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As common and ubiquitous as belts are, the number of people that wear the wrong belt is truly staggering. More often than not, people default to a belt that they hastily purchased at a department store and hope would fit them well. Something as seemingly simple as a belt shouldn’t serve as something that one could mess up by wearing, but by choosing a flimsy, low-quality belt, you’ve already made a crucial mistake.

Finding The Right Belt: Tips And Advice From Klik Belts

When it comes to finding the right belt, there’s more to consider than just the length of the belt — something that many folks take into consideration almost solely. As the go-to online belt company specializing in belts with COBRA® buckles as well as strong belts for holsters, we believe that it is our duty to help inform these folks about what to consider in their belt purchase.

While this is by no means a comprehensive guide on all things belts, here’s what you should know about buying a belt.

Invest In A Belt That Will Last You Years (Or Even A Lifetime)

If you dress for the job or simply enjoy the look of a tucked in shirt, then wearing a belt is practically required to complete your look. So, if you frequently wear a belt, doesn’t it make sense to get one that’s going to stand the test of time? Going through belts like cheap pairs of shoes just doesn’t make sense from a long-term financial perspective.

You’ll also want a belt that’s strong and comfortable, free of a cheap belt buckle that pokes into your side every time you sit down. It’s with these reasons in mind that it makes good sense to get a Klik Belt that’s handmade with nylon and genuine leather as well as stainless steel.

The Right Length

Most belts are marked with waist numbers (i.e. 28, 30, 32, etc.). While it’s true that most people are familiar with this belt sizing system, they often purchase a belt that’s a little too small for their waist size. By that, what we mean is that belts are often purchased that match the size of their waist, meaning that there’s no extra belt to feed through one of the loops. When the size of your belt matches your waist almost precisely, you’re forced to barely use the first hole on the belt, if that.

Ideally, you want a little slack with your belt. What makes Klik Belts so brilliant is that we don’t use pre-drilled holes in our belts to secure the buckle. Instead, our COBRA® belt buckles simply clamp down on any part of the belt, meaning that you can adjust your belt down to the margin of a millimeter if you so choose.


What your belt is made out of will affect not only how long it’ll last, but also how comfortable it will be to wear. Many people swear by genuine leather belts, and that’s why we offer leather belts with COBRA® belt buckles on our site. Stylistically speaking, leather belts are incredibly versatile and go with almost any outfit.

For something even more durable that’s ready to stand up to some serious wear and tear, a nylon belt is a great option. Though it’s hard to pull off a nylon belt in a formal outfit, a nylon belt strap will last you a very long time. Plus, nylon doesn’t need to be maintained, unlike leather.

The Buckle

When it comes down to the most important piece of any belt, the buckle is what really separates Klik Belts from other belt brands. We’re the only ones on the market with belt buckles made from 7075 alloy in the form of a COBRA® buckle. Not only are these suckers incredibly strong, but they’re also easy to secure: simply “klik” it together just like you would with an airplane seatbelt. You’ll never have to worry about it coming undone or prodding into your side.

Shop Our Belts That Last A Lifetime!

Comfort, style, longevity, and ease of use: these are the qualities of a belt that only a Klik Belt can offer. For a belt that easily checks off all of the ideal belt criteria, choose one of our COBRA® buckle belts. Shop today.

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