Work Uses for Klik Belts

Klik Belts offers the best belts in the industry, from TSA-compliant belts to ladies belts and heavy duty belts. We offer COBRA® belt buckles, which are the strongest in the industry, made from airplane-grade aluminum that simply click together and then pinch to come off. These are great when you need to remove your COBRA® belt buckle in a pinch, say if you are skydiving, or a bear is chasing you because you are carrying treats in a pouch attached to your Klik belt.

Klik Belts’ mission is to offer the strongest, best performing, and most stylish belt for your everyday use that can also be used for your specialty needs, such as concealed carry, outdoor use, and heavy duty use. We are so confident that you will love your Klik belt that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if for some reason you are unsatisfied in any way. We offer free US & APO shipping, and we’ll ship worldwide.

Below, we’ll examine all of the different uses of belts, including work, recreational, emergency, and miscellaneous uses of our top-notch belts. Before we dive in, let’s take a brief look at the history of the belt. Visit us online to order yours today!


Most of us know that belts were invented to hold up your pants so they would not fall down. This is vitally important, especially for women and ladies belts, since women, in general, have a very hard time finding a good pair of jeans that actually fits and looks good. The key here is looking good for women. 

Belts have been around for millenia, since at the very least the Bronze Age (3300 to 1200 BC). Belts, as you can well imagine, began as mere string to hold up simple animal skins, such as loincloths. Other simple fabrics used could have been rope or simple leather made from animal skins. Klik Belts notes that belts held tools, weapons, and other frequently-used objects.

In almost every major religion, belts of some sort (usually cords) were worn by priests at least during important religious ceremonies. The rope belt worn by Catholic priests typically has three Franciscan knots in it, symbolizing their vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience.

Belts also reflected status, wealth, power, and elegance, and they came in various shapes and ornamental forms. Romans used belts to show their rank, which martial arts of today still does. Belts in the Middle Ages were also used to separate knights from serfs: knights wore belts, and serfs did not.

Klik Belts notes that men primarily wore girdles in ancient times to help keep their tunics in place and to have a place to hold their weapon. Women wore girdles around their mid-sections to accentuate their bodies.

Besides its practical purpose, belts have been worn as a fashion statement on and off for almost since their beginning. However, beginning in the 15th century, belts gradually lost all symbolic meaning and began to be worn exclusively as accessory items and for fashion. 

Belts were for the most part mainly worn by men. However, when ladies began to shed their corsets for more comfortable tunic wear, belts came into style to help hold their clothes up. Naturally, ladies belts became more fashionable than men’s and more decorative.


Here in the United States, Klik Belts notes that it’s more common for belts to be worn by men than by women. Belts have been part of soldiers’ uniforms for almost as long as there have been soldiers’ uniforms.

Different ways to wear a belt by the military have gone in and out of fashion as well. The Prussian army usually always wore their belts cinched tight around their stomachs. These belts were wide and held their sabers. It also made the soldiers look extremely trim with wide shoulders and a proud chest, which served to show how impressive of an army they were. For the longest time during the Crimean War, soldiers wore a corset under their uniforms.


Today, men mostly wear belts out of necessity; whereas, women mostly wear belts for fashion. Belts for men have traditionally been either black or brown, between 28-32 mm wide, and with a buckle that usually is made of metal and does not stand out. Belt loops on pants weren’t invented until the 1930s, which made belts more popular than ever. Belt materials have run the gamut as well, from leather to mostly metal even in the 1960s. However, by the 1990s, belt manufacturers had figured out what was popular and wanted by consumer so belts all began to look and be made the same. These belts were medium-sized, neutral-colored with a metal belt buckle that was not gaudy.

That being said, huge belt buckles are still a fashion statement, especially popular with cowboys and in the South. Belts are also awards, like in boxing, martial arts, and wrestling where people compete for belts as the prize. Klik Belt uses the COBRA® belt buckle for all of our belts because we needed a belt buckle that was strong, reliable, safe, secure, and stylish. Made from the same aluminum that the aerospace industry uses to make commercial airlines, fighter jets, and space shuttles, the metal in our COBRA® belt buckles is strong and lightweight. Designed for everyday use and wear and tear, our Klik belts and COBRA® belt buckles are easy to put on, fit through standard belt loops, and one secured, will not come undone.

Nowadays, belts come in all colors, such as those sold by Klik Belts and for all purposes. They are more comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and custom belts have become popular for those who need to carry specialty items. For example, law enforcement needs belts that are heavy duty belts that can carry a holster and a gun. Hence, heavy duty belts, and leather gun belts, such as those offered by Klik Belts, have become popular and useful. 

Recently, it is also becoming increasingly important to have a TSA-compliant belt that will pass through airport security so you don’t have to waste time taking your belt on and off at security. COBRA® belt buckle has designed a polymer belt buckle for Klik Belts that will breeze through metal detectors. Comfortable, secure, and made of no metal, our travel belts are perfect for those looking for the unbeatable quality and standards of Klik Belts, but who just need to get through airport security with little hassle. Try our 1.5" Black/OD Green Poly 2-Ply TSA-Approved Belt that will allow you to go about your business easily anywhere there are metal detectors in place, from the courthouse to the sheriff’s office. Order your TSA-compliant Klik Belt today!

Now that we’ve taken a hard look at the history of belts, it’s time to dive into the work uses of Klik Belts. Read below to learn everything that one simple belt can do, and order your belt online today!


Concealed Carry

Concealed carry does not refer to the carrying of guns by law enforcement. Instead, concealed carry is generally only used by citizens. It is when you carry a gun hidden from those around you. Carrying a firearm concealed is controlled by the states and most require some permit to carry one. Hence, Klik Belt recommends that before you invest in a holster and our leather gun belts that you investigate the process in your state and get whatever applicable permits are needed before buying one of our belts.

Concealed carry is very important in today’s world to some people who want to be able to protect themselves and their families from the random crazy people who decide to shoot indiscriminately. Klik Belt has many options available for our concealed clients, from our leather gun belts to our heavy duty and our 1-Ply and 2-Ply Tactical belts. We now offer TSA-compliant concealed carry belts, meaning you can still wear your belt while going through airport security, saving you a ton of hassle on the way. Check out our concealed carry belts now!

Concealed Carry for Women

A growing, but still often neglected, realm of concealed carry holders is women. Our Klik belts are designed for everyone regardless of size, which is why there are no holes. Each belt can be custom sized for the perfect fit using the COBRA® belt buckle and the custom strap. Our ladies belts are just as durable and made to hold a holster and your concealed carry weapon easily. Available in an array of colors, our ladies belts are perfect for the concealed carry woman. Read our blog post for more specific information HERE, and order your CCW belt today!


Running into something that is definitely uncomfortable, that requires special gear, and that could possibly kill you requires a special kind of mettle and strength that firefighters have. Those who risk their lives for others have a special kind of noble that a lot of us strive for in our everyday lives and roles, as parents, as spouses, and at our jobs and careers. Firefighters know the dangers, and they do it anyways.

Klik Belts offers several belts for firefighters, our 1.75” wide heavy duty belts being our most highly recommended. Choose from a 1-Ply, 2-Ply, or a 3-Ply Klik belt that comes in your chosen length. You can now add velcro if you so desire. These belts were designed with firefighters in mind, made with extra rigidity in the vertical direction and pliable in the horizontal direction. The release tabs are extra wide so if you’re wearing protective gloves, you can still release the belt without removing your gloves. We’ve thought of everything to make our firefighter belts the most user-friendly on the market. Order your firefighter belt today!

Police & Law Enforcement

Similar to the belt designed for firefighters, our 1.75” Wide Duty Belt D-Ring is designed for those wanting more strength and security while out in the field. Facing unknown dangers and obstacles every day also takes a certain kind of person who has the mental fortitude to endure uncertainty in life and have the confidence to overcome it.

Klik Belts wants to do everything in our power to support our police and law enforcement officers in the line of duty. By creating top-notch, sturdy and strong belts that will be rigid enough to hold items such as flashlights and holsters, but flexible enough to give when you sit down, Klik Belts offers these superior handmade belts to make your life a bit easier. Customizable in terms of pants waist size, velcro, and color, Klik Belts does not disappoint with these law enforcement and police belts. On top of all this, Klik Belts now makes a TSA-compliant belt that features an incredibly strong polymer COBRA® belt buckle that makes it going through the constant metal detectors at the police station a breeze. These ultralight TSA-approved belts won’t weigh you down. Order your police belt today!


An emergency medical technician is someone who responds in a medical emergency in order to provide you with life-giving care until you can be transported to the hospital. Many work in ambulances and Flight For Life, as well as in inclement weather and do wonders to save lives. They provide CPR to get you to the hospital and will work tirelessly to ensure you have a fighting chance once you get there.

Klik Belts for EMTs are absolutely stunning and do an amazing job at holding up the demands of an EMT’s job. Flexible yet rigid, you can move comfortably in all of the various positions your job demands. You can comfortably hold all of your must-have items safely while working on a patient as well. We also offer Utility Straps made of the same high-quality, tough material with COBRA® belt buckles to hold down or help keep shut all of your EMT gear. Order your EMT belt today!


Without our military, both present and past, Klik Belts would not exist. We wouldn’t have had the freedom to start our own belt company nor the reason to. Klik Belts is grateful every day for what the military does for us.

In recognition for their efforts, we’ve created military belts that will withstand the harsh climates, conditions, and actions the military executes on a day-to-day basis. Cognizant of uniform requirements, Klik Belts offers our military belts in only approved uniform colors, such as black, brown, camo, and green. We offer our 1.75" Wide Duty Belt Desert Sand belt for the AirForce and Marines that is durable, strong, and can be either 1-Ply or 3-Ply in webbing. With extra wide release tabs so you can release your belt while wearing gloves, this Klik belt is stunning in both appearance and performance. Now featuring our same top-notch belts but with a TSA-compliant COBRA® belt buckles, our military belts are now even easier to use. Order your military belt today!

Oil Field Services

As an oil field service worker, you work at all hours in all weather and even on holidays. From the mud to the snow, rain and scorching sun, production never stops on an oil well site — all to bring Americans the fuel they need for their cars and the petroleum that makes virtually everything that we touch and use on a daily basis.

Klik Belts makes heavy duty belts for the oil services industry. From our 1.5” 1-Ply and 2-Ply tactical belts to our 1.75” duty belts, our belts are made to not only withstand inclement weather, but also to hold up under the heavy demands of the equipment you move and use every day. From having a handy tool belt to just making sure your pants stay in place when you’re laying pipe, our belts with our signature COBRA® belt buckles can make the difference in your daily work life. Our mission is to make the lives of those who use our belts easier, and making the lives of oil field workers who are often away from their families for long periods of time easier gives us purpose. Browse our extensive heavy duty belt selection today!

Construction Workers

It’s amazing how not much would exist in terms of buildings and roads if there weren’t construction workers. Construction workers make up a good portion of one of the backbones of our economy. Anytime a road needs built or fixed, they’re there, and although we complain about the traffic delays, there wouldn’t even be traffic without the workers who built them in the first place.

Klik Belts makes the best construction worker belts for those who, like oil field workers, endure inclement weather to make our roads smooth and our buildings useful for all of our benefits. It’s imperative to be able to have a belt that is practical, functional, and looks nice at the end of the day, even with a layer of dirt on it.

Using the top-of-the-line COBRA® belt buckles, Klik Belts are strong and won’t come undone. Designed to fit to a t, Klik Belts come in a wide variety of colors and look good with any outfit. We offer 1.5” and 1.75” heavy duty belts that are available in 1-Ply, 2-Ply, or 3-Ply in order to add strength where you need it the most. Super comfortable and designed for everyday use, our heavy duty belts offer superior handmade craftsmanship and a lifetime guarantee.

Klik Belts now offers a velcro option, as well as a hidden money/key pocket in your belt as well. Our Heavy Duty Keychain can be attached to your belt as well and comes in matching colors. When you invest in a Klik belt, you’ll be sure to get the best quality work belt around. Browse our work belts today!

Utility Belt

When you think of a utility belt, perhaps you think of Batman’s belt where, with the press of a button, cool gadgets come flying out of it, such as hooks in the shape of a bat with strong cord you can swing from, a rope, or a knife. In reality, the best utility belts are those that blend in seamlessly with your outfits, which is what Klik Belts are designed to do.

What makes a belt a great utility belt is its ability to support whatever you desire to fit on it, from a hammer and chisel to a knife, rope, and a compass. A utility belt is multi-purpose, meaning you can use it for a variety of activities of your undertaking. 

All of our belts can be, and often are, utility belts. They don’t fray, and they are sturdy and solid, keeping your tools in place. This belt offers the perfect complement to room to walk and room for everything tool you wish your belt to carry. When you invest in a Klik belt, you’ll soon be pulling out Batman-type tools and swinging from tall buildings as well. Browse our amazing heavy duty,tactical, and D-Ring belts today!


There are so many uses for our Klik belts that it’s hard to fathom. In fact, it would be impossible to list all of the people whom our heavy duty belts and ladies belts help. That’s why we like to say that Klik Belts are for everyone no matter what their job. Whether you engage in heavy labor all day long, like oil field service workers or construction workers, or you sit at a computer all day long, making new programs that make all of our lives easier, Klik Belts are for you. They are versatile, strong, fully-adjustable, and downright beautiful. With so many colors to choose from, you’ll probably end up buying a few so you can mix and match with your outfits. 

In addition, our new TSA-compliant belts make working even easier when you have to fly for work, or you just leave work and head straight to the airport for a much needed vacation. Klik Belts are designed to be simple, effective, and affordable.

Klik Belts utilize no holes, which means every belt is tailored for a custom fit due to our cinch technology. Our COBRA® belt buckles are made from the strongest metals, including aluminum and polymer for our airport friendly belts. There is nothing about the Klik Belt that has not been thoroughly thought out ahead of time.

For our hard workers, Klik Belts also offers the strongest utility strap on the market, designed to be used for towing, camping, and as a tie down. Anything you use a utility strap for, Klik Belts’ utility strap can do the job. We offer various lengths or longer if you needed it. Still using our COBRA® belt buckle technology, these utility straps are made of the same high-quality material as our belts. The locking mechanism won’t break and guarantees the highest safety. Available in different buckle colors and strap colors, choose the one that will most fit your needs and the look you desire. When you invest in our Utility Strap, you won’t ever have to worry about emergencies. Don’t wait to order. Be prepared always. Browse our online belts today!