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What items do you make sure to carry with you on a daily basis? Chances are that you have a bit of a morning routine that includes the usual things like brushing your teeth, putting on deodorant, doing your hair, getting dressed, and having a bit of breakfast. Routine is part of what makes the world go ‘round, after all. As human beings, most of us absolutely love to have some kind of natural rhythm to our days.

What does this have to do with Klik Belts (aka the best men’s belts on the planet)? That’s a good question, and trust us when we say that we’re getting there!

Examine Your Routine

What do you have in your pockets right now? Perhaps you have a pocket knife in your front left pocket--right next to your tube of chapstick--and a cell phone in your front right pocket. Maybe you store your wallet in your back right pocket and a notebook in your back left pocket. You clip a pen to the pocket of your button up shirt. And those are just your pockets!

You hook your car keys to a belt loop for easy access, strap a watch to your wrist so you’ll always know the time, and keep your glasses securely planted on your nose. Glasses aren’t traditionally considered an everyday carry item, but you need them to see, so they’re one of the most important things to have on you at all times! If you’re married, a wedding right adorns your left hand ring finger. Perhaps you park a baseball cap on top of your head.

The point is that we often have more items than we really even think about. Generally speaking, discussions about EDC items are limited to knives, wallets, tools, and sometimes firearms. It’s rare that we really consider the things that we carry with us on a daily basis. We grow to rely on these things over time and many of us have grown to take on the mindset that the things we buy regularly are worth investing in.

Buy It Nice or Buy It Twice

Like many things in life, the more you can afford to spend on any given item, the longer it will last. Quality over quantity, as they sometimes say. It’s like your grandpa used to tell you, “you have to buy it nice, or buy it twice.” Taking the time to carefully consider all of your everyday carry items might force you to rethink your choice of wallets. For example, if you find yourself buying a new wallet every year or two, you might start to look for a wallet that’s made to last, or one that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Likewise, a good pair of boots will last you for decades if you take good care of them and get them resoled from time to time. A pocket knife can be handed down from generation to generation when you find the right one. Of course your cell phone is probably something you’ll need to replace from time to time thanks to planned obsolescence. Similarly, you’ll need to grab new chapstick on a fairly regular basis. The point is that you make upgrades where you can and the reward is that you’re able to enjoy those things for a longer amount of time, making them cheaper in the long run. It doesn’t get much better than that.

It Makes Sense to Grab One of the Best Men’s Belts

Once you really start to think about the things you use on a daily basis, it becomes much easier to justify spending a bit more than usual. Buying a watch that you know you can give to your kids one day makes it an investment in a piece of history. Rather than grabbing whatever watch is on sale at the local big box store, you can start to shop around and find a watch that you love, that complements your style, and that’s built to stand the test of time.

Likewise, your belt should be able to stand up to the rigors of your daily life. Whether you work at an office behind a desk or at the jobsite doing manual labor, you want a belt that won’t give out on you in the middle of what you’re doing. Fortunately for you, a Klik Belt is likely the last belt you’ll ever buy--unless, of course, you decide you want one in a different color.

We offer a wide selection of styles and colors to choose from, so you are sure to find something that perfectly suits your needs. Check out our entire collection of the best men’s belts on the market today and place your order knowing that you’re investing in a high quality product that’s made in the United States. It doesn’t get much better than that.