearm and extra magazines. Our belts are also easily adjustable so you’ll never have to worry about your belt being too tight or too loose. Shop our two-ply nylon tactical belts and our leather gun belts today.

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