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There’s a strong correlation between what we’re wearing and how we feel. Should you head out to the grocery store in your pajamas with bunny slippers, words that describe your mood might be “careless,” “a lack of self-awareness,” or “just a little bit dorky.” Conversely, if you dress in your Sunday best and get yourself cleaned up for a big job interview, you’re going to feel pretty good about yourself and how others perceive your appearance.

Look Your Best With Klik Belts This Holiday Season

Is it shallow to care so much about what other people think about your appearance? At Klik Belts, we don’t think so. We think that belt wearers like you should take pride in your appearance, and that’s why we offer a number of the world’s strongest and most comfortable belts in a variety of styles from work-worn to ultra-chic and formal. A belt truly is the finishing touch to your pants, and you shouldn’t have to compromise comfort for style (and vice versa).

There’s nothing quite like feeling confident about your appearance, and you deserve nothing less than looking your best. Klik Belts can help! Check out our fashion and formal Klik Belt collection for yourself, or read on for several suit essentials that we think every suit owner should rock.

A Good Watch

Could you imagine what James Bond would look like without his trustworthy, gadget-filled watch? We’re not saying that your average suit wearer should have a watch that shoots out lasers, per se, but there’s just something about a nice watch that really completes a formal outfit — especially a suit.

There’s also something about wearing a watch that seems to boost your credibility. By wearing a watch, you’re telling people, “I have my life in order because I always know the time.”

Bonus points if you get a watch that perfectly matches your Klik Belt (or, again, vice versa).


While cufflinks may be perceived as a little outdated and even gaudy to the modern man, we think that there’s nothing wrong with reverting back to a classic suit look, especially if you’re a fan of wearing French cuff dress shirts. In a world of boring, standard button-cuff dress shirts, cufflinks that express who you are and what you love are a welcome accessory.

If your job involves formal wear on a Monday-Friday basis, it’s worth investing in a few pairs of cufflinks and French cuff dress shirts to stand out from the formal crowd.

A Nice Scarf (Or Two)

Scarves keep your neck warm, they always look classy, there’s a scarf for every season (hot summers notwithstanding), and they make great holiday gifts, too. Scarves are a time-honored fashion trend having been around for thousands of years. Historically, men’s scarves were used to keep soldiers warm out on the battlefield.

With an incredible array of colors to choose from, you can maintain your gray/black look or add some color to match your tie with a nice green or blue. Stick to a cotton or linen scarf for the warmer parts of the year, and a wool or cashmere scarf for the holidays and accompanying winter season. If you can find a merino wool scarf, your face and neck will thank you.

A Variety Of Fun Socks To Choose From

Can you rock the sock? Wearing a funky pair of multi-colored socks underneath your ordinary slacks is a great way to express the “business in the front, party in the back” mentality. If you feel like you must stick to boring socks to confine with the corporate world, know that many powerful CEOs and other influential business figures actually tend to rock novelty socks more often than you’d think.

Make sure to find comfortable, slightly padded dress socks if you spend a good amount of time on your feet.

Pocket Squares

Though this men’s formal wear item isn’t necessarily a standard piece, a pocket square is a great way to get that finishing touch on your favorite suit. Buying a colored pocket square to match the theme of a company party, holiday gathering, or any other classy event shows that you’re committed to looking dapper and festive, and you’re sure to get compliments on it.

After all, why dress up in the first place if you’re not going to receive a few compliments on how great you look? Life is too short to look anything less than superb.

Tie Bars

Most guys don’t rock tie bars these days, and we’d be willing to wager that many guys don’t even know what a tie bar is. They’re a small metal clip that’s designed to be both fashionable and functional, as it helps keep your tie in place without causing any damage. Tarnishing an expensive tie is a true shame, so you’ll want to go with a nice tie bar by a reputable company — in the same way that you’ll want to get a nice belt from a reputable belt company like Klik Belts.

Due to the fact that tie bars tend to be somewhat of a rarity in the formal world, they can make a great conversation starter at a party. At the very least, they’ll help provide a sense of uniqueness.

Stay Sharp And Comfortable For The Holidays With Klik Belts

As your source for the world’s most comfortable belts online, Klik Belts is proud to carry an array of easily adjustable belts that look as good as they perform. Get your own today!

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