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Did you know that in addition to making heavy duty belts, we’re also making dog collars? That’s right! The same quality you’ve come to expect from the work belts at Klik Belts is being put to good use in our Klik Collars.

By undergoing beta testing with a number of service dog trainers, we’ve crafted a product that we’re extremely proud of. Just like our work belts, Our Klik Collars are made right here in the United States of America.

Our Medium Klik Collar is the perfect fit for your Collie, Lab, Boxer, or other medium sized breed and the Large Klik Collar is great for German Shepherds, Labs, Great Danes, and other bigger pups.

If you’ve come to put your trust in our high quality work belts, why not treat your pooch to the same? At this point, if you’re anything like us, you’ve tried collars from big box stores and found that while they work fine for a few months, before you know it you’re tossing them in the garbage and heading back to the store.

Just like our work belts will be the last belt you’ll ever buy, our Klik Collar is the last collar you’ll need.

Like grandpa always said, “buy it nice or buy it twice.” The same logic applies to our Klik Collars.

You’ll love it, your pup will love it (and he or she will look darn good while wearing it if we say so ourselves)! Place your order today and receive free worldwide shipping.

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