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Long hours spent wearing the wrong clothing can really make your day feel less than enjoyable. Tight, restrictive clothing made with non-breathable materials leads to excessive sweating and even chafing if you live an active lifestyle, ultimately dampening your mood and ruining an otherwise fine day. A poking and prodding belt can make long hours sitting at a desk practically unbearable. Uncomfortable shoes with virtually zero support? Don’t even get us started on that one.

We Think You Deserve Daily Comfort. Do You?

Fortunately, you don’t have to let the discomfort win. You can comfortably go about each day knowing that your clothing isn’t going to hold you back from doing what you love, what you’re good at doing, or tackling the demands of the day. Your mind should be focused on whatever you want it to be instead of fixating on how uncomfortable you are. That’s a fairly simple idea, but it’s also something that countless Americans (and folks around the world) fail to put into practice.

Our Online Belt Store Cares

Well, Klik Belts is here to remind our readers that your comfort matters. We live out this value of daily comfort and functionality through the belts that we sell, designed to handle excessive wear and tear while looking good doing it. Without your typical belt holes or uncomfortable buckle system that you’re used to, the belts that we sell are easily adjustable and will always hold their position thanks to the patented COBRA® buckle hardware that we use.

So, you’ve got your belt “on lock,” but what about other everyday clothing items designed for optimal comfort and performance? Keep reading below for some comfort-friendly clothing tips from Klik Belts.

Wear Breathable, Synthetic Materials

When you’re enduring the blazing heat of the summer and it’s 80 degrees outside with 50 percent humidity, you’re not doing yourself any favors by wearing a cotton t-shirt. These days, clothing with sweat-wicking materials is actually pretty common, and it’s not difficult to wear performance polos that perfectly combine comfort and a professional look.

These materials were once associated with athletic wear, but they’ve hit mainstream, everyday clothing. Use them to your advantage; your torso and your legs will thank you.

Don’t Underestimate The Importance Of Layering

When it’s not summer and you’re living in an area that gets really cold, you’ll need to layer clothing to stay warm. This is especially important in high elevation areas that often come with rapidly fluctuating temperatures. An insulated, down jacket over thermal base layers topped with a waterproof exterior jacket is an excellent way to stay completely warm and dry when there’s inclement weather afoot.

Layering may not always be the most stylish approach to fashion, but smart layering is guaranteed to keep you feeling comfortable, warm, and dry when the elements throw you some shade.

Upgrade Your Sock Collection

Most people don’t pay enough attention to what’s on their feet. No, we’re not talking about your shoes, either — we mean what’s in between your feet and your shoes. Many socks are incredibly thin and aren’t made with breathable materials, meaning that after a long day of standing, walking, or simply wearing your shoes, your feet sweat and are left with...well, you get the idea. Feet can get pretty gross, and low-quality socks aren’t helping.

Spruce up your sock drawer with high-performance dress socks, thick wool socks, and other pairs of socks designed to breathe and repel moisture.

Embrace The Idea Of Insoles

If you spend a lot of time working on your feet or walking around all day, you’re going to need shoes with a good amount of cushioning on the bottom. Unfortunately, comfortable running shoes just don’t look very good with other casual or business attire, so you’re left with putting gel inserts or other insoles into your better-looking shoes. Fortunately, doing so is very easy and quite accessible.

Even without custom insoles designed to match the contours of your feet, generic insoles will make a world of difference compared to the standard, worn-down insoles that came with your shoes.

Complete Your Outfit With The Most Comfortable Belt Online

A comfortable, functional outfit is simply incomplete without the right belt for the job. Shop the most comfortable belts online here at Klik Belts!

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