Belt Accessories, Part 1

Klik Belts makes the strongest men's and women's belts online, hands-down. We use the highest-quality nylon and leather materials, paired with the patented COBRA® belt buckle in order to bring you a belt that will last a lifetime. In sum, we make unstoppable belts for unstoppable people. Whether you are setting out to hike a mountain, going camping with the family, hunting during the fall, or picking up the kids from school, Klik Belts are versatile, durable, everyday belts that will never let you down, no matter your activity of choice.

From working in law enforcement and you need a top-notch tactical or heavy duty belt to being an EMT and saving lives every day, you'll have a belt made and designed to work with you, not against you.

Besides offering the world's strongest belts, we also offer great belt accessories that complement our belts in every way. Below, we'll take a look at some of our most popular belt accessories. Browse our best belts online today!


Klik Apple Watch Band

One of Klik Belts' newest belt accessories is quickly becoming one of our most popular — Klik Apple Watch Band. Made from paracord, this Apple watch band uses the COBRA® buckle to ensure it stands up to the uses you will ask of it. Our tactical watch band won't slide around on your arm, nor will it be too tight to leave a mark. Coming in three sizes, our paracord Apple watch band can be adjusted to whatever size you need. Available in an array of colors for your liking, this rugged outdoor band will stand up to whatever challenge you face in your life, from the boardroom to the new puppy, new baby, or a rugged mountain peak. 

If you ever find yourself in a survival situation, your Apple paracord watch band could just be the belt accessory that saves the day. Use as a pulley system, a trap or snare, a toe line or as a rope. Order your paracord Apple watch band today!

Klik Paracord Bracelet

Besides the obvious function of a belt in holding up your pants, belts can serve you in many situations, including survival situations. Serving as a tourniquet, a rope, a stretcher, cordage, padding, and as a weapon, a belt can serve many purposes.

Thus, when it came to creating belt accessories, Klik Belts knew we had to create a paracord bracelet paired with our COBRA® buckle in order to bring our customers the best of both worlds. Paracord  is a lightweight, nylon rope that was originally designed to be used as a parachute cord (which is where its name comes from) back in World War II. However, people have found a gazillion uses for it since then, many of which have saved lives in survival situations. Paracord is different from other types of rope and cordage in the fact that it has a superior strength to weight ratio that you would need in a survival situation. In fact, paracord has a strength rating of 550 pounds or more.

The uses of paracord are endless, from using to tie tools to your belt, securing your tent, and making a tourniquet to using as a sling for injuries, shoelaces, and a toeline, a paracord bracelet is almost indispensable if you go out in the woods or anywhere outdoors away from people.

Klik Belts' paracord bracelet is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Not only will it match your Klik Belt, but it will hold its own as a survival bracelet. Comfortably snug, it won't cinch your arm nor slide around. The COBRA® buckle is small and compatible with the paracord bracelet, making it equally as comfortable to wear. If you are looking for the perfect survival bracelet, order Klik Belts' Klik Paracord Bracelet today!

Utility Strap

Since Klik Belts makes the strongest men's and women's belts made out of the highest-quality nylon material, we thought we'd use the same high-quality materials and patented COBRA® buckle and make a utility strap as well as one of our belt accessories. Our utility straps are now the strongest in the industry, used for hundreds of different purposes, from hanging your hammock and towing vehicles to carrying heavy loads, tying down your motorcycle and using it to attach your bags to your backpack. Anything you need a utility strap for, ours can help. Available in custom lengths and our double variable COBRA® buckle, these utility straps are available in many colors, including aqua, hunter orange, navy blue, OD green, bright green, wolf gray, pink, yellow, and more.

Similar to paracords, utility straps are a must have for your vehicles as well for your everyday uses. You never know when you will need a tow (or someone else will need a tow), or when you will be in a survival situation with your car nearby. For those who are obsessively prepared for emergencies (and those who aren't, but should be), having Klik Utility Straps in your vehicles can be life-saving. Order this belt accessory today!


It's sometimes nice to have good quality, belt accessories that will last a long time. Klik Belts believes in making high-quality belts and belt accessories that are functional, dependable, and versatile. Having a great Apple Watch Band made from paracord not only makes your Apple watch look good, but could be used in an emergency situation. Similarly, a paracord bracelet and utility straps can go a long way as survival tools should the need arise. If you go out and about in the wilderness or spend any length of time hiking, mountain biking and climbing, camping, riding ATVs, hunting, and the like then you need to be prepared in case an emergency happens. Having basic survival gear, such as paracords and utility straps, could make all the difference. Plus, these belt accessories are great to have for everyday use.

Klik Belts offers great men's and women's belts for all types of uses, from gun belts and outdoor uses to sports and dress belts. Shop all our belts and belt accessories online today!

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