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How to Fly with Dogs, Part 2

Some people love to fly. Take pilots for example. Whether they are flying a commercial airliner, a fighter plane, a helicopter, or a paraglider, those who love to fly can’t wait to get back up in the air again. However, a lot of people do not like to fly, especially on commercial airliners. For some, it’s not necessarily the flying itself, but the process of flying, from parking at the airport to getting through airport security. In fact, those that don’t like the process of flying could probably be converted over to lovers of flying if the process were made easier. Enter Klik Belts, the maker of the best TSA-compliant belts that were designed with the express purpose of bringing...

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How to Fly with Dogs

Flying, in general, is stressful, more so than driving. This is due in part to the fact that you are not in charge. You are putting your life into the hands of someone you don’t know, which subconsciously is scary for most of us. You can’t pull over when you want to. You can’t leave when you want to. You can’t even control which route you take. Flying is all about trusting the plane to get from point A to point B with no problems — something many of us don’t do well. If you decide to travel with your best friend, your dog, your stress level probably went up another notch.  Klik Belts is all about stress relief. We...

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How to Fly with Kids, Part 2

In our last blog post, we detailed how flying with children in tow can be stressful — so stressful, in fact, that many parents opt out of flying altogether and instead embark on a road trip. While road trips can be fun, when they are super long, they are also super stressful.  Klik Belts has made it our mission to help ease the stress of traveling, including for those with children. We have developed the best TSA-compliant belts on the market, making airport security a snap. Instead of having to remove your belt because of its metal belt buckle, we have instead replaced the metal belt buckle with our innovative polymer belt buckles. You will effortlessly breeze through all metal...

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How to Fly with Kids

Flying is stressful. From having to arrive at the airport hours ahead of time and find airport parking to having to get through airport security without being suspected as a terrorist and strip-searched, sometimes the only thing that makes flying worth it is the destination at the end. However, you throw kids in the mix  then you’re talking a whole other ballgame. Luckily, Klik Belts makes the best TSA compliant belts to make getting through airport security a breeze. We make TSA-compliant belts for both men and women, from our womens’ 1.5" Black/OD Green Polymer COBRA® Buckle 1-Ply TSA-Approved Belt to our mens’ 1.5" Black Poly/Coyote Brown 2-Ply TSA-Approved Belt. These belts are meant to allow you to get through...

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More Belt Tips for Women when Carrying Concealed

Belts play an integral role when carrying concealed. After all, you usually attach your holster and your clip to your belt, so if the belt is inadequate or not up for the job, then you’ve got yourself a problem. That’s where Klik Belts comes in. As a maker of the best TSA-compliant belts, such as the 1.5" Black/OD Green Polymer COBRA® Buckle 1-Ply TSA-Approved Belt, we understand the value of a sturdy belt for not only holding your concealed carry in place, but also being sturdy enough to not sag over time. Our heavy duty and tactical belts get the job done, and all of our belts can be worn by women. Now only that, but our belts are TSA-compliant,...

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