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If you read the title of this blog post thinking that this is a fashion guide on how to look good during Thanksgiving, then we apologize because you’re sorely mistaken. The proverbial Thanksgiving feast — the meal that tops all of the other meals of the year — is not one that’s described by words like “glamorous”, “dainty”, or “modest.”

No, Thanksgiving means that you’re going to starve yourself all morning and a good chunk of the afternoon, and reward yourself with as many thousands of calories as you can fit in your belly. There’s nothing elegant about that, but everything about it is oh-so-satisfying.

The Most Comfortable Belt For Your Thanksgiving Meal

Of course, this means that you should wear appropriate clothing for the big Turkey Day meal. We’re not talking about your classic sweater-dress shirt and khakis combo, either. You’re going to want comfortable, loose-fitting and expandable clothing designed to withstand your growing stomach as it begins to fill up with delicious food. That’s not the most pretty picture, but let’s be real: isn’t this an accurate characterization of Thanksgiving gluttony?

Dress Well, Eat Well

Let’s be clear: there’s nothing wrong with a well-deserved annual feast. We work hard throughout the calendar year, and Thanksgiving serves as a nice break in between the rest of the year and the holidays to come in December. All we’re saying is that you shouldn’t be supporting your pants with an overly tight belt because that’s certainly going to limit your caloric intake, and that’s just not the American way.

It only makes sense to dress comfortably as you eat some tasty comfort food this November. If you’re someone who religiously tucks in their shirt and wears a belt no matter the occasion, we respect that. That’s why we sell the most comfortable belt on the market that’s not only flexible and easily adjustable, but also snaps tight with one simple “click.” We think that a Klik Belt is the perfect Thanksgiving Day belt for you.

If you’re ready to eat like there’s no tomorrow, here are several ideal clothing items to accommodate for the big meal.


While the weather may be well below freezing outside, wearing a dress for your Thanksgiving meal is not a bad idea for our ladies out there (and gentlemen, too — we don’t judge). This way, your thighs won’t be tightly constricted by pants, meaning that you’ll be able to save plenty of room for dessert. Don’t worry; there’s plenty of time to work this gargantuan meal off before the end of the day. Even then, there’s also New Year’s.


When it’s cold outside but a dress is on your sights, leggings are the logical addition to your outfit. The elastic fibers are quite stretchy and allow for a good amount of expansion as you start filling up. Again, this isn’t the most guy-friendly clothing option, especially for a Thanksgiving meal, but we’d be lying if we said that leggings weren’t comfortable and stretchy no matter who wears them. We’re just saying.

Pregnancy Pants

When it comes to comfortable pants with a stretchy, elastic waist designed to expand, pregnancy pants are in a league of their own. Here’s something that’s great about them: you don’t have to be pregnant to wear them. That’s right. In fact, we’d say that pregnancy pants were also designed with a massive Thanksgiving meal in mind.

Joey Tribbiani of Friends agrees with us.

Stove Top Thanksgiving Dinner Pants

If you’re even more hardcore than we are about the upcoming mega meal, then chances are you already have legitimate Thanksgiving Dinner Pants from the good folks over at Stove Top. As a viral sensation of Thanksgiving 2017, these pants hit the media spotlight as the pants of Turkey Day.

Sure, you may look and feel pretty ridiculous wearing a pair of these, but we can’t imagine that anyone else in the world is as comfortable as you in the moment. Well, except for everyone wearing a pair of these, of course.

Happy Thanksgiving From The Team At Klik Belts!

For those that still wish to dress up and look photo-ready over the holidays but still be comfortable, our no hole belts are the best solution for you. Shop the world’s most comfortable belts online today!

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