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Generally speaking, there are three times of the year: times when you’re cold but you can put on extra warm clothing, times when you’re uncomfortably hot and only air conditioning can save you, and those special times where the ambient temperature is just right. Unfortunately, it’s seldom the “ideal” temperature in most places in the world at any given time. Summertime is no exception, bringing some truly sweltering temperatures and humidity to many parts of the United States.

The imminent heat presents problems for many concealed carry holders. Though your Klik Belt will, of course, reliably support the weight of your concealed carry holster, you’re still legally obligated to uphold the namesake of a concealed carry permit: by concealing it.

No one particularly enjoys being hot and sweaty, and we’re sure that includes our fellow concealed carry owners out there. Keep reading below for some great tips on how to keep it cool this summer while sporting one of our belts for holsters here at Klik Belts.

How To Stay Cool While Carrying A Concealed Firearm This Summer

Wear Breathable, Sweat-Wicking Materials

Thick, heavy cotton layers aren’t going to do you much good when it’s 95 degrees out with 95% humidity. Do yourself a favor and invest in a few pairs of lightweight workout shirts, shorts, and pants that allow your skin underneath to breathe. The polyester materials aren’t just useful for preventing heat exhaustion while carrying a concealed firearm, but they’re also very practical for any type of physical activity: hiking, fishing, running, or even going to the gym.

Drink More Water Than Usual

This tip sounds a little silly, but if you’re going to carry around the extra weight of a loaded down holster while it’s really hot outside, you’re probably going to sweat more than you normally would. The most logical way to cool off when you’re profusely sweating is to stay hydrated with plenty of water and electrolytes, which is something that everyone should be doing, especially during the hottest months of the year.

A well-hydrated body won’t make the weight of your holster seem so cumbersome.

Consider Carrying A Smaller Firearm In The Summer

If you haven’t “downgraded” to a smaller gun holster, now might be the best time to do so. You can always keep your larger holster in storage for when it gets cooler (or for those stormy summer days when it’s not hot). The best part? The summer heat gives you an excuse to add another, smaller firearm to your collection. A new firearm and a reduced weight load during the warmer months sounds like an easy win/win to us.

Make Sure To Sport Your Klik Belt

Don’t forget that our belts for gun holsters are specifically designed to support the weight of your holster, all while remaining relatively lightweight and flexible. Klik Belts are ideal to wear during all times of the year, including summer, and we want to make sure that you can comfortably concealed carry no matter what the conditions are outside.

If you’re not convinced by our claims about the strength of our clickable belts, just check out what thousands of people have said about our products.

Let Us Know How We Can Help!

At Klik Belts, we believe in the right to possess a concealed carry permit no matter how hot it is outside — just make sure that you’re abiding by the law with the help of our strong belts for holsters. Our goal is to cater to people of all types who have a common need: a comfortable yet extremely strong and supportive belt. If you have any custom needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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