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Getting ready for your day isn’t always easy. In fact, for many people, getting the day started is a huge pain for them. Missed alarms, burnt coffee, and inside-out shirts are not uncommon elements of the average American midweek morning. Complaining about the drive on the way to work is also fairly standard.

But if there’s any part of your morning routine that should be simple, streamlined, and hassle-free time after time, it’s putting on your belt. No self-respecting contributor of the American economy should have to fumble with their belt every single morning, and Klik Belts is doing our part to make your average morning just that much easier.

Finally: A Clickable Belt That Actually Works

How, you might be wondering? It’s all in the simplicity of a Klik Belt. With our signature COBRA® buckle system, all you have to do is feed the belt through your belt loops as normal, and then click your belt buckle together. That’s it! We’ve eliminated the need for belt holes and the poking, prodding piece of metal that goes into these holes.

Our clickable belts for sale are so idiot-proof that we’re more than happy to equate the simplicity of fastening a Klik Belt with these actions:

Things As Simple As Securing Your Klik Belt

Sharpening A Pencil

This is a “skill” that people learn when they’re in Kindergarten, perhaps even earlier in life. Using an electronic pencil sharpener involves simply sticking the pencil end into the hole of the pencil sharpener. Manual pencil sharpeners, those with a crank-type system, are actually more complicated to use than securing your Klik Belt.

Charging Your Phone

Take the charging cable and push the charging end into your smartphone’s charging port. There, you’ve done it. That basically requires the same motor skills that it takes to fasten your Klik Belt.

Eating An Apple

You take the apple, you rinse the apple, you dry the apple, and then you take bites of the apple. Watch out, though, because you’ll probably want to eat around the core. Actually, come to think of it, eating an apple is more complicated than working with your Klik Belt. Plus, you don’t have the potential of choking on your Klik Belt.

Finding Something New To Watch On Netflix

Scratch that; everyone knows that finding something new on Netflix that they’re willing to commit to is next to impossible. Here’s what we’ll say: tightening your Klik Belt is as easy as defaulting to The Office.

Making A Bowl Of Cereal For Breakfast

Technically, preparing yourself a bowl of cereal involves more steps than securing your Klik Belt. First, you have to locate a bowl, and then locate the box of cereal. Then you have to locate the milk. Then you have to open the box, pour the cereal in the bowl, and then follow up with the milk. Finally, you must find a spoon to eat it with. It’s just more complicated than working with a Klik Belt.

Simplify Your Mornings With Our Belts That Click

The choice is simple: choose a Klik Belt. Shop our main collection of men’s and women’s belts for sale today!

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