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What To Expect From Your Klik Belt

As the makers of the best men’s belts on the planet, we’ve subjected our products to a number of different torture tests over the years. At the end of the day, we simply want to know how our products will perform under stress. We strive to make a product that is top notch and we are dedicated to providing our customers with a belt that will stand the test of time. By using the highest possible quality of materials, we are able to make a belt the likes of which the world has never seen before.

Add in the fact that you can choose the color of your buckle and your belt and get something that perfectly suits your lifestyle and it’s pretty much a guarantee that this is the last belt you’ll ever have to buy. We’re big fans of items that are made to last a lifetime and we think that our grandfathers had it right when they told us to “buy it nice or buy it twice.” If you’re inclined to agree with that sentiment, then we believe that Klik Belts are the way to go every single time.

So What Makes It Special?

We certainly won’t deny that there’s a market for leather belts out there. They often look great and they have certainly been used widely for many, many years. Inevitably, however, they break down. For all of the positives of leather, there are a handful of negatives as well.

For one, leather stretches out over time. Let’s say you’re a size 34 waist. Generally, you purchase a belt a few inches larger than your true waist size. In this instance, you’d probably get a size 36 so you can fasten the belt utilizing the middle hole. That’s all well and good--until it isn’t.

You see, over time, your belt will stretch a great deal. Your natural movements will start to break down the leather and cause it to bend and warp. That means that where you were once using the middle hole in your belt, now you’re using a different hole and your belt looks much bigger than it once did.

Or assume for a second that you and your family are on a big health kick. You start eating good foods, going on nightly walks, and making it a point to work out on a daily basis. Even if your belt doesn’t stretch, it’s not going to work out quite as well now that you’ve dropped a few pounds. That means buying a new belt and letting your old one go to waste (or hoping you have a friend who can use it).

Klik Belts Are Different

When we say we make the best men’s belts on the planet, that’s not a phrase that we’re just using lightly. We genuinely believe that Klik Belts solve some of the more common problems that people have with belts. For instance, your Klik Belt is designed with high quality nylon webbing that won’t stretch. That means you can wear it confidently and do a number of different activities in it without worrying about it.

It also means that if you shed some weight, you don’t have to get a new belt. Instead, simply cut a bit of length off of your Klik Belt and keep using it for years and years to come. Everything that would render other belts useless is solved when you use a Klik Belt.

A Word About the Cobra Buckles

At the heart of every Klk Belt is Cobra buckle. Chances are that you’ve heard of those before, but if not, let us help to get you in the loop. You can learn more about our recent trip to the Cobra factory right here, but the gist of it is that science, precision engineering, and attention to detail are at the forefront of each buckle’s production.

In other words, this isn’t a cheap Chinese made buckle that’s going to buckle--pardon the pun--under the weight of your everyday requirements. Instead, it’s built to last. Designed to be the world’s strongest buckle, Cobras are made to stand the test of time and do it valiantly. If you’re the type of person who cares about long term durability and getting the most bang for your buck, you’re going to love Cobra buckles.

Order Your Klik Belt Today

Regardless of what you are looking for in a belt, chances are that you’ll find something to love here on our website. Choose from a number of different color combinations and order confidently, knowing full well that you’ll be getting the best of the best. We strive to put together an heirloom quality piece that you can hand down to your kids some day knowing that they too will get plenty of use out of their new (old) belts. It’s as simple as that!

So go ahead and take a look at our full collection of Klik Belts and choose the one that works best for you, then place your order knowing that you’ll be getting the best of the best. We ship all of our belts the same day your order is placed as often as we can and general shipping times are at about three to five business days so you can start putting your belt to good use in under a week in most instances. Order yours today and be sure to leave us a review! We’d love to hear what you think about your new belt.

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Make a Klik Belt Part of Your Everyday Carry

Make a Klik Belt Part of Your Everyday Carry

What items do you make sure to carry with you on a daily basis? Chances are that you have a bit of a morning routine that includes the usual things like brushing your teeth, putting on deodorant, doing your hair, getting dressed, and having a bit of breakfast. Routine is part of what makes the world go ‘round, after all. As human beings, most of us absolutely love to have some kind of natural rhythm to our days.

What does this have to do with Klik Belts (aka the best men’s belts on the planet)? That’s a good question, and trust us when we say that we’re getting there!

Examine Your Routine

What do you have in your pockets right now? Perhaps you have a pocket knife in your front left pocket--right next to your tube of chapstick--and a cell phone in your front right pocket. Maybe you store your wallet in your back right pocket and a notebook in your back left pocket. You clip a pen to the pocket of your button up shirt. And those are just your pockets!

You hook your car keys to a belt loop for easy access, strap a watch to your wrist so you’ll always know the time, and keep your glasses securely planted on your nose. Glasses aren’t traditionally considered an everyday carry item, but you need them to see, so they’re one of the most important things to have on you at all times! If you’re married, a wedding right adorns your left hand ring finger. Perhaps you park a baseball cap on top of your head.

The point is that we often have more items than we really even think about. Generally speaking, discussions about EDC items are limited to knives, wallets, tools, and sometimes firearms. It’s rare that we really consider the things that we carry with us on a daily basis. We grow to rely on these things over time and many of us have grown to take on the mindset that the things we buy regularly are worth investing in.

Buy It Nice or Buy It Twice

Like many things in life, the more you can afford to spend on any given item, the longer it will last. Quality over quantity, as they sometimes say. It’s like your grandpa used to tell you, “you have to buy it nice, or buy it twice.” Taking the time to carefully consider all of your everyday carry items might force you to rethink your choice of wallets. For example, if you find yourself buying a new wallet every year or two, you might start to look for a wallet that’s made to last, or one that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Likewise, a good pair of boots will last you for decades if you take good care of them and get them resoled from time to time. A pocket knife can be handed down from generation to generation when you find the right one. Of course your cell phone is probably something you’ll need to replace from time to time thanks to planned obsolescence. Similarly, you’ll need to grab new chapstick on a fairly regular basis. The point is that you make upgrades where you can and the reward is that you’re able to enjoy those things for a longer amount of time, making them cheaper in the long run. It doesn’t get much better than that.

It Makes Sense to Grab One of the Best Men’s Belts

Once you really start to think about the things you use on a daily basis, it becomes much easier to justify spending a bit more than usual. Buying a watch that you know you can give to your kids one day makes it an investment in a piece of history. Rather than grabbing whatever watch is on sale at the local big box store, you can start to shop around and find a watch that you love, that complements your style, and that’s built to stand the test of time.

Likewise, your belt should be able to stand up to the rigors of your daily life. Whether you work at an office behind a desk or at the jobsite doing manual labor, you want a belt that won’t give out on you in the middle of what you’re doing. Fortunately for you, a Klik Belt is likely the last belt you’ll ever buy--unless, of course, you decide you want one in a different color.

We offer a wide selection of styles and colors to choose from, so you are sure to find something that perfectly suits your needs. Check out our entire collection of the best men’s belts on the market today and place your order knowing that you’re investing in a high quality product that’s made in the United States. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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The Best Men’s Belt on the Planet is Good Enough for Cable

The Best Men’s Belt on the Planet is Good Enough for Cable

You could officially say that pretty much everyone on the planet has seen Deadpool at this point. Wikipedia sums it up pretty nicely by saying that the film “became both a financial and critical success: it earned over $783 million, breaking numerous records and becoming the overall highest-grossing R-rated film, the highest grossing X-Men film, and the ninth-highest-grossing film of 2016.” If you haven’t seen this movie yet and you don’t mind some potentially offensive humor, you’re in for a real treat.

But what does all of this have to do with the best men’s belts on the planet, you ask? Great question! If you head on over to our Instagram account, you’ll see a photo of Josh Brolin wearing a Klik Belt. “But Josh Brolin wasn’t in Deadpool,” you might be thinking. You’re right about that, but he will be featured as Cable when Deadpool 2 comes out in late June of next year!

Who Is Cable?

If you’re into the X-Men franchise, you might already be familiar with Cable. He made a few appearances in X-Men: The Animated Series in the 1990s, but avid comic book readers will know him from his first appearance in The New Mutants #87 which came out in March of 1990. Once again, Wikipedia notes that Cable is “the biological son of the X-Man Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey's clone)” which might sound a little confusing.

While we haven’t been fortunate enough to be on set or anything like that, we can safely say that even if you don’t know the full backstory for Cable, the movie will likely still be an enjoyable ride that combines action and humor perfectly.

How Does He Fit Into Deadpool’s Story?

With a budget of only $58 million, Deadpool became a massive success immediately upon opening and received very positive reviews. As a matter of fact, the film is currently sitting at an 84% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and many find the film to be an enjoyable and refreshing take on the superhero genre by both working from in its established framework by also not taking itself too seriously.

Other attention has been given to the fact that the film remains incredibly true to the vision of the original comic book series and many feel that Ryan Reynolds was the perfect choice for an actor to portray the character of Deadpool.

But how exactly does Cable end up in a story about Deadpool? In 2004, Marvel published a comic book series entitled Cable & Deadpool that brings the two characters together. Critical reception to this series was incredibly positive and many enjoyed seeing the characters side by side.

What role will Cable play in the sequel to last year’s hit? That remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain--part two is shaping up to be quite the movie! It has a lot to live up to, sure, but the teasers that have been released thus far as well as publicity shots and online rumors certainly have us feeling excited to see it.

Why Does Cable Need the Best Men’s Belt?

Of course someone like Cable needs the best men’s belt on the planet. He has, after all, “fought Wolverine to a stalemate, defeated Captain America in hand-to-hand combat, and defeated Falcon, Red Hulk, and Iron Man using both brute force and wit, all while [he] was in severe pain and hours away from dying of his techno-organic infection.” Sounds like a pretty good candidate for a heavy duty belt to us.

Will the film version of Cable be a time travelling, telekinetic, telepathic cybernetic super soldier? If the information we have so far is accurate, then that’s probably what we can expect. If you’re interested on reading up further on Cable before Deadpool 2 comes out next June, Marvel’s website is the perfect place to do just that. You can dig a bit deeper regarding his known relatives, group affiliations, education, physical attributes, powers, abilities, and commonly used accessories.

It’s anyone’s guess what the film version of Cable will be like, but it’s safe to say that thanks to the success of the first movie, the overwhelming positivity of star Ryan Reynolds about the project, and the always incredible acting abilities of Josh Brolin, Deadpool 2 is going to be a pretty wild ride.

Order Your Own Heavy Duty Belt Today

With a 4.9 average rating on Facebook and countless positive reviews elsewhere around the web, we can confidently say that we’re making the best men’s belts available anywhere. We strive to create a product that’s been built to last. We believe in the saying that you should “buy it nice or buy it twice” and we’ve taken that to heart. The end result is a product so over designed that it’s been built to last a lifetime.

Take a look at what others have to say about Klik Belts and then browse our entire collection of heavy duty belts. Whether you’re wearing yours for a night out on the town, with your uniform while you’re on the job, or even on a camping trip in the middle of nowhere, you can rest assured that your Klik Belt won’t let you down. It’s as simple as that.

Have a question? Need help deciding which belt is right for you? Give us a call at 888-757-5545 or contact us online. We look forward to hearing from you!

3 Qualities Every Great Belt Has

3 Qualities Every Great Belt Has

We believe that we make the best men’s belts available anywhere. It’s not a decision that we have come by lightly, however, because it has taken a fair amount of time and research to get to where we are today.

By utilizing the highest possible quality of materials in conjunction with an eye for aesthetics, we’re able to provide our customers with a belt that works in a number of different situations. What exactly do we mean by that? Keep reading to find out!

The Best Men’s Belts...

Do Double Duty Between Work and Home

When we say that a belt needs to perform well in a number of different situations, what we mean is that it needs to be strong enough that you can wear it at work without fear of your pants falling down. It also means that running home to get ready for a date doesn’t mean that you’ll have to find a different belt. Because we were focused on creating a product that works as well as it looks, you can rest assured that your belt will be able to do double duty between life at the office and a night on the town. Speaking of which...

Stand Up to Daily Life

To claim that we make the best men’s belts on the planet, we have to be confident that they will actually work as advertised. Our heavy duty belts work well for everything from holding your CCW to holding up your slacks when you need to wear a suit and tie. They’re also built to withstand heavy use for those doing tough work day in and day out.

Are Built to Last a Lifetime

Fortunately for you, Klik Belts are built to last a lifetime. If you are somehow able to break one of our belts, simply get in touch with us. We’ll be curious to hear about how it happened because this isn’t something we have ever experienced, but we can promise that we will do our part to make it right. You see, we believe that you should only have to buy a great belt once. After all, it really is like your grandpa always said--”buy it nice or buy it twice.” When you buy a Klik Belt, the only reason you’ll have to buy it twice is if you decide you need a different color.

Order Your Klik Belt Today

Available in a wide variety of colors combinations, Klik Belts work well in nearly every situation. On that note, if there’s a color combination you don’t see here on our website, just drop us a line and we’d be glad to get it sorted out for you to ensure that you’re able to get exactly what you want.

Whether you prefer something like our Matte Black Klik Belt for a belt that goes with everything or you want to mix it up with the Polished Aluminum and Coyote Klik Belt, we think you’ll agree that these belts truly are the best. Order yours today!

5 Necessary EDC Items

5 Necessary EDC Items

When we set out to create the best men’s belts on the planet, we had a strong desire to make something that people would rely on for decades. As huge fans of finding the best everyday carry items ourselves, we also knew that we wanted to make something that would work great for a number of different people in a number of different scenarios. Our product needed to be tough and sturdy, but it also needed to look good.

We believe that we have succeeded in our goals, but we’re still looking to improve on what we do every day by offering new color options and features for the products we offer in order to make our customer’s lives just a little bit better. At Klik Belts, we also continue to be passionate about our EDC items. As people who enjoy finding just the right items to carry with us each and every day, we thought we’d put together a list of a few things we think every person ought to have on him or herself that you may not have even considered before.

So without further ado, we present to you our list of…

5 Everyday Carry Items Every Person Should Have

A Belt

Well, more specifically, why not just get the best men’s belt and be done with it? As we mentioned above, we designed our belts with the idea in the front of our minds that people would be able to use and abuse them every day no matter whether they were doing jobs that required them to be physical or whether they were sitting at a desk and working a nine to five. The belt needed to be comfortable, good looking, and able to handle anything that comes your way. That’s all there is to it. In addition to holding your pants up, our belts also come with a great guarantee--if your belt ever fails, just let us know and we’ll make it right.

A Wallet

No matter who you are or what you do, you need to have a wallet that can stand up to whatever your day looks like. In our opinion, that means something made of a nice, sturdy leather. You can opt for a bi-fold, a tri-fold, or anything else you darned well please, but the key is to finding something that strikes the perfect balance. In other words, you want it to be able to hold cash and cards with ease, but you don’t want to venture into George Costanza territory and have something that causes you back pain because it’s stuffed full of old receipts.

A Pocket Knife

If you’ve never carried a pocket knife with you before, you will probably be surprised to find out that you’ll actually use it quite a bit once you start carrying one. From opening envelopes and boxes that show up in the mail to cutting loose threads off of your clothing to being an impromptu screwdriver to propping open a locked door so you don’t get locked out, having a pocket knife takes up very little space in your pockets, but serves a number of different purposes that you may never have even considered before. One bit of advice we have is to not spend too much on a pocket knife. Yes, you want to get something that’s sharp and won’t break after a few months, but don’t feel like you have to go overboard to get something that’s nice. Read a few reviews and make a choice to ensure that you get something you’ll get the most out of.

A Handkerchief

It seems that nowadays most people don’t even own a handkerchief, let alone carry one in their back pocket every day. We’d like to make a case for reintroducing this item into your list of necessary everyday carry items. The benefits are that it takes up very little space, but that you can use it to clean your glasses, sneeze into, or even blow your nose if there is no kleenex to be found. And hey, as long as it’s clean, you can also offer it to your significant other when they tear up at the movies. Just be sure to wash it on a regular basis and you’re good to go. Trust us when we say that much like the pocket knife above, you will use a handkerchief much more frequently than you would initially suspect once you actually start carrying it with you.

A Bottle Opener

There are a number of great bottle openers on the market and some will even fit conveniently on your keychain. Many bottle openers even double as other useful items such as screwdrivers, pry bars, or USB drives. No matter what type of personality you have, we think you will be able to find something that suits you. Choose one that you like and that is easy to carry and you’ll be everyone’s favorite friend when you all sit down to enjoy a nice, cold drink and you are the thoughtful person who has chosen to carry the one item that can get those drinks open.

We Can Help You With the Belt

If you’re looking for an awesome belt to make a part of your EDC arsenal, we would be glad to help you with that. We have a number of belts to choose from so you can find just the right one to suit your personal style. As far as the other items go...well, you’re on your own, but we think that with a little bit of thought and consideration, you will be able to find the item or items that work the best for you.

What are we missing from our list? We know that different people have different ideas of what should be carried every day and we’d love to hear from you so we can consider adding them to our own collection of necessary everyday carry items. There’s always something else that could come in handy, right? We sure think so. Until next time!

September 08, 2017 by Dale Malone