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There’s no telling when you might need to randomly secure something. You could be helping your friend move their furniture by loading some items into the bed of their truck, only to realize that you need some type of bungee cord or ratchet strap to secure the load. In the past, if someone told you, “Use your belt to tighten this sofa down!”, you would think they are crazy. But that was back in the day where you wore a flimsy, uncomfortable and weak belt. Since then, you’ve upgraded to a Klik Belt.

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Indeed, Klik Belts are strong — really strong. We utilize COBRA® buckle technology pioneered by the folks over at AustriAlpin, consisting of 7075 aluminum. This is one of the strongest metals available used for a variety of commercial applications including fighter jets, passenger planes, and even space travel! Due to the strength of the materials we utilize, Klik Belts can withstand a total force of about 4,050lbs or 18kN (kiloNewtons). Just check out this video to see how strong our belts really are.

The strength of Klik Belts also makes them incredibly versatile. Here are some great ideas for inspiration to utilize your Klik Belt as a makeshift ratchet strap or bungee cord (note: Klik Belts is not responsible for any injuries or damage sustained while using our belts for any purpose, including purposes other than wearing them around your waist).

For Hoisting Up Heavy Items

Manually lifting bulky and/or heavy items is not only strenuous, but can result in serious injuries. Your Klik Belt can be fastened in a way that holds the weight of the item that you’re trying to move up above you.

When Woodworking

Woodworking frequently involves the use of clamps to secure a piece of wood to a table saw or another surface. Your Klik Belt can work as a clamp to do just this. Make sure to wear protective eyewear and exercise extreme caution when working with power tools and other woodworking implements!

For Makeshift Repairs

It is not uncommon for people to throw a strap or two on the exterior of their vehicle in order to hold up their bumper, quarter panel, or another piece of bodywork until they can afford to have the shop fix it. While we wouldn’t recommend driving a vehicle with bodywork that’s supported by a strap (especially at highway speeds), your Klik Belt can withstand plenty of force to keep your car’s body panel safely secured.

For Slacklining

You might look like a bit of a hippie for establishing a slackline between two trees at your local park, but it is possible to slackline with a Klik Belt. Of course, your slackline will be pretty short, so if you have multiple Klik Belts, combine them for a longer slackline.

For Pulling A Vehicle Out Of The Mud

We’re not saying that a Klik Belt is going to be nearly as effective as a legitimate winch in terms of pulling stuck vehicles out of a ditch, but we’re saying that it could work. If you’re concerned about causing further damage to any vehicle involved in such a situation, get a professional tow truck driver on the scene.

In Place Of Traditional Rope

Rope is useful for many different applications: tying knots, scaling the side of buildings in an urban exploration quest, and tying down your victims onto a railroad track in an old-timey villain fashion (kidding). In all seriousness, your Klik Belt’s COBRA® buckle will have no problem holding your weight or the weight of whatever you’re tying your belt around.

Strapping Down A Tent

Multiple Klik Belts used in place of rope or tent stakes could be an effective way to secure your tent to the ground. Remember, a tent that isn’t tethered to the Earth is as good as gone the moment the wind picks up.

Functional, Stylish, And Ultra-Durable: That’s Klik Belts!

At Klik Belts, we pride ourselves on the superior versatility of the strongest belt that you’ll ever come across. Life is too short to cheat your waist with a flimsy, inferior belt. Get a Klik Belt today to experience the difference that a great belt makes.

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