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Helder Gomes

Coach Helder has had a passion for the outdoors, combatives, and preparedness his entire life; whether it is from his time spent earning the rank of Eagle Scout in his early teens, to his tour as an active-duty United States Marine. He shares his skill set by teaching military and law enforcement all around the world. When Helder isn’t traveling to teach, you can find him on the trail hiking with his dogs while he tests survival gear and new methods for his students.
These survival skills have helped him through many situations, from the mundane, to the life threatening. His passion is teaching the hard earned skills and knowledge he has accumulated over the years and conveying the information to people in easy to understand ways. Whether his students are elite military operators or soccer moms, Coach Helder’s method can be incorporated by anyone wanting to better themselves.
Coach Helder is the founder of the Warrior Zero Project and is continually developing new content for his members as he strives to keep them; Always Prepared!

"I have owned and tested many tactical belts over the years. Not only do Klik Belts fit more comfortably than other belts in the same price range but I feel that they give me the confidence that they will keep up with whatever my current task is. Whenever I’m on the job or just enjoying recreational time on the trail, Klik Belts are my go to choice for tactical belts.
My Pit Bull, Bruno, is also a big fan of the Klik Belts dog collar. The collars look great but also provides me with additional confidence by keeping my dog safe and comfortable throughout our little adventures."

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KY Ferguson

I am a self taught photographer and videographer from the Pacific Northwest. My first camera I picked up was a gopro and the rest is history from there. I am an adventure photographer who loves to bring the beauty of nature to those around him. Nature has always played a big part in my life and inspiring others to see the world through their own eyes and experiences is very important to me.
One of the reason I take photos is because that moment and memory may never happen again and in nature that scene and place may never look the same as it did when I was there. These are memories that will be saved for generations to come and enjoy.

"One of the big reasons I love Klik belts is that when I am in the field taking photos or doing any other form of outdoor activities I know that I am secure with my belt. If I ever got stuck in a jam I could utilize the strength and versatility of the Klik belt and MacGyver my way out of the situation. In a short version though Klik belts are a security of mine that I never want to be caught without whenever I am wearing pants."

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Sara Owen

Growing up in Utah gave me a beautiful place to cultivate my love for adventuring in the outdoors. As a family we would go camping in our pop up trailer, traveling down dirt trails on the four wheelers for miles on end, fishing by our cabin and exploring the canyons close to where we lived. For as long as I can remember my father had a camera that he took on our trips. Looking through old photo albums you could see how he beautifully captured the landscape with such passion.
Photography allows me to capture a moment and imprint the emotions I felt in that experience forever. I want people who look at my images to feel the emotion of the stunning beauty of this earth.

"Why I love Klik Belts: First Klik Belts has been so supportive of my photography visions and encouraged me to pursue them. The support personally ive received you don't get that everywhere. The look and functionality of the belt is fantastic."

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Richie Arnold

Full time SWAT Operator on the west coast.

"Klik Belts are one of the strongest, most reliable belts that I’ve worn. Not only do I trust them on operations, but I wear them for my every day carry. The color combos don’t hurt either!"

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Bryan Stevens

Bryan Stevens is the founder of Survival On Purpose, where he brings a family friendly, “regular guy” perspective to information and gear reviews related to camping, survival, and general preparedness. 

Bryan's decades of experience as a Scoutmaster, along with his passion for the 2nd Amendment, concealed carry and the gun culture, give him a keen appreciation of "stuff that works"

His ability to explain complicated topics in a straightforward, “real world” way and his thorough product demonstrations are two of the reasons Survival On Purpose continues to grow and attract new fans and industry partners. Most people can identify with Bryan's “low-tech” delivery and his positive attitude and his focus on working with quality partners has created a high level of trust for his recommendations and opinions.

"Like many people who carry a concealed firearm, I tried a lot of belts over the years looking for "the perfect belt" for me. I really liked the strength and adjustability of the Cobra buckle design but all of the ones I tried before were a real pain in the neck to deal with and many would not work with my favorite jeans. Then I tried a Klik Belt and I knew I had found what I was looking for. Just put the belt on like normal, run the free end through the belt like any other belt, and you are good to go. Since I started wearing my Klik Belt, my search for the perfect belt is over"

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Ron Grobman

For Ron Grobman, Krav Maga is not a job — it is a way of life. At the age of 16, Ron became the youngest certified Krav Maga instructor in the United States through Krav Maga Worldwide.

He has since attained the rank of 1st sergeant in the Israeli military, served in the IDF Special Forces reconnaissance battalion as a sniper, been certified through International Krav Maga under Gabi Noah, and gained Krav Maga Trainer certification from the Wingate Institute in Israel.

Ron was able to accomplish his goals though working with civilians, law enforcement agencies, and military personnel as a Krav Maga instructor.

Ron’s passion for teaching is evident in every session, and he has the unique ability to tailor his lessons to the individual needs and goals of his students. In this way, he connects with every student on a personal level and ensures their continued success.

Come train with Ron and let him put his experience, enthusiasm, and passion to work for you.

Currently Ron is the founder and owner of Tactical Fitness, a training company specializing in a combination of firearms and Krav Maga training. 

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