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In order to understand why a Swiss watch holds precise time or a Ferrari engine can deliver 800hp you have to open the hood and delve into the details.  Tear apart any product of quality and you'll see that it's made of many smaller parts each with their own level of quality.   It's the sum of these tiny quality components that give the assembled item its overall value.

We wanted to show you all the small components that go into an item that looks so deceivingly simply yet is elegantly complex.  Klik Belts exclusively use the Cobra® buckles for the following reasons:   

  • Single piece of milled 7075 Aluminum
  • Hardened and flush mounted rivets
  • Machined brass tabs
  • Softened edges
  • Precise spring and contact placement
  • Stainless steel adjuster bar (not aluminum)

Want to see inside the factory where Cobra® buckles comes to life in the Alps of Austria?  Watch the video below at:

We used a grinder to destroy a buckle and reveal to you the inner workings of a Klik Belt. See below.

cobra austrialpin buckle austri mens belt cobra buckle



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