KlikBelts Velcro Patch

$ 3.00

Product Description

Take the Klik Belt brand with you anywhere you go with a Klik Belts velcro patch!  

  • 1 patch per order
  • Fits all Klik Belts men’s and women’s belts
  • Engineered to last

Klik Belts Velcro Patch goes great with our Velcro Added to Tail. This patch will make your men’s or women’s Klik Belt stand out from the crowd, as well as tell everyone that your belt is a Klik Belt. It can mask the appearance of excess webbing. Furthermore, if you have more than one Klik Belt in the same color or someone else in your family has the same Klik Belt as you do, this easy-to-apply velcro patch will distinguish yours from the others. Whether you are using one of our duty belts as a police belt or a concealed carry belt, or you are using our men’s and women’s Klik Belt as an everyday belt for superb quality at the office and at home, this Klik Belts Velcro Patch looks classy anywhere you go. Order yours today!

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  • Superior customer service

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