Build Your Own Custom Klik Belt

Build Your Own Klik Belt

Can’t find the exact belt you’re searching for? At Klik Belts, we can custom-build your belt the way you want it with the Build Your Own Belt option. At Klik Belts, we design and manufacture all of our nylon belts right here in our Austin facility. This allows us to easily custom-make belts to our customer’s specifications. You can choose from our selection of authentic COBRA® buckles as well as your choice of nylon webbing. Whether you’re looking for something to wear while you’re exploring the great outdoors, heading off to work, or spending time around the house, we can make the perfect Klik Belt for you. Each of our Klik Belts features an authentic COBRA® buckle. This lends to the exceptional strength of our belts. We couldn’t create The World’s Strongest Belt without the world’s strongest buckle.

When you choose a Klik Belt, we’re confident that it will be the last belt you’ll ever have to buy — unless you want one in more than one color that is.

  • Superior, handmade craftsmanship
  • Triple-stitched for extra strength
  • Patented world’s strongest COBRA® buckle
  • The buckle is anodized rather than powder-coated, which provides a super hard finish and looks incredible
  • As always, our belts ship free
  • Please Note:
  • Build Your Own Belts are custom-made products and MAY NOT BE RETURNED.
  • If you plan to conceal carry, please order our 2-ply belt. If you don’t plan on wearing a holster, our 1-ply belt may be a better option.
  • Please purchase your pant size. If you size up, your belt will be too big. Do not size up for adjustability — there is an 11-inch one-ply tail included for adjustability.
  • Ensure your measurements are correct. You may include your exact measurements in the order to be sure, or email us at for help. THIS IS IMPORTANT, CUSTOM ORDERS CAN’T BE RETURNED OR EXCHANGED.
  • Please include only one Build Your Own Belt per order. Multiple custom belts in one order may result in the incorrect pairing of buckles and nylon.