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It takes more than style and class to be a true gentleman. Gentlemen are kind, courteous, wise, and as the name might imply, gentle when the time is appropriate. People typically picture a man wearing a three-piece suit with a dapper, waxed mustache when they think about what a gentleman looks like, but they rarely give enough thought to how a gentleman should act.

Keep It Clean And Stylish With Our Men’s Belts For Sale

Though your typical gentleman probably wouldn’t wear one of our clickable belts with the rest of their outfit, we’re here to seamlessly blend style, practicality, and comfort into the ultimate belt: a Klik Belt! Our fashion and formal collection features some truly impressive leather clickable belts for sale, and though we’re biased, we have to say that these belts look pretty sharp — even by true gentlemen standards.

Going beyond dressing sharp and acting chivalrous, Klik Belts offers these gentlemanly tips to put into practice in conjunction with your stylish and functional men’s belt.

Acting Gentlemanly With Your Klik Belt Around Your Waist

Pay Attention To Your Personal Hygiene

Looking “clean” means nothing if you’re not physically clean underneath all of those fancy clothes. You should put a lot of effort into how you look and smell to others. This isn’t to say that you should care about other people’s judgment and live your life for them, but let’s be honest: no one appreciates someone that smells bad or looks like they haven’t showered in six days.

A true gentleman is well-groomed. You can keep the beard, as this is 2019, after all. Just make sure to regularly groom it and maintain it with beard oil. The takeaway is that if it looks like you put effort into your appearance, then you actually did put effort into it.

Keep Your Language Clean And Respectful

Your appearance isn’t the only thing that should come across as clean. Try to minimize the usage of your sailor vocabulary, especially if you’re on a date or with your significant other. There’s a time and a place to swear and speak of vulgarities, but more often than not, you’ll want to keep your language classy. It’s what a true gentleman would do.

Be Clear And Intentional, But Patient

True gentlemen know what they want, and they know how to speak clearly in order to achieve their desires. That being said, a kind gentleman is not hasty or aggressive in their actions or intentions. They know how to say a lot with only a few words, but they’re also perfectly fine to wait for something, even if it’s frustrating on the inside.

Hold Open That Door

Though this chivalrous practice might seem antiquated in today’s progressive day and age, it’s not. It’s perfectly acceptable to offer to split the check with your date (of course, being willing to pick it up if they’re not receptive), but walking in front of someone and forcing themselves to open a door is not acceptable. A good gentleman always walks at someone’s side and follows them into a building after holding the door open.

If you’re looking to really go the extra mile and dazzle your date, holding the car door open for them is not cheesy. It’s a classy move that shows you care.

Don’t Leave Messes

A true gentleman picks up after himself no matter what the situation is. Not only are you setting a good example for others by being responsible for your messes, but you’re also demonstrating that you have respect for the people and resources around you. A true gentleman might even go out of his way to pick up trash at a park or help clean up a mess that he had no part in creating.


No one is perfect, and everyone tells a little white lie here and there. But a gentleman never intentionally deceives others by lying or manipulating information. You should tell the truth and live by the virtue of integrity.

Dress Sharp With Our Leather Men’s Belts For Sale

Naturally, as we mentioned above, a true gentleman puts a lot of effort into their appearance. Klik Belts are stylish, functional, and of course, extremely comfortable. Discover your favorite color today.

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