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How many times per day do you unbuckle and buckle your pants?  Would you believe us if we told you it was more than 7000 times per year?

Since we offer the quickest and strongest belt buckle in the world,, we thought it was about time to answer this question.  For the purpose of calculation we will count the process of buckling and unbuckling separately.  Example:  If you use the restroom you have to unbuckle = 1  and then buckle = 1.  


how many times per day do you buckle your pants klik belts

 So over the course of a year you cumulatively buckle/unbuckle your pants 7300 times!  (see video below).

Traditional prong and cage (normal style) buckles take approx 6 seconds to adjust, find the right hole, and then feed the tail through the belt loops.  Therefore, Klik Belts offer a net time savings of 5 seconds.  You might say "5 seconds isn't that big of deal."

However, 5 seconds times 20 times per day = 100 seconds (1.66minutes) which multiplied by 365 days in a year = 608minutes (10.13 hours).  

Klik Belts save you 10.13 hours per year.  


Number of times you buckle/unbuckle each year = 7300 times

Annual hours spent (un)buckling using a regular buckle = 12.16 hours

Annual hours spent (un)bucking using a Klik Belt = 2.02 hours

Annual hours saved (un)buckling using a Klik Belt = 10.13 hours saved

* Poll below referenced from

number of times people go to the bathroom per day


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