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Belts are incredible pieces of engineering. When folks think about a belt, they usually come up with the thing that we put around our waists to help keep our pants suspended. That’s what we specialize in selling here at Klik Belts, but the truth about belts is that they offer universal value.

What does that mean? We’re saying that belts can be found nearly anywhere in your day-to-day life, and these seemingly simple pieces of leather, nylon, or rubber are actually incredibly useful. In fact, the world as we know it today simply wouldn’t be possible without the advent of the belt.

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Below, we’ll be discussing some incredible applications of belts in hopes that this will help increase our readers’ appreciation of what we love the most. Remember, if you’re in search of the world’s strongest belt to put around your waist (and one that’s also extremely comfortable), Klik Belts is your go-to source for the best belts online. Find your perfect color here.

The Many Applications Of Belts

Seat Belts

In terms of life-saving applications, it’s hard to beat a seat belt. These remarkably simple but incredibly essential devices protect millions if not billions of drivers on the road on a daily basis. We can trace the origins of the seat belt (at least, the traditional three-point seatbelt that’s standard in all vehicles) back to 1959, which, in all honesty, wasn’t that long ago. Nils Bohlin, an engineer working for Volvo, is credited for inventing and implementing the three-point seat belt.

A simple two-point strap, such as what you’d use on an airplane, can be traced back as far as 1910, however.

Timing Belts

Also known as “timing chains” or “cambelts,” these engine components are responsible for keeping things running smoothly. More specifically, timing belts help synchronize the rotation between your engine’s crankshaft and the camshaft, allowing the valves to open and close over synchronized intervals. Without a functioning timing belt or timing chain, your engine simply wouldn’t be able to run — and by that, we certainly don’t recommend attempting to start your vehicle with a busted timing belt.

If seat belts help keep drivers safe and restrained in the event of a collision, timing belts allow us to get to our destinations in the first place.

Conveyor Belts

Speaking of automobiles, there’s another belt-related thing that absolutely revolutionized the modern world as we once knew it: conveyor belts and assembly lines. Parts on a moving belt gave way to mass production, and Henry Ford is largely credited for this monumental innovation in production. Though conveyor belt systems have certainly changed and improved in the last 100 years, the concept of a moving belt working in tandem with employees (and now robots) has made one of the most significant impacts on how humans receive products and goods.

Black Belts

It’s easier said than done to master a particular discipline within martial arts. Though those who train in a dojo may not have as much daily importance as things like seat belts, conveyor belts, or timing belts, there is something to be said about the value of self-defense. After all, we do sell belts for holsters that cater to those who conceal carry.

The sheer amount of discipline, physical condition, and dedication that it takes to truly earn one’s black belt, regardless of the style of martial arts, is pretty incredible. We’re happy that the belt system is used to track the progress of martial arts students.

Heavyweight Belts

Yes, it’s true that wrestlers, like those who study martial arts, probably aren’t as essential to society as what we’ve mentioned above. But countless people enjoy their WWE and other televised wrestling events, not to mention wrestling at the middle school, high school, and collegiate levels.

Those who earn the right to wear a heavyweight belt have made an incredible accomplishment, and our belt company can’t help but feel that shared sense of pride when we put on our own belts for the day.

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At the end of the day, belts are most commonly associated with holding up your shorts and pants. So why not get a belt that you’ll actually enjoy wearing? Get the best of the best at our online belt store.

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