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At Klik Belts, we’re proud to provide a variety of the world’s strongest belts suitable for virtually any use. From the workplace to the open trails and just about everywhere and anywhere in between, we truly believe that we make the most durable, versatile belts on the planet. What other belt can withstand over 4,000 lbs of force...and do this?

We’ll admit that we tend to brag about our belts quite often. But our praise has been earned over the 5 short years that we’ve been in business, and it’s incredibly rewarding to earn the loyalty of our satisfied customers and hear about how awesome our quick release belts have been in helping people around the world. In our opinion, everyone needs a good, comfortable, and supportive belt — after all, it’s not like people are going to stop wearing clothes anytime soon.

The Perfect Strong Belts For Strong Women

While Klik Belts are designed to function as belts for holsters, we want our readers to know that they’re certainly not just for the guys. Our belts for women offer a range of fun and stylish colors designed to far outperform traditional women’s belts, and in today’s blog post, we’d like to pay our respects to all of the belt-wearing ladies out there.

Because we know our ladies are so awesome (and they’re even cooler when sporting a Klik Belt around their waist), we’ll be taking a look at five incredible wild west heroines. These women are the epitome of strength, fortitude, and sheer badassery, and we think that they have a lot in common with our ladies who wear Klik Belts. Let’s get started.

4 Female Historical Figures Who Embody The Spirit Of Our Klik Belt Wearers

Calamity Jane

There are few women who truly exemplify the term “American frontierswoman,” and Calamity Jane is one of them. Known for being an acquaintance of Wild Bill Hickok and making an appearance in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, Calamity Jane exhibited an interesting mix of daredevil-like behavior and compassionate actions toward others.

Her real name is Martha Jane Canary, and she received the moniker “Calamity Jane” from Captain Egan, a military figure who fought against Native Americans. During the campaign of 1872-1873 in Goose Creek, Wyoming, Capt. Egan was shot after a sudden ambush. After noticing that he was about to fall off his saddle, Jane rode by on her horse in the nick of time and managed to catch him as he fell. Upon his recovery, the captain said, “I name you Calamity Jane, the heroine of the plains.” She took the name to heart.

Bonnie Parker

The name “Bonnie Parker” might not mean much to most people, but when Bonnie’s name is paired with “Clyde,” they immediately know who she is. Before her crime-ridden stint with Clyde, Bonnie was an intelligent student with legal ambitions. She wanted to become an actress, but at the young age of 19, she met Clyde, who was already an ex-con at the age of 20. It was love at first impression, and Boonie soon joined Clyde’s gang to work full-time as a thief and a shameless murderer.

Their infamous two-year crime spree spanned five different states and resulted in the unfortunate death of 13 civilians. The two could only run for so long, as in 1933, a warrant called for their arrest. In 1934, they were gunned down in an ambush led by Frank Hamer, a Texas Ranger.

The 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde, starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, greatly helped popularize these historical figures.

Mary Fields

“Stagecoach” Mary Fields may not be as popular as Bonnie and Clyde or sharpshooter extraordinaire Annie Oakley, but she’s arguably the toughest woman mentioned in this blog. With $5 and a glass of whiskey on the line, she once bet a group of men in a bar in Cascade, MT that she could knock them out with a single punch. She was successful.

Mary Fields was once a slave, but worked as the first black female postal worker in history after the 13th Amendment passed. She was also known for doing tough, physical work and made 120-mile supply runs from Cascade to Helena. It was during one of these runs where a pack of ravenous wolves attacked her horses, causing her cart to flip over. Using only a small lamp for light at night, Fields fought off every single Wolf with her shotgun, revolver, and pure adrenaline.

Needless to say, Mary Fields went down as one of the toughest and coolest frontierswomen of all time.

Annie Oakley

We couldn’t include a small list of wild west heroines without Annie Oakley. Perhaps the most famous female sharpshooter and exhibition shooter of all time, Oakley’s talent entered the limelight at a young age of 15 after she beat out traveling-show marksman Frank E. Butler (she later married him). Her popularity grew when Oakley and Butler joined Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, where she likely encountered Calamity Jane!

Here are a few quick facts about her:

  • She made her first shot at just 8 years old.
  • Her shooting skills were used to pay off her mother’s mortgage.
  • She was only 5-feet tall.
  • She traveled to Europe to perform for kings and queens.
  • She even offered to help lead female shooters in WWI.

Annie never had any trouble delighting her audiences. With ease, she could shoot dimes thrown into the air, extinguish the flame of candles with a long-range shot, and even shoot cigarettes straight out of her husband’s lips (talk about trust right there!). She was even known to shoot over her shoulder using a simple hand mirror for her vision.

The World’s Strongest Belts — Perfect For The Strongest Women

At Klik Belts, we proudly support our fellow belt-wearing ladies out there. Though you may not be a wild west outlaw like some of these historical figures, you can share their values of independence and frontiersmanship with the help of a Klik Belt on your side. Explore our women’s collection today.

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