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Buying belts online can always be a bit of a gamble. You’ve probably bought an expensive belt that’s made of something called “genuine leather” in the past. It has a nice ring to it, but what exactly is “genuine leather” and what makes it so genuine?

Unfortunately, genuine leather is one of the lower qualities of leather. Most of the time, it’s made up of several pieces of leather that have been glued together and then painted in an effort to make it look like the real deal.

Buy Klik Belts online today.Here’s the other thing—regardless of the quality of leather, it can stretch out over time and what was once a belt that fit well becomes a belt that’s a little too loose on one whole and too tight on another. If your goal is to keep your pants up, that’s no good.

Klik Belts to the rescue! Made with 7075 aluminum with an incredibly high strength-to-weight ratio, military spec 1 ½” nylon webbing, and solid brass release clips, you can be sure that this belt won’t stretch and it won’t break. Need some proof? Check out our YouTube channel where we put our belts to the test. We’ve even used it to rescue a car from a lake.

For a limited time, we’re offering free worldwide shipping! With a number of colors to choose from, a Klik Belt can work perfectly with any outfit. Check out our collection today. You won’t be wary of buying belts online anymore once you start your day off with a satisfying Klik!

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