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Yes, you read that right. A belt for man’s best friend! Well…kind of. You already know that Klik Belts are the best men’s belts on the planet, and you might even know that we offer dog collars.

Here are the top five reasons our Klik Collars are as good as our belts:

  • They’re made to the same high standards as our heavy duty belts. We use the same high quality materials in our Klik Collars that you’ve come to love and trust from your Klik Belt.

  • They are also made right here in the USA. Making each product by hand here in the U.S. is incredibly important to us and it’s something we intend to do for the long term.

  • They’ve been tested on service dogs. Our prototype Klik Collars were tested extensively on service dogs and their trainers have given us extremely positive feedback.

  • They’re made tough. We made it a point to actively over engineer our Klik Belts to ensure that they stand up to any task you throw their way. Our Klik Collars are made the same way.

  • They make your pooch look pretty sharp. In addition to all of the benefits above, your pup will look great in a Klik Collar because they’re pretty darn good looking.

Ready to treat Rover to a Klik Belt of his own? Our Klik Collars come in medium and large sizes to ensure that man’s best friend gets his own version of the best men’s belt on the planet. Order yours today!

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