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At Klik Belts, we’re all about constant innovation. Though we’ve only been around since 2014, we’ve done a lot to disrupt the belt market as it was once known, providing the world’s strongest and most comfortable belts thanks to our high-quality webbing and COBRA® belt buckles made by the good folks over at AustriAlpin. 

We’ve reinvented the belt game, offering stylish and lightweight belts designed to support the weight of gun holsters and help everyday belt wearers experience the comfort that they deserve. 

One particular area of the market that we’ve been researching is travelers. Millions and millions of people travel every single day, and most of these fine folks wear a belt. The problem comes down to having a metal belt buckle, and being forced to take it off when going through airport security. Our solution? A TSA friendly belt that looks as good as it performs. 

Introducing Our New Line Of Polymer COBRA® Buckle Belts 

That’s right — we’ve done it again! The Klik Belts team is proud to announce our new line of high strength polymer buckle belts. They’ve been designed by AustriAlpin, makers of our traditional metal COBRA® belt buckles. What does this mean for you as a belt wearer and avid traveler? 

It means that you’ll get to enjoy the unparalleled strength, durability, and versatility that traditional Klik Belts are known for, all in an extremely lightweight offering that’s designed to help you breeze by airport security. Unlike your shoes, backpack, jacket, or other items, you don’t have to take it off!

Total TSA Compliance

The only thing more frustrating than having to take your belt off at a TSA security checkpoint is forgetting to take it off when you enter the scanner, only to be harassed because you have a piece of metal on you. Friends, we are excited to plainly state that this will no longer be an issue. 

When you choose our surprisingly affordable polymer TSA approved belt, you’ll enjoy total confidence and security (ironically) knowing that your belt will never give you any trouble. We guarantee 100% infra-red reduction compliance as well as the U.S. Berry Amendment compliance for government applications. 

Uncompromised Strength

A lot of thought went into the design of our TSA approved belts. Sure, it’s easy to simply do away with our traditional metal buckle in place of a plastic-polymer solution, but the trick was in providing the same reinforced strength that our wearers know and love. 

We consider our polymer buckles to be “more robust than any other type of plastic hardware on the market,” meaning that you’re still getting most of the strength of a traditional Klik Belt, all with a lighter on-body feel (and of course, TSA compliance). 

Our new line of non-metal TSA belts have a targeted tensile load of 500lbf/2,2kN, which in layman’s terms, means that they’re ridiculously strong. 

The Same Ease Of Use And Comfort As Before

Over the years, we’ve learned that Klik Belt wearers tend to sport our belts for a variety of reasons. While many possess concealed carry permits and need a reliable support system for their holster (and pants), others simply want a comfortable belt that doesn’t poke or prod into their sides. 

Just about any Klik Belt wearer has truly enjoyed how easy they are to secure. What’s even better is that satisfying “click” noise you get when the buckle is secured — after all, that’s what we’re named after! We are proud to say that our TSA approved polymer buckle belts are just as easy to use and comfortable to wear as our standard COBRA® buckle belts. 

In other words, lightweight construction, TSA compliance, ease of use, strength, and comfort all make our polymer buckle line a win/win. 

More Than TSA Compliance

Though our new line of polymer belts are primarily intended for the frequent flyer, they’re also ideal for pretty much anyone who routinely encounters a metal detector. Prison guards, courthouse officers, attorneys, federal and state employees, and other people who work inside a secure area know how inconvenient it can be to take off their belt and other metal-wear before walking through the scanner. 

That’s why we’ve made it easy to save time and effort by walking through without any issues. 

Looks Good, Feels Good

We’ve anticipated some feedback from the Klik Community regarding this concern: “Polymer belt buckles are a great idea, but how can they look as sharp and sleek as a metal belt buckle?” Well, the truth is that, yes, maybe our polymer buckles aren’t quite as stylish as our good-looking line of belts. You got us on that one. 

Now, that being said, our TSA approved belts are designed for function and convenience more so than aesthetic. We’ll also say that our readers and shoppers are used to the sleek look of our metal COBRA® belts, and we’re confident that the polymer look will grow on them over time. 

Just check out our current offerings of matte black/OD green, matte black/brown, and black-on-black. Bryan over at Survival On Purpose also has a number of great things to say about our new line! 

TSA Approved Belts Done Right — Shop Today!

If you’re a frequent traveler, federal employee, or just someone that doesn’t want to be hassled into taking off their belt, we encourage you to shop our online belt store for the world’s strongest TSA approved belt. Feel free to contact the Klik Team with any questions!

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