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In a previous blog, we provided a couple of recommendations for companies that we admire who have a similar dedication to providing their customers with high quality goods that are built to last a lifetime. If owning the best is a priority in your life (like your grandpa always used to say, “buy it nice or buy it twice), we’d encourage you to make purchases that support hard working Americans. Check that blog out if you’re interested!

Today, though, we’re going to take a look at how you can build a sharp looking outfit around the best men’s belts around--Klik Belts!

Men’s Work Belts That Work for Daily Use As Well

One of the best things about Klik Belts is that they’re equally at home on the jobsite as they are out on the town for date night. Their versatility is truly a treasure considering that there aren’t many other pieces of clothing that can take on that task! What makes Klik Belts the best men’s belts is that they’re easy to dress up or down.

Let’s get one thing out of the way really quick. There’s often an association with a man who likes to look good as being less masculine. That’s just not the case, and it’s unfortunate that that attitude ever took over. It’s the reason we look back at men’s fashion in the 80s and 90s and wonder what the heck they were thinking.

The Best Belts for Men

It is true, however, that many men don’t want to spend the time to shop. Thankfully, online shopping makes it easier than ever to dress the way you want to. There’s an old piece of advice that goes something like this--”however you want to be perceived, act as if you’re already that way and shortly, you will be that way.”

That means that if you want to dress like a lumberjack, go ahead and do it. If you want to wear slim cut jeans, go for it. Don’t feel like just because the retail store down the street is offering acid washed dad jeans for $10 a pair you have to buy them. Instead, purchase quality over quantity. Find something that you like, purchase one or two of that item (instead of two dozen different ones) and wear it until you can’t anymore.

Trust us when we say that simplifying your wardrobe is the first step in simplifying your life. If you own less, but you actually enjoy what you own, you’re more likely to be happy.

It’s also true that when you dress well and you feel like you look great, everything is just better.

3 Rules for Pairing the Best Men’s Belts with Your Own Outfits

Back to the topic at hand--how do you build an outfit around a Klik Belt? Thankfully, it’s pretty easy. Follow the basic rules, and you’ll be set for life.

  1. Match your belt to your shoes. This is a rule that’s been around forever, and it’s generally still a good one to follow. In today’s world, we can update it just a bit though. Instead of feeling like you have to be matchy-matchy, consider the vibe. If your boots are dark brown and your belt is coyote brown, that’s good enough. Just take a look at your shoes and your belt together. You’ll know if it’s not right.
  2. Take tips from styles you like. If Al Borland is your fashion role model, then tucked in flannel shirts, work boots, and jeans are going to be your friend. Prefer to look like Michael Westen from Burn Notice? A grey suit (and a grey Klik Belt) is the way to go. Choose a style and commit.
  3. Dress smart. That means that simply putting a bit of thought into what you’re wearing will go a long way. No matter how you choose to dress, simply being intentional about it is all that’s needed to take your style from boring to enviable. Wear what you like and invest in quality--that’s half the battle anyway!

However you choose to dress, do it confidently, knowing that your Klik Belt is the best men’s belt on the planet and that it was designed for the best men on the planet. Order yours today!

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