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How Do I choose A Belt Size To Fit Me?

What if my waist is larger than 46 inches?

Can I custom cut the length of my belt?

Will the belt fit through my belt loops on my pants?

Belt Types

What is the difference between a 1 Ply Regular Duty belt and a 2 Ply Tactical Duty Belt?

Can I add Velcro® to the tail?

Can you make custom color combinations not shown on website?

What is the belt made out of?

How do I put the belt on and take the belt off?

What if my belt breaks?

I'm allergic to nickel. Does the buckle contain any nickel?


When will my belts ship?

Do you ship Internationally?

Can I return my Klik Belts?


How did you choose the name Klik Belts?

Why did you decide to re-invent the belt?

How strong are your belts?