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Though it’s strange that it takes a new calendar year for people across the world to make positive changes in their lives, the truth of the matter is that many folks really do see New Year’s as a time to reinvent themselves. Whether you’ve been struggling to walk up that flight of stairs, only read one book in 2018, or still wear the same four t-shirts that you’ve had since college, there’s always something that we can change about how we live our lives, and we’re sure that you’re no exception (unless you’re perfect, of course).

Improving Your Life With Positive Choices This Year

Though we can’t tell you how to live your life, we here at Klik Belts are confident that you’ll be happier, feel better, and likely live a more fulfilling and endearing life when you make some positive adjustments here and there. Here are some great ways to improve your quality of life in 2019.

Cut Down On Screen Time

No, we don’t think that all forms of technology are inherently evil, but staring at the blue light on your smartphone certainly isn’t prompting your body to fall asleep at night. There’s no need to be on your phone every waking moment of the day, and unfortunately, that seems to be how many people treat their devices.

Just cut back on your screen time a little bit; your mind will thank you.

Make Healthier Food Choices

We know, we know; this is generic New Year’s Resolution advice. However, convenient ways to eat healthy such as mail order meal kits weren’t as popular several years ago. A decade ago, they were hardly a blip on the food radar.

Nowadays, eating like a respectable human is easier than ever before. Of course, the hustle and bustle of daily life doesn’t necessarily make that easy in and of itself, but just skip the fast food here and there in favor of a healthy snack or homemade chicken and veggies.

Drink More Water

The simple fact of the matter is that most people don’t drink enough water. Sure, they’re drinking plenty of fluids, but beverages like coffee, energy drinks, soda, and alcohol aren’t helping your body hydrate itself. On the contrary, they’re actually dehydrating you whether you realize it or not.

Fortunately, this positive change is about as simple as it gets: just drink more water! Invest in a refillable water bottle (there are literally thousands of options out there) and take it with you when you run errands, go to work, hang out around your place, or drive anywhere. That way, you have no excuses, and you’ll already be drinking something so you won’t have to buy an unhealthy beverage.

Oh, and did we mention that water is (normally and generally) free? It doesn’t get much better than that.

Keep Booze To A Minimum

Alcohol is enjoyable, and it definitely has its time and place. But you don’t want to drink too much of it too often, simply because it’s just not good for you. There is science to suggest that consuming alcohol can negatively affect your body’s metabolic processes for up to about three days, meaning that your body can’t break down food as efficiently.

Take the weekdays off and moderate your consumption to the weekends. That way, your body has time to properly flush out all of these toxins. Then you can put our previous piece of advice to use!

Move Around More

You don’t necessarily have to hit the gym or subject yourself to jogging just to stay in decent shape. People that live active lifestyles are naturally more fit and slim simply because they’re active and always doing something.

Even if it means using a standing desk at your office job or going on long walks with an audiobook as opposed to reading it at home on the couch, doing whatever it takes to be active is always worth it.

Upgrade To The Most Comfortable Belt

At Klik Belts, we’re proud to carry the most comfortable and durable belt that you’ll ever wear. If you’re still using a prodding and poking belt from 1995, it’s time to make the change this New Year. Shop our main collection of men’s belts online for a belt experience that your pants — and your waist — will thank you for!

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