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If this past winter felt like an exceptionally long winter, you’re not alone in feeling this way. The end of 2018 and the first few months of 2019 certainly brought some “interesting” weather to many parts of the country, though “interesting” might be a nice way to put it. With what was dubbed as the “2019 Polar Vortex” sweeping many parts of the midwest with a wind chill factor of below -30℉ or even -40℉, it’s fair to say that most of the United States is ready for greener, warmer weather.

Though no one knows what the rest of the spring season has in store for the U.S. in terms of weather, things are beginning to look up now that we’re already nearing May. We’re approaching the very prime of the spring season, and for many people, this means that it’s the perfect time of year to get some much-needed cleaning and reorganizing done. It’s only natural to spring clean after a long, dark season of spending most of your time indoors, after all.

Your Source For The Best Belts Online — That’s Us!

Now, we here at Klik Belts can’t tell you how to clean up your home or apartment, or tell you what clothes to donate versus what you should keep. That’s your business, but our business does concern your belt situation. Maybe you’ve discovered (to your chagrin) that your once-well-fitting belt is much smaller than it was before, or perhaps a long look at your closet has led you to the realization that your two leather dress belts are looking pretty beat up these days.

6 Signs That You Need A New Belt

You Deserve An Upgrade

In any case, if your personal belt situation is anything less than satisfactory, then it’s time to make some upgrades. For a belt that fastens instantly and won’t come undone unless you want it to, Klik Belts can hook you up. Looking for something that’s comfortable but also super stylish? Again, Klik Belts is the answer to your belt troubles. Simply place an order, adjust your belt accordingly when it shows up, and click it tight. That’s it.

If you’re on the fence about your belt situation, we can also help you. Keep reading below to learn more about some of the most typical tell-tale belt replacement signs and what you should be looking out for.

Telltale Belt Replacement Signs

You Actively Avoid Wearing Your Belt

Here’s a major red flag. If you’re willing to let your pants sag or wear a tucked in shirt without a belt to finish your outfit, then it’s definitely time to buy a new one. Everyone should want to wear their belt; you should never actively avoid wearing your belt because it’s partially broken, uncomfortable, or looks shoddy.

Your Belt Can’t Comfortably Support A Holster

Klik Belts are renowned to function really, really well with gun holsters. In fact, we sell belts for gun holsters that were specifically designed with this purpose in mind. You might be able to find other strong belts online, but the truth of the matter is that these won’t hold up to the weight of a full gun holster over time. And even if your previous belt of choice does, it’s not going to do it comfortably.

There are no sacrifices with a Klik Belt. It looks great, the materials will outlast most of the items in your wardrobe, you can wear it all day without any discomfort, and it’s designed with your holster in mind. How can your belt experience get any better than that?

You Hate How Your Belt Looks

You’re not alone. That crappy, forgotten $10 special at Kohl’s never really looked good to begin with, and you better believe that you’re not the only one to rush in and make a last-minute belt purchase before a big event. Even if no one gives you grief for your ugly belt, you’re bound to feel self-conscious about it.

When you throw on a Klik Belt, the idea is to feel confident about your appearance. Though a belt won’t always make or break an outfit, it can certainly seal in the look that you’re going for.

Your Belt Hurts You When You Wear It

If you feel a genuine sense of relief when you get home and take off your belt after a long day at work, then you’re wearing the wrong belt. We’ve gotten feedback from customers that their old, conventional belts would poke and prod at the sides of their waist, and the part of the belt that goes into the little belt holes would even stab them. Needless to say, your belt shouldn’t feel like it’s attacking your body.

You’ll never deal with any belt holes, poking, prodding, or stabbing with a Klik Belt. You feed it through your belt loops and click the buckle together. That. Is. It. 

You Don’t Have The Right Color Belt To Match Your Outfits

Don’t throw away or forgo perfectly good clothing just to work in tandem with your belt(s). Simply buy a new belt in your desired color — Klik Belts has tons of great, stylish colors to choose from.

Upgrade To A Klik Belt This Spring. You Won’t Regret It!

Why suffer from wearing the wrong belt? Make belt shopping part of your spring cleaning to-do list this year. For the best deals on the strongest and most comfortable belts online, don’t look any further than Klik Belts.


Allison Dunsmuir said:

I can’t find any information anywhere on the web on how to properly clean a click belt. Would you be so kind to respond to my question via email on how I should clean my click belt for small spots of coffee stains etc. I’m thinking it’s a hand wash cold only situation but expected to find something more on your website instead of buying a new one. I really appreciate your help thank you Allison

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